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The New Parishioner

by thecryptkeeper©

"Please stop touching me there," Melissa sobbed. He needed to learn to control his sexual impulses rather than forcing married women like her into helping him indulge them, and seducing those women into adulterous relationships with him.

"I'm sorry, baby. I know I'm making you very sensitive and it's feeling really good to you now. I'm not going to stop."

"Ooh, God — no."

Reggie turned the ultimate expression of love into an animalistic act of physical gratification. He delighted in giving married white women the undesirable craving for big black cock.

He cruelly brought Melissa too far — to the verge of orgasm — and then abruptly stopped masturbating her.

All the faith Melissa once had in Jesus provided no protection from Reggie. Like the other women Reggie had seduced, Melissa was also catching the distasteful appetite for big black cock and for adultery. Reggie unrelentingly inoculated her with his powerful toxins of lust.

"You ready to fuck now?" he asked, lifting her thighs and spreading them wide.

"No, please wait." Melissa reached over for her purse.

"What are you looking for?"

He already knew what she sought — the box of rubbers — but she was not going to find them. His meaty, black cock waited between her legs ready to slide into her moist, pink slit.

She panicked.

"I can't find the condoms. Where are they?"

"I don't know baby, but I can't wait anymore."

Reggie slipped his bareback cock into her pussy again.

"Ooh, Reggie, no — I can't keep doing it with you like this."

"Yes you can, baby. No one is going to find out."

"Ooh, ooh, you don't understand." Melissa mewled, his big fat cock working into her. It felt so good rubbing underneath her clit and against the multitude of innervations lining her pussy, pulling her tightly stretched labia in and out.

This was all wrong, but Melissa began assimilating to extra marital sex and an interracial relationship with Reggie. She was bonding with him emotionally. But how was this outcome to be avoided when she was constantly forced to commit immoral acts with him that her body seemed to appreciate more each time they performed them?

Without Bill to intercede, a primitive yet powerful force made things progress along a natural course driven by primal instinct. Reggie, who Melissa had initially hated, replaced Bill in her bed and claimed her as his own.

"There's nothing to understand. It just feels good to both of us, baby. There's no reason to feel guilty about this. Let's enjoy each other. Bill shouldn't have left you alone for three weeks with no one to take care of you. You're helping me and I'm helping you."

Reggie kept saying the right things to her. She was angry with Bill for leaving. He had abandoned her for three weeks and during a terrible storm. He allowed Reggie to come and do this to her.

"Ooh, ooh, do promise you'll pull out of me this time before you cum."

"Of course I will, baby."

Reggie had successfully planted his flag in someone else's sovereign soil. He planted that flag so deeply that it could never be easily removed.

Melissa's arms somehow began embracing him as his humongous dick drove into her. She wondered about what Reggie said. Bill never complained that penis hurt him like that when it got hard. But then compared to Reggie, Bill barely possessed a penis.

Perhaps the unusual enormity of Reggie's cock, combined with the huge quantity of sperm his testicles seemed to constantly produce, caused it to hurt when he became excited, she thought. Out of the very few men she had known, none possessed an organ even remotely as large or virile as his.

"Oh, oh, uh, ooh," she grunted ... "does your penis really hurt you badly when it's hard like that?"

They began to fuck more passionately.

"Oh, yeah, baby, it's really painful — it hurts and my balls ache. But it feels really good and the pain goes away as soon as I put it in your pussy — and when you suck on it for me."

"Ooh, uh, ah, oh. I'm sorry it hurts you so much, Reggie. Why does it keep getting that way all the time — so hard?"

"I don't know. Whenever I'm near beautiful women it gets that way. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, began making tight circles around her clitoris with his thumb while driving all the way into her forcefully. "Uh, does that feel good like that, baby?"

Melissa's lips briefly slipped the truth through her moans, "Uh-huh, ooh."

She definitely liked it. Regardless of how hard Melissa had tried guarding her words previously, her body had revealed its likes to him long ago and he had mercilessly indulged its desires to seduce her further.

The repetition of forced sex began to make their physical intimacy seem natural to Melissa. It became less important to conceal from him what felt good to her. Melissa's resistance for the well-hung, black stud was now rapidly deteriorating.

"Does it feel better like this, baby?"

She did not want to answer him. "Oh, oh, oh, I guess — right there," Melissa mewled anyway. She arched her back and twisted the sheets in her fists about to begin another big orgasm.

Together, Melissa and Reggie seemed to form a circuit that became more complete the longer they plugged into each other, the current flowing between them increasing in voltage and made Melissa climax multiple times. They zealously generated even more power between them.

"Ooh, that feels really good, Reggie. Oh God, oh God," she repeated in unison with his thrusts.

Reggie decided it was time to put Melissa to the test.

