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An Ancient Indian Tale Ch. 01

by rudra143©

Surya Pratap was a king of an ancient indian kingdom. He lived with his wife Meera and Sister Madhuri. One day, he was in his royal court, an interesting case came in front of him. A villager wanted to marry his mother. She was a widow.

"Your majesty! I love my mother. She loves me too. My father died in a war. What is wrong if I marry her? I'll give her a new life full of joy. Give me your permission, please." Villager said.

King took advice of his ministers. They suggested him to grant permission. King Surya Pratap granted permission. Man and his mother, both thanked king.

Soon, incest marriages became very popular in his kingdom. His sister was now adult. She was very beautiful and cute. King was searching a suitable groom for her. But he did not find a suitable groom for his sister.

the story of villager and his mother's marriage spread everywhere. Princess also heard this story. Her brother was a smart and intelligent young man. She loved her brother. King and queen were like her parents. Their parents died when she was only 9 years old. King Surya Pratap was 8 years elder than her. He raised her as a daughter. Now she was 18 years old beautiful and sexy girl. King Surya Pratap was 26 years old and queen Meera was 25 years old. Meera was also a stunning beauty.

Slowly Princess Madhuri fell in love with king Surya Pratap. King had less time for queen due to his court work. So queen started to spend most of her time with Madhuri. Soon they became lovers.

"Sister in law! You are like my mother. Can I ask you a favour?" Madhuri asked after a lovemaking session with Radha.

"Sure, my love. You can ask anything. You are my lover. What do you want?" Queen Meera asked.

"I am in love with my brother. Can you share your husband with me? I want to marry him." Madhuri said.

"I can fulfil your wish at only one condition. You'll never leave me as your lover." Meera said.

"I accept your every condition. I want to marry him on any condition. Please help me, sister in law." Madhuri said.

"Don't worry my child. I'll talk with you brother tonight. Just relax and enjoy the evening."

Madhuri thanked her and kissed her cheeks.Meera kissed her forehead and hugged her. "That's like my good daughter. I love you baby." Meera said.

"I love you too sister in law." Madhuri replied.


In the night, Surya Pratap was in bedroom with Meera. They were kissing each other madly. He gave her nipple a flick and broke their kiss. She kissed his nipples and progressed down his stomach to his now fully erect cock. Kissing the base of his cock she took his balls in one hand and gently squeezed as she kissed and licked her way to the head which was now oozing precum.

She swallowed his cock, taking the full length of it and she squeezed his balls. She continued until he pushed her head away. He knelt between her legs and placed a finger to her slit, it was wet and he slid two fingers into her slit, sliding them up and down spreading her juices completely about her sex.

Meera took his dick in hand and guided him to enter her. She gasped in delight as he slid into her. They moved together, slowly, tenderly, passionately. He began to move faster, aggressively pumping her.

She moved a hand to her pussy and began to rub her button with two fingers. She furiously rubbed her clit. She knew she was on the brink of her own orgasm. She buried her face in his shoulder.

"Oh yes lover. Keep fucking me like this. I'm feeling my orgasm. Fuck me husband... Fuck me hard. Oh yeah. OH God! It feels so good. Yes.. Ahhhh" Meera moaned loudly.

She locked her legs around him. Meera let out a long, loud, almost anguished moan as she cum. Her pussy clenched even tighter around his cock.

"Oh God, I'm coming too!" He gasped. He closed his eyes and moaned as waves of pleasure rolled over him.

They both were satisfied now. Meera started the topic of Madhuri's marriage.

"I've a groom for Madhuri in my mind. She loves him." Meera said.

"Who is the guy? Tell me about him." Surya Pratap asked.

"My husband, She loves you. She want to marry her brother." Meera replied.

"What do you think? Should I marry her? Tell me your opinion. I'll decide it on your opinion." He said.

"You should marry her. She is like our daughter. You should fulfil her wish. Incest marriages are very popular now. I promised her." Meera said.

"As you wish. I'm ready to marry my sister." Surya Pratap said.

They kissed each other and wished good night. They both fell asleep in each other's arms.


In the morning, Surya Pratap was staring his sister. Meera noticed him. She smiled. He was staring his sister's boobs.

" My dear husband! Have patience. Soon they'll be in your hands." Meera said. "Madhuri! My love! I forget to tell you. You are getting married soon. Your brother is ready to marry you."

