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Christian Wife Defiled

by thecryptkeeper©

Kelly's hands wandered up Reggie's muscular back and she drifted off to sleep beneath the firm ripples in his stomach and chest, the powerful date rape drug removing all worries. She and Bob never wanted children and they usually used condoms for birth control during her cycle, which had been irregular lately. Luckily, this was all just a strange, erotic nightmare, Kelly thought as her consciousness slipped away.


Bill sat in his recliner drinking a glass of wine and studying Melissa's phone. The earlier blaze of yellow in the living room fireplace now struggled to remain brief flames of orange and red slowly turning to embers and sending up gossamers of smoke the winter wind whisked away from the rooftop chimney. Melissa had deleted incriminating texts as they occurred with Reggie in case the situation she now found herself in with Bill ever materialized, but her phone still contained a few of their messages with cryptic references and suspicious gaps Bill tried to understand, like the following:

Reggie: "Bible study?"

Melissa: "No"

Reggie: "Yes, study onanism w/ u."

Melissa: "IDK, OK I guess"

Reggie: "u enjoy studying @ Onan w/me 2day? it feel good 4 u?"

Melissa: Missing response

Reggie: "Need to cum 4 more Bible study. See u soon"

Melissa: "Tired of Bible study no more 2day plse"

Reggie: "Yes, u will change mind"

Melissa: "No Bill will b home"

Reggie: "Quickie; make u feel good & u cum 4 me. c u soon :)"

Melissa: Missing response

Bill did not understand their abbreviations. Did it make them feel good coming to each other's house for Bible Study? Some of their texts referenced deviant sexual relationships and practices found in the Bible -- subject matter inappropriate for a married woman to discuss alone with a man who was not her husband, even within the context of studying the Bible. Why would Reggie want to meet her twice on some days for Bible study? Why would they study a minor figure like Onan?

Onanism was an ambiguous term that could mean masturbation, coitus interruptus, or self-gratification. Were they discussing these things and God's prohibition of them, or were they practicing them with each other? Bill wondered.

"Why were you studying onanism with Reggie?" Bill asked looking up as he clicked off Melissa's phone turning its screen dark.

Melissa sat in her usual spot on the sofa and glared at Bill. She could not tell him the truth. She needed to think of something else quickly -- "You have your nerve reading my personal messages like that and accusing me of adultery with a black man."

"Tell me why you were studying about onanism."

"Reggie caught his nephew masturbating several times and wanted to know what the Bible said about it," Melissa angrily answered to Bill's partial satisfaction.

"I think the subject matter you and Reggie chose to study alone together was inappropriate."

Melissa turned away from Bill and remained silent. Her husband had no concept of the perverted lessons Reggie made her practice with him every day at Bill's encouragement. Reggie had forced her to fornicate with him until it became an unbreakable habit. She wanted Reggie's big black cock in her pussy and the warmth of his strong, muscular body covering her like a blanket of safety more than ever to relieve all this stress.

"Are you coming to bed?" Bill finally asked, rising from his recliner and stretching in front of the embers now providing little heat. It had been a while since they made love and he suddenly felt an unusual urge to have intercourse with his wife again.

"No, I'm not coming to bed with you after you accused me of fucking Reggie. Can I have my phone back?"

Her language shocked Bill. He had never heard her use that profane word, "fuck", before. He sat beside Melissa on the couch and put his arm around her. His other hand began rubbing her thigh. "I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. You need to come to bed with me," he said.

This was a rare moment for Bill, to be horny and actually want her. If she went to bed with him, he would try to fuck her. The thought of sex with Bill sickened Melissa. She desired Reggie, not him. "You want sex after months without touching me, when you think I'm having an affair with Reggie, a black man? You disgust me. Get your filthy hands off me and give me my phone back."

Her personality had completely changed over the past months. Since he returned from Peru, she had acted differently. Bill suspected something happened to her while he was away, but he did not know what. She was not the same woman anymore. "Suit yourself, but I'm keeping your phone," he replied. He rose from the couch and headed down the hallway.

He kept his safe in the hallway closet, and from the living room, Melissa heard its steel door clang shut with her phone and car keys placed inside it. Bill went to bed and she waited for him to fall asleep while sitting alone on the sofa and watching the glowing embers die.


Bundled up in her winter attire, Melissa began her journey on foot down the silent stretch of highway to Reggie's house. A full moon brightly shining in the black sky above leafless trees accompanied her. The storm left a cold breeze and a fresh blanket of smooth white snow that hauntingly reflected the silvery moonlight. She tried to quell what she realized were her own irrational and childish fears of bogeymen that lurked in the surrounding woods.

Reggie carefully put Kelly's panties back on her -- his semen forming a growing wet spot on them as it leaked from her well-fucked vagina -- and left her slumbering in a peaceful high. She would sleep hours from the drug, and remember little of what happened when she woke -- only vague, embarrassing dreams.

From the highway, Reggie stopped in front of Melissa's house, and with his truck idling, stared at its dark windows. Snow covered Bill and Melissa's cars. He checked his cell phone again -- still no contact from her. She said she would text him and her lack of communication was troubling. Melissa was Reggie's girlfriend, his fuck buddy, even though married to Bill. If Bill hurt her, Reggie was ready to bust a cap in his ass.

Reggie started to leave when the beam from his headlights revealed what looked like fresh footsteps in the snow on the side of the road. He jumped from his truck into the frozen bite of the winter night to examine the path. The small footprints originated from Melissa's property, headed in the direction of his house and extended into the darkness beyond the reach of his headlamps.

