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Raising Tommy Ch. 08

by JBrowne69©

*Everyone in this story is 18 or older. This is the 8th chapter in this series and the continuation of "Raising Tommy"- so if you haven't yet read those, I highly encourage it.*

*Most of my stories include huge asses, huge tits, scat, farts, and incest; so if you're not into that stuff you probably won't like my stories- now if you're still reading this I want you all to know that this is my first pornographic story; therefore comments or feedback is welcome. If you want me to write about certain things in another story, or if you have recommendations on what I can add to the current story, leave it in the comments or message me.*

Chapter 8- Car Trip

"Mom- are you awake?" he said.

"Ugghhh... my head..." she moaned. Tommy handed her two pills. She said thank you and swallowed them.

"Tommy, I'm so sorry- the alcohol was a bad idea. I hope I didn't do anything stupid?" she asked holding her head.

"You don't remember?" Tommy asked.

"No, the last thing I remember is going to the movies..."

Tommy couldn't help but be relieved.

"No, you were fine. You just got a little loopy last night." he chuckled.

"Oh well I'm glad nothing bad happened. I hope I didn't totally ruin your birthday?"

"No, mom; not at all. It was actually the best birthday I've ever had." he chuckled.

"Oh, you're so sweet, baby. And you've made me breakfast in bed? You are the sweetest boy in the whole world!" she said and leaned over to give him a big kiss on the cheek.

"No problem, mom." Tommy said before leaving the room.

"Wow. What a fucking amazing few days this has been." he thought as he walked up the stairs to his room. "I cannot believe I've gotten away with all this and she is still clueless!" He began tidying up his room when he came across the pictures of his mother under his bed. He chuckled and fingered through the stack looking for his favorite butt pic. When he found it he admired how beautiful his mother was. She was bent over looking under her bed and her perfectly round butt stuck out revealing her tight, pink anus and her clean-shaven pussy. It was unreal how small her waist was compared to her ass. Tommy had jerked off to this one picture at least a thousand times and it never got old. And although he had already done so much with his mom, there was still so much he hadn't done; and he wanted more.

Ashley finished eating the breakfast Tommy prepared and walked to the bathroom to start the shower. As she undressed she thought about how lucky she was to have such a caring, sweet boy (so she thought). As she soaped up her curvy frame she thought more about the last few days. One thing she hadn't forgotten was the bathroom incident from days before. After she got out of the shower she went to her hamper and pulled out her orange-juice-stained robe. She sat on her bed staring at it and tried to remember every detail concerning that day.

"I need to investigate this further... I can't just keep letting it get pushed aside."

Tommy finished jerking off to his mother's picture and set it on his bed before making his way to the bathroom. He started up a shower and locked the room just as his mother walked up the stairs to his room.

"Tommy?" Ashley said as she pushed open his door. She noticed the shower was running and went to turn to walk out when something caught her eye. She walked up to Tommy's bed and couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"How... when..." she mumbled. Just then the phone rang. It took a couple rings before Ashley noticed because she was so concerned by how Tommy had a photo of her in the nude. She quickly gained her composure and put the photo back down before running downstairs to answer the phone.

Tommy finished his shower and got dressed. He noticed he forgot to put the picture under his bed and quickly did so. He combed his hair and walked downstairs to find his mother crying over the counter with the phone in her hand.

"Mom! What's wrong??" Tommy said as he rushed over to her.

"My... my... daddy... passed away..." she sobbed. Tommy teared up a little and hugged his mother.

Ashley cried for two days before finally coming out of her room. Tommy was watching TV in the living room and noticed his mother had walked in. She was holding a tissue and her makeup was smeared all down her cheeks.

"How are you doing mom?" Tommy asked.

"I'm okay for now." She said as she sat down next to him.

"We're going to have to drive up to North Dakota for the funeral. We will also be staying with my mom for a few weeks" she said quietly.

"When is this happening?" he asked.

"The funeral is on Sunday so we will have to drive up tomorrow." she said trying to hold back tears.

"Well are we going to take our car? Isn't the transmission still broken?" he asked.

"Tanya said she will drive us. She has known my dad since she was little so she is coming too." she explained. Ashley wiped her face with the tissue and got up to go to the kitchen.

"Looks like we need some groceries." Ashley said as she scanned the pantry.

"I could go get some today and pick up some stuff for the trip." Tommy suggested.

"How are you going to get there when the car's broke?"

"I can have Aaron drive me. I call him right now in fact." he said pulling out his phone.


Twenty minutes of silence passed before Tommy heard a honk outside. "That's Aaron." he said. Ashley finished writing some things down on her list before giving it to Tommy on his way out. "Be back in an hour or so." he shouted as he got in the passenger seat.

"Hey man thanks for the ride." Tommy said.

"Yeah no problem man; and sorry to hear about your grandpa, dude." After an hour of grocery shopping Tommy returned home to find his mother packing suitcases.

