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The New Parishioner

by thecryptkeeper©

Melissa had donned pink silk panties with a matching bra and was looking for an outfit to wear when she heard the front door slam closed from her bedroom. "Is that you?" she shouted.

Melissa's voice surprised Bill and stopped him from leaving; he thought the house was empty and she was with Reggie engaged in "Bible study". Perhaps the Wards were wrong after all.

"Yea, it's me. I decided not to go on the retreat."

Melissa's eyes grew wide as Bill's irritated voice came through the bedroom door instead of the big black stallion she anticipated riding today. She tremulously jumped into a pair of blue jeans and put on a tee shirt just before Bill entered the room.

Reggie slowed to make the turn into Melissa's driveway after returning home to get the new undergarments he had forgotten. Bill's car was now there. "Oh shit," he uttered to himself, quickly jerking his steering wheel back to avoid the turn. He continued driving straight and passed her house. With a hard cock and now no pussy, he punched his steering wheel and grumbled, "Fuck -- what the hell is that white boy doing home?" He slowed, made a sharp U-turn, and headed back toward his own house.


The living room window contained an outside scene of slate skies beyond the naked branches of winter-ravaged trees. Bill irately paced beside the fireplace, the room as gray as the previous night's ashes remaining in it. "Kelly Ward claims you and Reggie are sleeping together," he bellowed. A vein in the center of his forehead above his eyebrows bulged beneath his skin, and with a tinge of blue bifurcated like a wishbone. "She said you're not studying Bible when you go to his house and that she saw you purchasing condoms with him while I was in Peru!"

Bill kept too occupied with Church and work to notice the tear forming in his marriage like a latex barrier strained excessively. Reggie had slipped through an opening Bill neglected and caused decay by fucking Melissa for months without Bill suspecting a thing.

Bill would never know how hard Melissa resisted before Reggie wore through tough enamel to infect the pulp. She never wanted to be with another man beside Bill, but without giving Melissa a choice, Reggie put himself inside her. Now Reggie's baby grew in her womb, and not Bill's. She shared something special with Reggie that Bill was unable to give her, changing her outlook.

Melissa wanted Reggie, but she did not want to pour the gasoline of truth on Bill's flames of anger -- not now anyway.

"Reggie bought those rubbers, not me. I don't know why he bought them, but you know I would never cheat on you," she argued, trying to calm him.

"Why would Reggie buy rubbers? He's not married."

"How should I know? I didn't ask him why he was buying condoms. It was none of my business. Why are you listening to a busybody like Kelly Ward anyway? You know she's hated me since we moved here."

"I don't know," Bill answered confusedly. "I don't like his moral character -- he's not married yet he's buying condoms. I don't want you seeing him anymore. Do you understand me?"

Melissa silently nodded, her eyes nervously darting away from Bill as if fearful he might see the truth revealed in them. If Bill had not gone on that stupid trip to Peru leaving her for Reggie to ravish, if he had discouraged her meetings with Reggie earlier, if he had not pressured her into studying Bible with Reggie, it may have salvaged their marriage. However, it was too late now. She had been far too intimate with Reggie far too long and now carried the consequences of their adultery.

Outside the window, the naked trees -- casting a net of faint shadows that ran back and forth across the oak floor in the living room -- sadly waved in the wind to the gloomy skies of late afternoon and an approaching storm. The forecasts predicted moderate snowfall and cold temperatures. Melissa felt trapped in her house with her crazed husband. She wanted to be with Reggie. Did she actually love him? She missed his strong embrace. How could she tell him about their baby without Bill finding out? She needed to wait for the right opportunity.

Melissa waited and the shadows grew in number as daylight succumbed to more clouds and the night creeping closer. Through the dead tree branches outside and dusty crevices in the house, the wind announced the arrival of another winter storm in a chilling chorus that sounded like mournful wails.

"Where are you going?" Bill suspiciously asked as he sat in the recliner in front of the fire and watched Melissa put on her boots, her midnight blue double-breasted pea coat, her matching beanie and her black leather gloves -- the bulky winter attire unable to conceal the perfect curves of her slender female figure that would soon change due to her pregnancy with another man's child.

"I'm going outside for some extra firewood before this storm arrives."

"But it's freezing out there. I'll go," he offered as he started from his chair.

"No, I want some fresh air."

"I'll come with you then."

"That's okay. Stay here and tend to the fire," Melissa coolly replied. She wanted to go outside alone, where she could get a signal for her phone and text Reggie.

The drop in temperature as she left the house and went into the evening was sharp like the first plunge into a cold pool. Melissa hustled through the frigid wind that penetrated her clothes as if they were made of paper, and took refuge from the arctic blasts behind a large oak tree. She extricated her iPhone from her jean pocket, took off her gloves, and quickly sent the following text to Reggie:

"OMG! Kelly tld Bill @ us. Stay away & don't txt now. Bill mad but has doubts @ Kelly's claims. Txt u later 2nite when I get chance. I miss u & ur BBC inside me. Luv u XOXOXO."

Melissa sent the message to Reggie and hesitated a moment. All the passionate texts she shared with him containing graphic descriptions of their adulterous affair sat in the palm of her hand like a diary for Bill to read. Her finger swiped the screen and their conversations disappeared as if none of those things ever happened with Reggie -- the incriminating evidence deleted forever so Bill could never see it. There was still her pregnancy -- she could not make that disappear. She shoved the phone back in her pocket, put her gloves back on and raced to the pile of wood. She grabbed all the logs she could carry and hurried back inside the house.

Melissa dropped the logs beside the warmly glowing fireplace. "Let me see your phone," Bill smugly demanded coming up behind her and holding out his hand.

She turned toward him, "Why do you want my phone?"

"You know why -- just give it to me."

Annoyed, Melissa dug out the phone from her pocket and Bill snatched it from her hand.

He stood in front of her and scrolled through her text messages like a parent checking up on an untrustworthy teen.

"Really, Bill? This is ridiculous and not necessary. I told you nothing is happening between Reggie and me. Give me my phone back!"

"If nothing has happened, you shouldn't have a problem with me looking at your messages. I pay for this phone line."

Staring at the lit up screen in his palm, he turned away from her and ambled back to his recliner. Melissa smirked as his back faced her. There was now nothing left for Bill to see -- at least not in her phone.

The cold, blustery wind loudly sang the same melancholy song to Reggie that Melissa heard two miles away as he sat alone in his living room on a black couch made from fine Italian leather and stared at the blank television screen hanging on the wall. Among the multitude of expensive audio/video components in the room, only one interested him presently -- on the coffee table in front of him, his phone finally lit up with Melissa's text message. He read it...

With her husband out of town on a religious retreat, Reggie decided to pay Kelly Ward a visit, and over the next few weeks teach her the same joys of fucking big black cock that Melissa had stubbornly learned to love.

The End

Written by: thecryptkeeper

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories