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My Family Ch. 02

by rudra143©

One night I was sleeping with my wife Usha after lovemaking. She was in my arms. "I want to talk with you something about mommy and aunt." Usha said. "Any problem darling?" I asked. Usha told me her encounter with our mothers.

"They also have some sexual needs. You have to fulfill them." Usha said. "what i can do for them?" I asked. After few minutes of silence, Usha replied, "You have a big cock. I think you can satisfy three of us."

"But they are my mother and mother in law. How can I fuck them?" I asked. "So what? You can fuck your cousin sister and marry her. Now you have problems in fucking your mom." Usha said. "ok. I don't have any problem. But what about them?" I asked. "Leave it on me." She said.

Usha explained her plan to me. Next day I went office and came back home after one hour. No one was there. I went in my mom's room. I was shocked to saw the scene there. Usha was sucking mom's cunt and mommy was moaning in pleasure. "Ooooooooh God. It feels so great. Keep sucking my cunt. Aaahhhhh."

I got exited and removed all my clothes. My cock was rock hard. Usha signaled me to come in the room. Mom's eyes were closed. She was in full control of lust. Usha removed her mouth and guided my cock in mom's cunt. I inserted my full cock in mom's lovehole in one shot. Mom screamed in pain and open her eyes. She was shocked to see me fucking her.

"What are you doing Rudra? You have no shame in fucking your own mommy you bastard. Leave me alone. Get out of here." Mom shouted.

"If he can fuck her cousin and impregnates her then what's the problem if he is fucking his own mother. you need a cock mother in law. Your pussy is flowing juices on your son's cock. Enjoy my hubby's cock aunty." Usha says.

"Oh mom.... You are so beautiful. I can't control myself." I said and start fucking her.

"Ohhh God! I'm going to cum." She she moaned loudly. "Fuck me son... Fuck me hard. Oh yeah."

I could feel my balls slapping against her ass. Usha was sucking mom's boobs. "Oh... God... Son.. Please don't stop.. Please cum inside me.." She begged me. I rammed the full length of my cock deep into mom's cunt. "I'm cummming again son. Please fuck me. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh." She moaned.

I let my cock explode inside her and felt my cum spurt into her. Mom came at that moment, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Jesus son! That was fantastic." She cried excitedly. I just smiled and pulled her up so I could kiss her. "Mom I love you."

"I love you baby." She said softly "And I love you too darling." She kissed my wife Usha. We all hugged each other.

"What about your mother in law son?" Mom asked me. "Now it's her turn to get fucked by me mom." I said. My cock was hard again and it was Usha's turn. We make love once again.

In the night Usha says, "Your mom is down. now it's my mom's turn." "No problem baby. We'll take care of them." We slept in each other's arms.


Next day Usha went to her doctor for check up. Aunt was out somewhere. Mom and me started our love making. "Ooooooooh God. It feels so great. Oh... God... son.. Please don't stop.. Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Mom said in pleasure.

"Ohhh God! I'm going to cum. I'm cumming mommy..." I screamed. "I'm also cumming son... Fuck me son... Fuck me hard. Oh yeah. Son.. Please don't stop.. Please cum inside me.." Mom begged me as we both our orgasm togather. I shoot my load inside her.

We got shocked when we saw my mother in law standing at door. "You have no shame Rekha! You are fucking your own son. And you Rudra! You are not satisfied with my daughter. Why are you cheating her." She shouted.

"Calm down aunty. It was Usha's plan to fuck my mother. She planned to fuck you too." I said. "What? Usha planned that you fuck us." She asked.

"Yes mommy. You also have some needs. As man of the house its Rudra's duty to take care of your all needs." Usha says. She was returned from hospital.

"Now come here." I said. She came silently in the room. Usha started to undress her. After undressing her Usha and mom started to suck her boobs while I was sucking her cunt. Aunty (my mother in law) started moaning in pleasure. "Oh God..... It feels so good. Suck my cunt Rudra. Fuck me with your mouth. Aaaaahhhhh.... Suck my boobs you whores..." She moaned.

"Mommy suck my cock and make it hard again. I want to fuck your sister and my mother in law." I said. Mom left aunt's boobs and starte sucking my cock. I was hard again and ready to fuck my aunt.

I inserted my full cock in one stroke in aunt's cunt. "Aaaaaahhhhh.. Slowly Rudra.. It's paining." Aunt screamed in pain. "You are so hot aunt I can't control myself." I said.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Forgive me God... I'm fucking my sister's son.. I'm fucking my own son in law... Fuck me hard Rudra." She said in pleasure. Mom and Usha were sucking each other's cunts.

"Suck my cunt Usha. Your mouth feels so good on my cunt. Suck my cunt from which your husband came many years ago." Mom says.

"See mother in law, I'm fucking my husband's mom with my mouth while my husband is fucking my mom with his rock hard cock. Oooh God.... Your mouth feels so good on my cunt." Usha said in pleasure.

"Ohhh God! I'm going to cum." Aunt moaned loudly. "Fuck me son... Fuck me hard. oh yeah. Oh... God... Rudra.. Please don't stop.."

"I'm also going to cum.. You are so fucking tight aunt." I screamed. "Oh God.. Please cum inside me.. I'm cumming... Aaahhhhh." Aunt moaned. "Take it aunt. I'm filling your cunt with my seed. Aaaahhhh.. I'm cumming." I shouted. Mom and Usha also climaxed togather.

Sex was everywhere in the room. Everyone one was sitting naked in mom's bedroom after a great fucking session. After some relaxing sometime aunt says, "I want a secret to share with you both. You and Usha are half siblings."

"What?" Me and Usha shouted. "Yes son, your father was also Usha's father." Mom says. "You mean I married and impregnate my own sister." I asked.

"Yes son but it's our fault that we don't stop you from havinng sex. But now forget past and enjoy present. And another thing, you fucked us both, so call us by our name in private. Only call us mom and aunt when someone is around." Mom says.

"Ok aunt but I want to know how Rudra's father is my father also." Usha says. "I'll tell you full story but now take some rest. You are pregnant and you have to rest." Mom says.

Written by: rudra143

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