Suddenly his huge penis, planted deeply and securely inside Melissa, somehow accidentally flopped out of her, abruptly interrupting their perfect circuit like an unexpected blackout of electricity in the middle of a busy day.

Melissa breathed heavily, as if she had finished running a marathon. An opportunity to end this horribly immoral act presented itself — they were unplugged. Over the past 30 minutes, an enormously erotic current had flowed through her. Reggie's huge cock had felt so good and now it was suddenly gone.

Melissa grabbed Reggie's heavy shaft, slick with their intimate fluids, and gently tugged it a few times.

The sparkle from her wedding band as her hand held his warm, heavy cock caught Reggie's eyes. He was going to put himself back inside her silky, wet cunt anyway, regardless of what she decided, but he waited first to see what Melissa would do on her own.

He was not wearing protection and was close to having his orgasm, but she was in the middle of one. She could have tried jerking him off, but instead, she guided Reggie's cock back inside her warm, wet pussy. Hardly giving it a thought, she chose to resume unprotected intercourse with him.

Reggie now knew Melissa was his.


Melissa squandered precious days looking for missing condoms and having more unprotected sex. Not wanting anyone else to see her with Reggie purchasing prophylaxes again, she avoided the long journey back to town.

Everyone knew she and Bill were trying to have a baby. With her husband away, why would she be with a black man buying any type protection?

It had been one of the coldest Falls in memory with a record amount of snow. Just as the cold white remains of the previous blizzard melted into water and soaked into the ground, more snow blanketed the earth and Melissa missed her opportunity to go anywhere for anything, including purchasing the additional rubbers.

In flickering radiance, Reggie gave Melissa oral sex on the floor in front of the crackling fireplace, as its flames — tongues that glowed orange and yellow — licked the air and exhaled their hot breath into the living room.

"Are you ready for me?"

She turned her head to the side, bit her fist, but failed to answer. As lewd and distasteful as intercourse with Reggie had once been to Melissa, he had worn her down. Gradually, the unwanted physical intimacy became more. It kept her warm during cold nights, saved her from being alone.

Oddly, sharing herself with Reggie no longer felt alien to Melissa. Her body fed his ferocious passion, and that passion filled a void that had formed in Melissa's heart during Bill's absence.

At some point, their physical intimacy had crossed a threshold becoming something that resembled friendship. Vulgarities during sex — what felt good and where — began replacing Melissa's cries for Reggie to stop. She ceased asking him why he was doing this to her and their conversations evolved to broader topics.

What began as rape was strangely becoming lovemaking and an adulterous affair.

She was married to Bill, but perhaps she could love another man too. If nothing else, she could secretly enjoy his big black cock.

He gripped behind her knees, pushed them to her chest until her cute, round ass rose off the floor. He spread her thighs. Her tight wet pussy barely managed taking his entire cock.

"Oh, yea, your pussy feels so good."

"Ooh, ooh — I don't know about this, Reggie." She bit the corner of her bottom lip. She was confused, but his big black cock felt so good inside her.

A feeble voice tried reminding her this was wrong. Her body contradicted her brain, however, and conveyed desire for him by her hips attempting to meet his; by her hands tracing the muscles in his back leading to an embrace; by her pussy contracting around his cock in uncontrolled spasms; by her warm wet mouth receiving his tongue as its own.

Less than one week before Bill's return Melissa finally succumbed to Reggie's decadence, and Reggie fully indulged her acceptance. He had not found a white woman yet he could not break down and hook on big black cock.


Melissa woke as early dawn faintly mentioned sunrise through traces of light that turned the remains of night into shadows fleeing a house as still as a grave. Reggie peacefully slept beside her. They had spent their last evening together.

The bed sheets containing Reggie's kinky pubic hairs and dried semen needed to be changed. She needed to do much cleaning to eliminate all the evidence of her activities over the past three weeks and in preparation for Bill's return tomorrow.

Reggie was finally leaving and the adultery with him would soon end. Melissa told herself she would forget all the sinful things she did with Reggie and resume a normal Christian life with her husband.

However, as Melissa lay next Reggie, her thoughts drifted from cleaning and the married Christian life she was about to resume to something more primal. She felt her pussy salivating for one last sample of his incredible black cock.

Just a little peek, Melissa thought, carefully pulling down Reggie's sheet as he slept beside her, and admiring his gorgeous morning erection. His hard cock was so familiar to her now that she could sketch it from memory in minutest detail down to every vein. Unfortunately, Bill's pathetic little penis did not even compare to Reggie's colossal manhood.

Her own feelings revolted her. Did she actually prefer Reggie over Bill? How could something as shallow as a man's color and penis size become so important to her?

Melissa tried stopping herself but could not resist. Her fingers lightly grazed Reggie's hard-on, trailing the warm, smooth hunk of dark flesh that curved slightly like a big over-ripe plantain. It looked so beautifully masculine, yet caused Reggie so much discomfort unrelieved.

