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A Boy and His Teasing Aunt

by mztriangleerotica©

Jeffery was a horny 18 year old boy. Ever since he hit puberty he loved masturbating. He had red hair, a skinny but tall build and piercing bright green eyes, just like his mother. Despite not being attractive he had one thing going for him, a giant cock.

Jeff always knew he had quite the big one, but never knew the exact size of his cock. When Jeff first measured his phallus, he literally came all over himself at the result. 11 inches. With this new information at hand, he wanted to fuck the woman he loved most... Aunt Bonnie.

When Jeffrey and his sister Maggie were a mere four and five years old, respectively, their parents decided to pack up their bags and leave in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for them, Jeff and Maggie saw them walking out the door. His mother said, "Oh fuck! We gotta run!" Jeffrey never saw them again.

After two weeks of living alone Jeffrey's Aunt Bonnie came to live at his house to take care of him and Maggie. They lived in a small town in Utah so the word that they were abandoned did not get around quickly. They lived a normal life together for a good 14 years.

Bonnie had platinum blonde hair, was 40 years old and was quite short, standing at about 5 feet. Despite her short height she was one hell of a looker. She had DD's and a big firm ass.

Maggie was quite average, but cute nonetheless. Also short like her aunt, and red hair like her brother and mother. She was sort of chubby but had huge tits and a giant ass! The boys in her school all got boners from seeing her, but she wasn't very confident.

Bonnie was very caring to her niece and nephew, so much so that Jeffrey developed a slight crush on her at the age of 12. At 13 he even tried to make a move on her; needless to say it did not turn out well.

Bonnie was walking through the dark alley that lead to their front door so Jeffrey thought that he should hug her from behind. He was already taller than his aunt at this point, so she assumed it was a strange man.

CRUNCH! She turned around and kicked Jeffrey in the testicles with all her might.

This partially traumatized Jeffrey so he did not attempt to make another move until he was 18 when he realized his true potential.

Jeffery just turned 18 and was hornier then he had ever been in his life. Despite being a chronic masturbator Bonnie forbid Jeff to do it because she was a very religious woman. Against all warning Jeffrey masturbated in the house every single night, sometimes even twice. One night he was in his aunts room because he thought she would be home late that night. He also got super hard and throbbing smelling the scent of her presence in the room. Jeff was jacking off his meat stick in his aunts bed. Before he was about to blow his big load he noticed something in the corner of his eye. It was his aunts dirty thong.

Jeff's cock twitched at the idea of masturbating with her thong. He got himself to the edge of orgasm but stopped himself. He really wanted to feel his aunts smelly pussy and asshole on his cock, and he figured her panties would be the closest he can get. He dropped his pecker and grabbed the panties. He sniffed in the musky scent of them. His boner leaked and shot out precum when he did this.

He then began to wrap the thong around his cock and started jerking like a wild man! Just as he was about to jizz Bonnie suddenly yelled "JEFFERY!"

She grasps his throbbing erection making Jeffrey yelp in surprise, precum shooting down her wrist. She said, "No, no! You can't do that in my house," whilst unknowingly shaking his cock around. Jeffrey was on the verge of climax at this point. Unfortunately for him, Bonnie put his penis back into his boxers, but his hard-on still stood straight up and left a precum stain.

Bonnie slowly gazed into Jeffrey's eyes then pulled out his throbbing cock. She shouted, "No, I can't!" Then ran out of the room. From inside the other room she shouted, "if I catch you bonking your bologna again I'ma cut that big pecker off then feed it to the dogs!" As further incentive not to masturbate again Bonnie made Jeffrey's 19 year old sister, Maggie, watch over him at all times.

This really took a toll on Jeffrey's libido, as he became more attracted to not only his aunt but his sister's big voluptuous ass. To make matters worse they were forced to sleep in the same twin sized bed! This normally was okay because Jeffrey taped down his penis every night, but one night things took a turn for the worse.

Jeffrey hadn't jacked off in 2 months at this point, so he pretty much hard constantly. While sleeping his erection broke free of the tape and lodged its way in between Maggie's ass cheeks. Jeffrey wakes up at this point but he is so horny that he doesn't want to move from this position. In her sleep, Maggie starts squirming around and clenching her cheeks. This already made Jeffrey want to blow his load! His precum seeped through the tip of his boxer shorts and stained Maggie's pants. Unfortunately for Jeffrey, Maggie had flatulence problems and began to rapidly fart on his bulging cock. Jeffrey was disgusted but was so horny from the vibrations that he didn't even care. Attempting to take things even further, he reached for Maggie's jiggling breasts, which startled her awake.


