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The New Parishioner

by thecryptkeeper©

Reggie's warped philosophy disturbed Melissa because it contradicted everything Bill had taught her about Christianity, but in a way, it made sense. She sat in Reggie's truck on her way to a miserable home and a husband she no longer desired all because of him it seemed.

It defied logic. In spite of his abusive treatment, a tiny spark Reggie had already released inside Melissa burned increasingly hotter for him, now reaching the verge of flame, while the fire she had faithfully nurtured all these years for Bill cooled to dying embers from Reggie consuming its fuel.

Reggie drove up her vacant driveway. Melissa almost wished Bill would catch him dropping her off after their little hour-and-a-half excursion. At least her secret adulterous affair with a black man would finally be over. What excuse could Reggie possibly tell Bill for their delay?

Bill remained at church completely unaware of his wife's adulterous activities with Reggie. In a spot shaded by verdure in summer, she hopped from Reggie's truck where the rays of a winter sun effortlessly passed through barren branches, landed on top of her head, and turned her blonde hair golden.

"I'll see you tonight, baby doll," he said before she closed the door.


Bill's eyebrows scrunched together above his glasses as he admonished Melissa: "When I'm in prayer I don't want to be interrupted. We can hold hands other times. I can't focus on the Lord's word if you distract me like that. And another thing: it was rude of you to contradict me in front of Reggie Johnson. You don't rescind my invitations after I give them. As a man, I'm the head of this household, not you. You don't have veto power."

Bill's nostrils began flirting with an appetizing aroma from the kitchen. After fucking Reggie most of the afternoon, Melissa quickly started dinner just before Bill's return. "Whatever you're cooking smells good," he said changing the subject.

Melissa disregarded the compliment. He seemed always to be in prayer, at work, or doing something that required his attention at her expense. He could not even give her a child.

Some head of the household Bill turned out to be, Melissa thought. He left her alone for three weeks for a huge black man to come and fuck her; he came home, allowed the the big black stud to fuck her more, and invited him to stay for dinner. Perhaps Bill deserved having his wife bred with a black bull and stolen from him like this. Melissa was weary from her afternoon activities and did not want to argue. She went to the bedroom to freshen up for Reggie's arrival.

The 27-year-old woman staring at Melissa in the mirror still looked like a young, beautiful girl, but perhaps not as young or beautiful as once ago. Small pools of tears overflowed beneath her eyes. She remembered her love for Bill, which now seemed to fade like the crying girl's beauty in her mirror. What she had done with Reggie was highly immoral, but it felt so good and filled an emptiness Bill left in her. How could she feel this way about a disgusting black man who repeatedly raped her? It was not really rape anymore. It had turned into something else, much darker, a while ago. A part of Melissa liked Reggie taking her, and it was winning a battle over the part of her that did not.


Dinner was finished, the dining room table cleared save their glasses, an open bottle of red wine, and the white tablecloth variegated with faint rainbows from a crystal chandelier that hung above them. The three sat around the table, Bill and Reggie conversing, Melissa staring at the colorful patterns. The subject of God and the Bible invariably monopolized all conversation with Bill and tonight was no exception. Melissa believed this would be Reggie's downfall; it would become evident to Bill that Reggie was a heathen who knew nothing about God or the Bible. Bill refused to associate with anyone he thought was not a strong Christian. At least Reggie would not be back for dinner, Melissa thought. She had already shared much more than bread with him -- much more than Bill could ever imagine.

Unfortunately, to Melissa's surprise, Reggie's knowledge of God and the Bible was impressive in most part and exhaustive in others dealing with of all subjects, Lucifer and his descent.

"It almost sounds like you sympathize with Satan," Bill said.

"No, not exactly," Reggie explained: "But the other side of the story, the Apocrypha, was edited from the original Bible. God and Lucifer actually loved one another. They were partners. Lucifer was God's favorite angel because of his beauty, intelligence and talent. Lucifer, however, felt like an overqualified employee with some great, unutilized ideas. He went off on his own, with a few friends, to prove his worthiness and fully exercise his gifts for a while.

"When God saw the full extent of Lucifer's skill, He knew He had worthy competition and didn't like being upstaged. The God Lucifer loved so dearly reacted to his accomplishments by not allowing his return.