The moonlit snow lost its silvery hue and Melissa's shadow advanced from her side. She turned around and stared into the high beam of a distant vehicle twinkling like an approaching star, and thinking that it might be Bill, ducked into the woods and waited for it to pass.

Reggie saw up ahead of him where the trail of footprints turned into the woods. He slammed on his brakes, threw his truck in park and hopped out from it. The familiar roar of Reggie's truck brought Melissa out from hiding and she emerged from the curtain of trees into the path of his headlights.

"What are you doing out here, baby doll?" he asked running up to her and wrapping his arms around her while his truck's engine idly chugged and its chrome tailpipes belched white clouds of smoke similar to the frosty breath coming from Reggie and Melissa's mouths.

She looked up into his face with worry in her big cerulean eyes and they kissed.

"I couldn't stay there with him. The bastard took my phone and car keys and locked them in his gun safe. I needed to see you. I think I may be pregnant, Reggie. Bill will kill me." Melissa cried.

"No he won't. But let's get out of this cold."

He stood to the side, opened the passenger door, and allowed the inviting warmth inside the truck to flow over Melissa and spill into the frigid night air in a quickly dissipating stream of heat. Her foot landed on the running board to enter his truck; his hands encircled her petite waist and assisted her up. Melissa slid into the cab; he flung her door closed and got in the other side. "You okay?" he asked.

"I can't go back to him, Reggie," Melissa broke down. "I want to stay with you."

"I know, baby doll. Soon you won't have to go back to him anymore."

Melissa looked up into his black obsidian-like eyes. "I just want to be with you," she said snuggling into his warm, hard chest. Her hand descended his washboard stomach to the bulge in his pants and began rubbing it, making it bigger, as if she was summoning a magic genie from a lamp. Reggie put the truck in drive, held her close to him and patted her soft blond hair. She was his now -- carried his black baby in her womb. Her husband had lost a beautiful wife.

The bulge in Reggie's pants grew for Melissa as her hand gently travelled back and forth over the lengthy distance that originated at his crotch, curved to his left, and reached the outside of his hip. She marveled at how big and hard she made it. She wanted to unzip his pants as he drove, suck on his black cock, begin relieving the erection she made it form, and drink his virile cum.

"No, I want to suck on it," Melissa cried, her fingers still trying to unzip Reggie's pants as he pulled her head away from his lap.

She was already hooked badly and didn't need more of its venom right now.

"Woe, I know baby, but we need to think this out first. I'll let you suck on it later, okay?"

"Okay," Melissa answered disappointedly. She wanted his cock now but knew he was right.


Sitting on his leather sofa, she waited in the living room while her eyes roamed his expensive electronics and furnishings. She liked Reggie's bungalow so much more than her own dismal house. The floorboards creaked and announced to her his movements in his bedroom and his return before he appeared to her eyes.

"Come on -- we can't stay here. You need to go back home for a little while."

"What do you mean?" Melissa asked worriedly.

"We don't need any trouble with your husband," Reggie explained. "Get his guard down while I make some arrangements. In a few days I'll be by your house in the morning when Bill's at work, okay?"

Not too long ago, Melissa had wished for just such a reprieve from Reggie, but she could not get one. He kept fucking her when she did not want him. Now things seemed reversed.

Reggie bundled her up to go back outside.

"We need to get you back before Bill wakes and finds you missing. I'll let you suck on my cock while we're in the truck if you want, okay?"

The bitter cold from outside seeped through the glass windows but went no further. The instrument panel in Reggie's warm truck shined like a colorful array of Christmas lights as he happily drove with Melissa's face buried in his lap. Melissa unknowingly enjoyed the sweet taste of Kelly's pussy and greedily sucked on Reggie's giant black cock, which still contained remnants of Kelly's syrupy dampness on it. Melissa ran her lips up and down his shaft, and over his cock head getting more of Kelly's flavor in her mouth until she had licked and sucked all Kelly off him.

Reggie glanced down at the back of her head for a second and gently ran his fingers through her silky, flaxen hair. "You like the way that tastes?" he asked with a grin on his face.

"Uh-huh," Melissa moaned her mouth chock-a-block with his fat black cock in it. She tried taking it down her throat.

Melissa would taste a lot more of Kelly for now on, Reggie thought. Now that Melissa was pregnant, it was time for him to move on and to other white pastures for a little while. "I'm trying to remember if Bob Ward is part of the new missionary group going to Peru next month?" Reggie asked.

"Uh-huh," Melissa moaned again unable to stop sucking the addictive secretions.

"I don't think Kelly is going with him either," Reggie spoke aloud.

Melissa did not appreciate Reggie's sudden interest in the Ward's and that stupid missionary group to Peru. She grew wetter the longer she gave Reggie head as she swallowed more of the addictive pre-cum leaking from his penis. She was about to have an orgasm from performing oral sex on him when she felt Reggie pulling her by the hair.

"No, I'm not finished yet," she whimpered in frustration as his penis flopped from her mouth. "I want you to cum."

"We're here, baby doll."

Melissa suddenly recognized her house. It had resumed snowing outside the truck, but she could not stop herself. She wanted mouthfuls of Reggie's tantalizing cum and needed to finish. She went down on him again, there in her driveway in front of her home, with her husband asleep inside.

The End

Written by: thecryptkeeper

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