Madhuri was blushing to hear this. She hide her face in hands. Meera removed her hands from her face and kissed her forehead.

"Don't blush. He is your future husband. Your wedding is in next week." Meera said.


Surya Pratap and Madhuri married in a temple. Now they became spouses from siblings. Meera gave her blessings to Madhuri. Surya Pratap had two wives now. Meera prepares bed for Surya Pratap and Madhuri's first night. Roses were everywhere on the bed. Room was filled with the scent of jasmine. Meera was leaving them alone in the decorated bedroom. Madhuri asked her to stay in the room.

"Please stay with me sister in law. I'm feeling scared. Please sister in law!" Madhuri requested.

"Sweetheart! It's your first night with our husband. Enjoy yourselves. Don't get scared." Meera said.

"No Meera. I want you to stay with us. You are a great lover. I know, you both are lesbian lovers" Surya Pratap said.

They were shocked. Afterall it was their secret. "Forgive us, our dear husband." Meera requested.

"Don't worry. It's not your fault. I neglected your sexual needs. Let's celebrate this night". Surya Pratap said.

He started kneading Madhuri's breasts with both hands, pinching them every now and then. They removed their clothes in no time.

"It is Madhuri's turn today to learn about men. Take his cock in your mouth and taste it" Meera ordered.

She started licking the tip of his cock – it had a nice salty taste. Slowly she took his entire cock inside her mouth and started to suck him. Surya Pratap started to moan and started pumping in her mouth. Within minutes he started to ejaculate. She almost gagged and some of his cum flowed out of her mouth.

"Good girl! You should not waste any of that." Meera said.

Meera started to caress Maduri now. She cupped her breasts and slowly squeezed her nipples. Surya Pratap started to kiss Madhuri's face and then gave a small peck on her lips. Soon He was at her pussy and sniffing at it. Madhuri opened her legs further and slowly pushed his face against her pussy. He started to kiss there. He would tongue her then kiss her clit and then tongue her again. Every time he did that bought her close to orgasm but not letting her cum.

Then finally his tongue went in and this time it started to explore inside. That was the end of it. Madhuri had a massive orgasm. Meera took his cock in her mouth and start sucking him. He was hard as rock and ready to fuck his new bride. He grabbed his hard cock and placed the head just into her hole.

"This is going to hurt sweetie, but once I get it in it will feel so much better!" Surya Pratap said.

He pushed a little into her and she felt like he was ripping her open. He then pulled out and slammed through her cherry. Madhuri screamed. Meera muffled her cry with the sweetest kiss ever. Madhuri began tightening her pussy around him to let him know that She was ready. He began fucking her so slowly until she was begging him, "Harder, my husband, fuck me harder! Make me cum!"

He started slamming into her and she came twice within seconds of each other.

"Madhuri, I love you! Gosh, you are so fucking tight! I'm cumming baby, let me cum inside you!" Surya Pratap said.

"I love you too brother! Please cum inside me. I can feel you throbbing in me! Fuck me harder husband! I-I-I-I-'MM CUMMING!" Madhuri cried.

His hot cum splashed right into her womb and both screamed together as they climaxed.

Meera took his cock in her mouth and start suckinh him. She massaged his balls as she sucked him until he was clean. He was ready to fuck his first wife. Meera's cunt was dripping juices. She pulled him up and kissed him passionately. He asked if she was ready, and she said yes.

He went slowly at first. He started to thrust in and out, slowly, and she immediately started to moan, and thrust along with him. She ran her fingernails gently down his back as he fucked her, and he started moving faster.

She got on top of him and lowered herself slowly onto his cock. She slid up and down slowly at first, but quickly built up until she was fucking him really fast, and hard. He could only stand it for a couple of minutes before she felt his cock grow even bigger, and then start to pulsate inside her. She was cumming too. He let out a groan and grabbed her ass tightly as she bounced on top of him, and then he let out a sigh. She smiled and got off of him, and laid with him, catching her breath.

After this glorious lovemaking, the three of them lied naked next to each other for some time before dozing off. They were bloody tired. The only thing he knew at that time was that he was a damn lucky man to two wives who loved him like this.


After some time, both queen were pregnant. Madhuri gave birth to a baby girl and Meera gave birth to a baby boy.

Written by: rudra143

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