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Family Love Ch. 01

by rudra143©

Hello friends, I'm Rudra. My age is 24. I live with my sister Riya and her friend Neha. Riya is 20 years old and Neha is 22 years old. Neha's parents died in an accident so she lives with us. My mom and dad died when I was 11. Neha calls me as brother. I raises them as my own children. We were very close to each other. Riya and Neha never care about their dresses. Sometimes they came out of bathrooms only in towels. It makes my cock rock hard. I started watching incest movies and reading incest sex stories. It was my fantasy to fuck Riya and Neha in same bed. Sometimes they change their dresses in front of me. I had seen them nude many times.

One day, I was watching a porn movie and masturbating in Riya's panties. Riya was not at home and Neha was sleeping in her room. I was busy in masturbating, suddenly Neha entered in my room. "So you want to fuck your own sister. Are not you brother?" Neha asked. She grabbed my cock and startibg to rub it. Suddenly she start licking my balls while rubbing my cock. I was in heaven. She take my full cock in her mouth and start sucking like a lolypop.

"Oh no! Don't stop. Oh fuck! Please don't stop. Suck my cock Neha." I moaned. "I'm going to cum baby. I'm going to shoot my load in your mouth."

"Oh yes brother, give it to me. Give me your cum. I want to taste you. Shoot it in my mouth." She said. "Oh yes! Take it. I'm cumming.. Drink my cum sister." I screamed.

"Now it's your turn to give me pleasure big brother. Lick my pussy and give me same pleasure I gave you." Neha said while undressing herself. She was fully naked in front of me. She lay down on the bed and start sucking her cunt. She was a virgin. "You are the first man who ever touched me like this. Lick my pussy and make me cum brother." She moaned.

"Oh fuck brother! Oh baby suck on my pussy. I want to cum on your mouth." She moaned. I was getting hard again. Neha saw my hard cock and said, "Oh brother, you are hard again. You want to fuck my little virgin pussy. Are not you big brother?" I replied, "Yes I want to fuck your pussy. But before it you have to know something. You are my real sister. Our parents give you to their friends as their child after your birth because they do not have any child. Do you want me to fuck you now when you know I'm your real brother."

"Oh brother! I'm so happy to get my family back. But i love you as a man also. I want you to fuck me now. Come here and take your little sister's virginity." She said. I placed my cock on her pussy lips and insert it fully in her cunt in one shot.

"Oh God... It's paining very badly.. You are going to kill me brother." She screamed in pain. I started kissing her passionatly. Now she was feeling comfertable and start moving her hips. I started fucking her again.

"Oh no! Don't stop. Oh fuck! Please don't stop. I've waited too long for this. Shove that big prick all the way in my cunt!!!!" She moaned in pleasure.

I leaned forward and shoved more of my cock into her cunt. She was so wet. After a full minute of slowly pushing I was buried all the way in her pussy. "Oh yes! Take it you brotherfucking whore. Take my full cock in your tight cunt." I screamed.

"Oh fuck brother! I've never been so full in my life. Fuck me brother! Fuck your little sistter, oh baby! Suck on my tits. Come on brother pound your sister's pussy. Fuck my horny pussy. I want to cum on that magnificent cock of yours!!!" She moaned in pleasure.

I started picking up speed. I started pounding her pussy with long deep strokes. "Yes baby! That's it. Fuck me! Fuck me! You are gonna make me cum!! Oh fuck brother I'm cumming!!! Ahhhh... Oh fuck!!" She screamed. I kept fucking her until I could not hold up myself any longer. I collapsed on top of her.

"Well brother, it was best part of my life." She said after several minutes. "No sister. It's the start of good part of our life. You and Riya are my life. I'm going to keep you both all for myself. Do you have any problem in sharing me with our little sister?" I asked.

"No brother. I'll be very happy to get love of you both. I love you brother." She said. "I love you too baby sister." I replied.


Neha was very happy whole day. When Riya returned home in the late evening, Neha hugged her tightly and start all over face. Riya was shocked to see her behaviour, "What's the matter Di(elder sister)? You are so happy." Riya asked. Neha told story of her adoption to Riya. They hugged each other and started crying.