"In anger, Lucifer devoted himself to his more challenging work here on earth. You can't despise Satan; he plays a vital role in the existence of free will."

Reggie spoke citing obscure ancient texts like a scholar and as if he had actually been present during Satan's descent. Bill found these topics and Reggie's grasp of them fascinating, but the discussion brought ennui to Melissa. Bill finished drinking his glass of wine and yawned:

"Excuse me, that jet lag must be catching up with me or something I guess; I have to get up early for work tomorrow. I'd like to stay and discuss more scripture with you, but I'm going to head off to bed."

Reggie gave Bill an understanding smile and stood to shake his hand good night. "Thank you for having me for dinner; it was very gracious of you. I guess I should be heading home as well."

"You're welcome. I'm really sorry. I never get this sleepy. You don't have to leave on my account. You and Melissa discuss more Bible if you want," Bill replied groggily and staggered to the bedroom.

Melissa suspected Reggie had somehow put something in Bill's drink as he had done with her the first time he raped her. "He only had two glasses of wine. What did you give him?" Melissa asked in an irate whisper with her eyebrows creasing.

"It won't hurt him. I gave him something to help him sleep soundly so you and I can have some fun tonight during Bible study. I saw how bored you were getting with that old story I was telling him," Reggie answered.

Melissa knew what Reggie meant by "Bible study" and wanted none of it. "I don't want to do that with you anymore," she said unconvincingly.

"Sure you do, baby doll, for just a little while. No one will know. It'll be real quick."

She sat in her chair, her determination wavering, Reggie next to her with his hand rubbing her inner thigh. She feared Bill would hear if she resisted. Reggie could easily hurt him.

"Come on, baby. You know you want it. Spread the good news for me." You don't want my cock to hurt me again." Reggie added, his hand getting closer to her pussy.

Melissa felt defeated. She paused for a moment, trying to think of something to say -- a way out of this situation -- but before she could tell Reggie to leave, his mouth locked on hers in a French kiss.

"Mmmm, mmmm" Melissa moaned while rising from the chair. Reggie held the back of her head and prevented her from breaking his kiss. The shadowy corridor, where Melissa cautiously watched with wide eyes for Bill's return, glimmered in orange with echoes of light from untended flames in the living room fireplace, like a memory of vague dreams. Reggie's other hand targeted the button on her jeans.

Anywhere but here with her husband in the other room, Melissa thought, her hands instinctively trying to block Reggie's access. How could Bill keep allowing this to happen to her? Reggie released the back of her head, devoting both his hands to the task of getting into her pants. Her butt banged into the table backing away from him.

"No, not here," Melissa whispered as Reggie succeeded in unfastening the button. "What if Bill wakes up?"

"Bill isn't waking up for eight hours, baby doll," Reggie answered, lowering her zipper as she clutched her jeans to keep them on. He pulled her hands to the monstrous bulge in his own slacks. Melissa could not stop herself from palming the long, thick contours of his member straining against the fabric as if trying to break free from a cloth prison. She knew how much discomfort his unrelieved erections caused him. This was so wrong, yet out of habit as much as passion she mindlessly unbuckled his belt to free his cock from its captivity, reaching inside his boxers and fishing it out -- like a prize catch.

Her jeans pooled around her ankles and Reggie's fingers crawled up the front of her shirt unfastening its buttons on their way to her cleavage.

"Are you sure Bill won't wake up?" Melissa whispered as he unhooked her bra. With his arm around her back, he nibbled up her neck and slipped his hand inside the front of her panties.


"Ooh, no, I really can't do this anymore," she tried to protest while gently tugging on his cock. "You've got to stop; you need to leave." Her hand slid up his bare muscular chest and pushed against it as she arched backward over the table. He jerked her panties down.

"Up on the table, baby," Reggie said his hands latching to her hips and lifting.

Seated on to the edge of the table, she watched him slide her panties off the rest of the way, ignoring her empty petitions to stop.

She fell back on her elbows and watched with a grimace as he spread her legs open -- as if Bill had never returned and they were still alone in the house -- and began performing oral sex on her again. She had learned to like Reggie eating her pussy, but felt guilty with Bill in the other room.

It was supposed to be over between her and Reggie. She had convinced herself that life would return to normal once Bill was home. Melissa failed to realize, however, that normal permanently changed for her. "Oh," she whimpered, Reggie's tongue licking her clit. "I can't."

In actions contradicting her words, her elbows relaxed and she slowly lay all the way down. She stared at the chandelier hanging above them with crystals dangling from it like diamond necklaces sparkling in the sun. It was so sinful letting Reggie do this too her, but her pussy felt so good from it, flooding with moisture and drowning out that little voice in her brain urging her to stop him. Her hands gently ran over his nappy hair and held his head between her legs.

Reggie's fingers spread her labia wide as his tongue sliced through her wet folds. This beautiful, pink flower was his. She could pretend to belong to Bill, but her pussy belonged to him. He had successfully put his demons inside her; she would never rid herself of them. They were now part of her.

"Does this feel good, baby?" Reggie asked as he fed her lusts, making them fatter and hungrier.

"Ooh, ooh, uh-huh," Melissa moaned as her pelvis began to undulate. He held her vagina stretched open -- exposed in a way it had never been for anyone else, including Bill -- and marveled at how it glistened attractively in pink.

Reggie recalled the first times he had spread her open like this, how she fought him. He put her in place and kept doing it. She had cried from embarrassment and shame when his fingers held her lips apart and he gazed at her raw womanhood -- touched it and closely watched its reactions, until she no longer had anything left to hide from him.

His thumb gently stroked her clit. "You sort of like it touched now huh?" Reggie asked as she bit her fist and arched her back. I'll take care of it baby. I know you miss this."

Melissa wished she had the strength to stop him. He drained willpower from her each time they were together until she barely had any remaining -- she had spent it all like a savings account depleted on worthless investments.

She started cumming.

"That's it -- just let it go," Reggie encouraged. He knew it was difficult for her to completely acquiesce.

"Oh, God," Melissa gasped.

He scooted her to the very edge of the table, lined his dark, meaty shaft up with her entrance, and inserted just its head into her pink opening. "Do you want me to fuck you now?" he asked while drawing tight circles around her clit with his thumb.

Melissa could not say yes with Bill sleeping in the next room. She knew deep down how immoral this was. "Oh, please don't," she helplessly exclaimed, realizing she was becoming hopelessly addicted to his cock the more he fucked her.

"I know, baby," Reggie replied sinking further into her. "It's still hard for you to come to terms with our relationship and your love for big black cock now."

She turned her face away from Reggie in embarrassment and watched the multicolored images of various fruits imprinted on the white wallpaper dance as her body jerked back and forth beneath him.

Her pussy felt incredible around his cock, snugly soothing the throbbing erection he had endured while pleasuring her. "Oh yea, you're so silky wet, baby," he said. His thumb maintained tiny circles around her clit; and her stretched pussy lips gripped around his slippery shaft as it slid through them.

"Oh, ooh, ooh, don't make me cum again, Reggie," Melissa cried. She could not stop herself and her pussy began milking his cock as if hungering for its potent sperm and trying to make him cum with her. She did not want this, but he made her body do things she could not control.

Reggie loved the way her snug pussy clenched his cock even tighter, in fits of pleasure when she came; he watched her eyes roll and close as she succumbed to ecstasy.

Bill slept soundly through the grunts and moans of his wife as a huge black man took her -- through the splashes from the man's big black cock diving into her pussy and claiming it. Reggie climbed on top of her and they kissed. Their enthusiastic thrusts caused the table to shake, the wine glasses and bottle to fall over and precariously roll back and forth, ever closer to the edge, as Reggie and Melissa obliviously fucked.

The wine bottle was first to jump to its death, followed by the three glasses -- one by one committing suicide by smashing into the tile floor and shattering into hundreds of sharp irreparable pieces like remnants of Melissa's now broken marriage.


Melissa and Reggie remained completely naked, like they had been most of the time Bill was away, her pussy holding an entire night's worth of Reggie's cum about to receive more as they fucked on the floor. In the dark living room shadows danced around them in quivers of orange and yellow from the glowing fireplace. She faced the flames as they warmly waved into the cold night air, her blue eyes containing their fiery reflection. His hands held her hips with her back facing him. She rode him like a black stallion, reverse cowgirl.