She got up quickly, Jeffrey's penis making a plopping sound as it was released from her ass. Shifting all of her weight to her foot, she stomped on Jeffrey's shaft which nearly snapped it in half. She left the room to tell Aunt Bonnie right away. From then on, Bonnie forced Jeffrey to wear a chastity belt.

Chastity belts usually prevent erections from happening, but Jeffrey's cock was so large that it slipped through and caused the rings to tighten around, giving him a constant cock-ache. Also, the belt was very large and bulky so everyone at Jeffrey's school knew he was wearing one underneath his clothes. They called him terrible names like "fucking pervert," and "dirty fucking mick." The girls though, they would purposely tease him.

This one girl named Marsha who was really skinny except she had a big ass, pretended to drop her pencil right in front of Jeffery during math class. She bent down in front of Jeff who was sitting at his desk. Her ass purposely went right in his face. Jeffery got a good whiff of her musky asshole and got even more aroused. He cried a little as he felt the belt tighten around his glans and shaft, squeezing the life out of his poor erection.

Knowing that Jeffrey was very aroused at this point, Marsha turned around and slapped Jeffrey's cock. He winced in pain, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

"See you later, you fucking filthy animal," she said. This pretty much happened on a daily basis, even with other girls sometimes.

Jeffrey came one day very horny from all of Marsha's teasing. Bonnie saw that he was erect and said, "Jeffrey, come here. I think you learned your lesson. You should go and just get rid of that hard thing." As she unlocked the chastity belt, Jeffrey's cock swung out and slapped her in the face. Bonnie was furious! She glared right at it's face, which had a little drop of precum that made it look like it was crying in fear. "JEFFREY! BY GOD, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" With her left hand that had five rings on it, she squeezed Jeffrey's erection as hard as she could. Thinking that this was not a suitable enough punishment she leaned forward and bit the tip!

Jeffrey was in a searing amount of pain, screaming as loud as he could. Even though this was the most pain that Jeffrey had ever been in he was just so horny and about to ejaculate. Bonnie felt Jeffrey's penis shaking in excitement so she instantly let go of it. Bonnie was very horny too, it had been a long time since she had a penis in her mouth, especially one as big as Jeffrey's.

"Jeffrey, I know you're hot for me, so I'll fuck you just this once."

Jeffrey's penis could not believe what it was hearing!"

"But," she added, "I'll tie up your penis to make sure you don't explode that baby gravy!" Jeffrey didn't care, a fuck is a fuck!

As soon as the tip of Jeffrey's member entered Bonnie's tight moist pussy she screamed. "Oh, Jeffrey! That was the best sex I've ever had!" She was already finished.

Disappointed and with blueballs galore Jeffrey just had to get rid of his massive erection; he has had it for nearly three months after all.

"I normally wouldn't do this," he said, "but this is a special circumstance. I'm going to a strip club."

There was one stripper who really caught Jeffrey's attention, she had beautiful bright green eyes and the most amazing tits. She seemed to like Jeffrey to as she invited him into the "special" back room.

Jeffery sat down on the wooden chair in the middle of the room. His boner was throbbing and twitching in his pants checking out the red haired stripper. His cock was so hard that the veins were bulging through the fabric of his pants, leaving very little imagination to the stripper as what his dick would look like with out any covering.

The song "Pussydrop" by lemon started playing as the stripper started shaking her big ass right in front of Jeff's bulge. Precum shot out all over her big booty making it look even shinier with the oil already mixed into it. Jeff's mouth was watering as she continued shaking her ass, getting closer and closer to making contact with his manhood.

Finally the slut sat down on his cock with all her weight. Jeff gasped in surprise as she began wiggling all over his pecker. Jeff was getting closer and closer to cumming and started moaning.

"You want to cum" asked the stripper, "It's gonna cost ya!"

Jeffery was upset that he would have to pay more money just to jizz, but he was so horny and into it that he could not refuse.

The dirty cockteasing bitch then knelt down so Jeff's cock was in between her bra covered tits. Jeff put his $100 bill in her bra as she began squeezing her boobs hard against his dick. She began shaking them up and down making Jeff squeal like a little girl.

Jeff started humping up and down through her cleavage as he felt his cock start to fill up with hot white cum. He began moaning and groaning as they looked each other into their bright green eyes.

Just as the cum reached the very tip of Jeff's cock the stripper pulled her tits off of Jeff's big bulging boner, once again stopping him from cumming, which made Jeff scream in pain as the cum stayed stuck in his cock until it went back down into his aching blue balls.

"OH FUCK!" yelled the stripper "JEFFERY?!"

Written by: mztriangleerotica

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