"I have to make a confession. Today me and our brother make love. I hope you will forgive me." Neha said. Riya stated crying. "Why are you crying baby sister? What's the problem?" I asked entering in their bedroom. "You both do not love me brother. You only make love with Neha di. I also wanted to make love with you. And you never told me that Neha di is our sister." She said.

"I'm sorry baby. So my little sister wants to make love with me." I asked. "Yes brother, I want to make love with you both. Please make love with me." She said in childish voice. "Ok darling. But now I want you two to give me a hug." I said. They hugged me. I gave them soft kisses. "Lets have dinner. Then we'll start fun." I said.

After dinner, They both followed me in my bedroom. We undressed each other. Me and Neha start playing with Riya. Neha was sucking her left boob and I was sucking her right boob. Riya was moaning in pleasure, "Oh God!! It feels so good.. Keep sucking my boobs." After sometime, I moved to her pussy. It was so wet. I start sucking her pussy.

"Oh yes.. Lick my pussy.. Fuck me with your tongue brother. Your mouth feels so good on my boobs Neha di. Aahhhh.." Riya moaned. I inserted one finger in her tight ass and then two. "Oh God!! I'm going to cum brother.. Keep sucking me.. I'm cumming bbrother.. Aggghh.." She screamed.

"I have a idea sisters. Neha give me my first pussy. What if I take your ass. You'll be first to give me anal pleasure." I said. "Do whatever you want brother, but fuck me now." Riya said. She was in doggy position. Neha placed my hard on cock on Riya's asshole. I inserted some part of my cock in her ass. She was in pain. I pull it out and give a hard shot. Now I was fully inside her ass.

"oh God!! It's paining. You are killing me brother. Aahhh.." She screamed. Neha start kissing her pressing her boobs. After sometime she was normal and start moving. "Oooooooh, my God! That feels good. Oh! oh God, yes! Fuck that feels good! Oh fuck, brother! Fuck me, yes, yes, yes! Oooooh, yes, fuck me!" Riya moaned.

Neha start licking her cunt. Riya was in heaven. "Oh God, keep fucking my ass brother.. It feels so good. Oh yes, yes. Lick my pussy sister. I'm cumming on your tongue sister." She moaned. "I'm cumming! Oh fuck, yes honey! Fuck me, I'm cumming! Yes, yes, yes, I'm cumming."

Now I removed my cock from her ass and inserted in her virgin pussy. She was having orgasm, so she does not feel much pain. "Oh sister, you are so tight." i moaned. "i'm about ready, baby sister. I'm going to cum soon."

"Cum inside me brother. Make your little sister pregnant. Shoot your load in my womb." Riya said. "Oh God! This is so fucking hot! You're about to cum right inside our baby sister's womb." Neha said.

That was it. I could not hold back anymore. I gritted my teeth and fixed my eyes on my point of aim as I hissed, "Oh, sssshit! I'm cumming." "Oh my God brother! I can feel it! I feel it going down inside me. Your cum is pouring down inside my womb. God! It's so warm. I'm cumming again.. Oooooh God! I'm cumming." Riya screamed. We climaxed togather.

After catching our breaths, we turn towards Neha. She was left alone in our love making. She was finger fucking herself. I started sucking her cunt while Riya take my cock in her mouth. I was getting hard once again. I inserted one finger in her asshole. After sometime I inserted two and then three fingers in her ass. Now i was ready to take her anal virginity.

Slowly I inserted my cock in her ass. Riya was sucking her boobs. I was fucking her ass hard. Neha was moaning in pleasure, "Oh brother, it feels so good. Fuck my ass. Fuck me hard. Oh God! Yes, yes, fuck me. I'm cumming brother. I'm cumming.."

"I want you to fuck my cunt brother. Please brother, fuck my little pussy." Neha said. So I inserted my cock in her pussy. I slowly started fucking her pussy. I was fucking he very hard. i was going to explode in her pussy. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum in your pussy." I said. "Yes Brother! cum in my pussy. Fill me with your seed. Oh God!! i'm cumming too.. Cum with me brother.. aagggghhh." Neha screamed. We both have our orgasm togather. After marathon sex session, we three slept in my bedroom.

After sometime, Neha and Riya missed their periods. They both were pregnant. So we moved in another place. We got married in a temple. Neha gave birth to a baby girl and Riya gave birth to a baby boy.

Written by: rudra143

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