"Oh, please stop making me do this. Your cock doesn't belong in me," Melissa cooed with her hips gyrating like his penis was the handle to an old-fashioned coffee grinder she turned with her pussy.

"Yes it does. Oh, yea, baby. Keep working your pussy like that. It feels so good. You going to cum again for me soon?" he asked with his hands following on her hips like she was his dancing partner.

"Uh-huh," Melissa cooed. Each of them already knew what the other liked. They quickly became part of each other when they fucked, even though they did not belong together because she was married to Bill — even though she had fought against it with all her strength for the longest time. Reggie made himself her addictive habit and nothing else mattered when she was doing him now. "Oh, Reggie," she cried fingering her clit, holding his heavy balls and climaxing again. "I don't know about this. It's wrong."

"No it's not, baby. It takes away that terrible ache in my cock I told you about. It can't be wrong if it feels this good."

God did not want anyone to suffer, Melissa rationalized to herself wanting Reggie as badly as he wanted her. "Ooh, I guess since it helps with the pain you have it's okay for us to do this." His penis was so big it probably agonized him terribly when it got hard, Melissa thought. It got hard often because of her, so it was only right that she help him alleviate it. "Are you going to cum for me? I don't want it to hurt you tonight, Reggie."

"Yea, baby. l'll let you know when this time. It was hurting before but feels really good now. Keep doing that with your pussy."

For the third time that evening, Reggie's penis erupted inside Melissa, spewing its warm lava of love, relieving his big testicles of another giant batch of negro sperm needing an egg to fertilize. "Ooh, you're cumming. You forgot to tell me, Reggie."

Melissa dismounted him. His huge cock exited her like large summer sausage. A rivulet of white jism ran down his black shaft, like melted vanilla ice cream leaking from a chocolate-coated ice cream bar. She tenderly held his long, heavy phallus -- freshly withdrawn from her pussy and slick with both their juices -- in her petite hands and began licking the delicious cream up, running her tongue along his rod and over the sensitive head of his cock.

"That's it baby, just like I taught you. Oh, yes that feels good. Do you like the way my cum tastes?"

"Uh-huh," Melissa moaned in reply, still lapping up his delicious cum, enjoying its taste, his giant cock so ridiculously large she used both hands holding it and had plenty of shaft to spare. She could not remember exactly when it happened, but she now found his big black cock extremely desirable and attractive, and liked sucking on it.


Melissa accompanied Reggie to his truck, the approaching dawn chasing away the evening's darkness. Through the barren tree branches a crescent moon stubbornly lingered on the horizon. He opened the door and she wrapped her arms around his neck -- one last goodbye kiss. They had spent the entire night fucking while her husband slept.

"What time will Bill be at work today?" Reggie asked.

Melissa hesitated for an instant, and then as if under some hypnotic trance replied, "He'll be gone by eight-thirty this morning and won't be back until six-thirty tonight."

"Good girl," Reggie grinned. "I'll see you later."

His truck pulled away with its tires kicking up bits of dirt behind it and its taillights staring back at Melissa like two evil red eyes disappearing in the distance as it drove off. She suddenly felt guilt and shame return. What was she thinking and how could she do this? She was married and supposedly Christian, yet she just told Reggie what time Bill would be at work so he could come fuck her today. Torn by conflicting emotions, Melissa felt confused and unsure of what she wanted. Somehow she was drawn into an affair with Reggie, caught in his lecherous web that further tangled around her each time she fought to escape it. The repeated stings from his seductive cock had finally paralyzed her.

Melissa slipped into bed beside Bill while he slept. "Honey, it's time for work," she said nudging his shoulder to wake him as if she had been next to him the entire night.

Bill yawned rising from slumber: "Wow, I haven't slept that soundly in years. I was exhausted. How was Bible study with Reggie last night?" He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, his gorgeous wife lying next to him coming into focus.

"Fine, I guess."

Melissa looked tired to Bill -- her blue eyes glassy and slightly blood shot, her pupils constricted to tiny dots in a ray of sunlight that cracked through the blinds and fell across her face.

"I liked him; I was impressed with his knowledge. For a black man he's pretty smart. Maybe you should study bible with him more often -- you would probably learn a few things," Bill remarked pretentiously.

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