Taking his ache away felt so good inside her. Adultery might be sinful, but how could she let him suffer while able to alleviate his agony and in the process pleasure both of them?

Melissa knew something was wrong with her thoughts. She never felt this way about a man — desiring him like this.

How had she been seduced into wanting such a horrible thing? She kept caressing his big hard penis as he slumbered, unable to stop herself. Her soft strokes turned into gentle tugs.

His cock was mesmerizing — long, heavy and so thick her hands barely fit around it. She craved his big black penis.

Reggie's penis played an unusually realistic role in his dreams this morning with recollections of taking Melissa so vivid they dragged him from deep slumber and languor, through opened eyes, to the world where light celebrated her face more enthusiastically each moment, as if she was the rising sun itself.

She watched his eyes open, look at her appreciatively, and she knew she was doing the right thing.

"I'm sorry," she said in embarrassment, still unable to stop herself from stroking him. "But I know how painful your erections become."

She put her lips around the head of Reggie's cock and began sucking while tenderly pumping his shaft.

"Mmmm, ah, uh-huh."

Reggie tilted his head back in the pillow and closed his eyes, "Oh, baby, that feels good."

"Is it feeling better?" she asked, gently jerking on his penis. "I don't want it to hurt you today."

"Oh, baby, yes, keep doing that. It's wonderful."

She took the head of his cock back into her mouth, one hand still on his shaft, her other descending to his scrotum and fondling his bull-size testicles. They were so large and heavy compared with Bill's gonads, and always full of sperm.

Reggie's gigantic penis was a curse, constantly tormenting him with painful erections he could not control or relieve himself. His need for women to alleviate its throbbing grew worse if ignored, until it became all he thought about, like morphine to the severe burn victim.

His penis was a curse that spread to the unfortunate female victim of its relief, like a mildly venomous snake that causes hallucination with repeated bites — only his phallus caused deception and seduction and ultimately poisoned the healthy relationships of the women it invaded.

It replaced love with lust.

"Mmmmmm, uh-huh," Melissa moaned as she suckled more of its deadly venom and fell prey to its seductive charms. "I know what will make it feel even better."

She climbed up and straddled him.

"Let me put it in here."

She inserted the head of his cock into her juicy slit and slowly lowered herself, her pussy sliding down his long rod, taking it inside her.

"Ooh, ooh, uh-huh," she moaned, rising up and down, feeling herself stretch, and incrementally fitting more of him inside her.

Reggie placed his hands on her flowing hips, "That feels nice. Keep doing that."

"Uh, ah, it's so big," Melissa moaned, finally taking all of him inside her. "Ooh, it feels so good. I love your big black cock inside me, Reggie."

"Oh, I know, baby, and you're so tight. That's incredible — you feel amazing. Keep moving. Oh, yea, just like that."

"Ooh, ooh, you're making me cum, Reggie."

She lay on top of him with her chest flat against his and they kissed. He kept one hand on her narrow waist; his other went between her butt cheeks and rubbed her sweet, little asshole as she humped him.

His long, fat cock sliding in and out against her wet, silky lips created pleasure so intense the only thing that mattered was getting more of it. The past, present and future vanished; only their heavy breathing and the velocity between them existed.

"Oh, I'm going to cum, baby!"

"Oh, oh, ooh, Reggie. It's okay. Cum inside me."

"Oh, yea, that feels good," he groaned flooding Melissa's pussy. "Oh, baby, you're beautiful."

Her hips slowed to a stop, and she lied languidly on top of him stroking his muscular chest with her hand, their time together dwindling like his erection.

However his erections always returned and Melissa failed to realize that like them, so would he.


He was finally gone. After their morning sex, he spent the day helping her clean and left that afternoon.

The affair with Reggie — the dreadfully sinful acts he forced her to perform with him countless times until she became complaisant — was over, relegated to the past after three long weeks of Hell.

Unfortunately, part of Melissa grew to find Hell with Reggie appealing. Her blue eyes looked like they contained tiny sparks as they reflected the dimming flames from the fireplace she silently watched while the room became darker.

The fire needed tending, but her eyelids, mimicking the dying flames, fell lower and she remained languorously on the sofa. Melissa thought the damage with Kelly Ward was repairable and she could explain it innocently to Bill if necessary.

She grew colder. Melissa disliked being alone in this drab house in the middle of nowhere. Did she actually miss Reggie? She wondered how she could possibly have feelings for a black man who raped her repeatedly.

She found herself getting wet musing about his big black cock and quickly put the sinful thoughts out of her mind. Bill would be back in the morning and she would finally return to a normal Christian life.

But there would be other trips for Bill to go on. Melissa remained on the couch and drifted off to sleep. For now at least, Reggie only returned in her dreams.

Written by: thecryptkeeper

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