"I've got the stuff you needed it's on the kitchen counter, mom." he said.

"Thanks sweetie."

Tommy woke up the next day at around 8 o'clock. It was a long night hearing his mother cry as much as she did. Tommy could barely sleep because of her sobs and he was tired as hell. After he got ready he walked downstairs and saw Tanya standing in the kitchen. Even though he knew she was coming it caught him by surprise.

"Hey big boy." Tanya giggled.

"Uhhh.. Hi." he said. Tanya walked up to him and grabbed his cock through his pants.

"I'm going to have your big cock again" she whispered into his mouth. She grabbed both his hands and slapped them against her phat cheeks. Tommy squeezed her ass hard as she sucked his tongue hungrily. Tommy slid his hand into the top of her skirt and stuck a finger into her tight asshole as Tanya stroked his cock through his thin basketball shorts.

All of a sudden Ashley called out "Tanya could I get some help with this bag?" Tanya released Tommy's tongue from her lips and pulled his hand out of her pants.

"Soon." she said seductively before walking out the front door.

Tommy was frozen still as precum dripped down his leg and he fell backward onto the stairs. He sat there for a couple minutes just stunned senseless after the sexy grope session he just had. Ashley walked into the kitchen and noticed Tommy sprawled out on the stairs.

"Tommy, what are you doing? Are you okay?" she asked as she gathered more things to bring.

"Ya, ya I'm fine." he said as he stood up. "What do you need help with?"

"Oh, well you can grab those suitcases in the corner." she said before walking outside.

Tommy released his semi-erection he was tucking between his legs and grabbed the two heavy suitcases. When he walked outside he saw his mom bent over the trunk of the minivan wearing skin-tight khaki pants.

"Hey mom here's the bags." he said trying not to stare at her ass.

"Thanks sweetie I just need you to grab my pills off the counter and we're all set to go." Tommy returned with the pills to find his mom struggling to get the last two bags in the trunk of the minivan. "

Damn. These aren't going to fit back here." she said.

"I guess you'll have to put them in the backseat." Tanya said.

"I guess so." After everything was packed there was a bit of a problem.

"There's only one seat open now." Ashley said. The van was packed to the brim with only one seat open in the far back of the car.

"I guess you'll have to squeeze in or Ashley will have to sit on Tommy's lap." Tanya said. Tommy's head spun at the idea he began to get hard.

"Okay then. That's fine." Tommy said rushing to get in the car to hide his erection. Ashley didn't have a choice. She knew about the picture and now she had to sit on her own son's lap after what she saw in his room?

"Come on Ashley we don't have all day it's a long drive." Tanya explained. Ashley reluctantly stepped into the backseat and plopped her phat ass down on her horny son's lap.

"Alright then let's hit the road." Tanya said winking at Tommy. They started off down the road and the bumps were not helping Tommy keep a flaccid cock. Both Ashley and Tommy were totally secluded in their own back corner of the car; surrounded on all sides by suitcases and packages. He was very nervous about getting a hard-on and although he already got away with so much, now his mom was completely sober and he felt like she was on to him.

After about ten minutes of driving Ashley's thighs and ass very completely numb which surprisingly made the ride much more comfortable for her. She wanted to keep an eye on Tommy but she had no way of doing so.

"Man it's getting really hot back here Tanya could you turn on the air?" Ashley asked.

"I've been trying to but it doesn't seem to be working. And there aren't any rest stops for at least 4 hours; we have to be there by 7 after all." Tanya replied. After an hour things were getting pretty hot in the van.

"Man I'm getting really sweaty" Ashley thought as sweat began to drip down her thighs. It had been an hour and a half in 100 degree weather with no AC, and Ashley was becoming drenched. But Tommy had nothing to complain about. His mother's ass sweat was accumulating against his lap for a while and her pants began to creep up her crack, along with her son's raging cock. Another hour passed and Ashley was now soaking wet all over. Her pants were deep into her ass crack and her white shirt was completely see-through.

"Tanya how much further to the next stop?" Ashley asked.

"Another hour we'll be close to South Dakota." Tommy so badly wanted to just go to town humping the shit out of his mother but he couldn't risk something like that. His hard on had lasted at least an hour since a really bump spot in the road and the immense weight of his mother's ass grinding into him for the past hour kept it going strong. Another 10 minutes passed when suddenly Ashley felt a familiar feeling. Her stomach rumbled loudly and Tommy could feel the vibration.

"How much longer Tanya?" she asked impatiently.

"You just asked me that like five minutes ago. Another 20 minutes." she replied. Ashley stood up slightly and leaned as far forward as she could and whispered to Tanya.

"Please hurry this is an emergency if you know what I mean." Ashley's huge bubbly ass was just a foot away from Tommy's face. Her drenched pants outlined her massive cheeks perfectly and he wanted nothing more than to just bury his face deep into mother's crack that very instant... but he constrained himself. Ashley sat back down on her son's lap as slowly as she could; because she knew what was coming.

Her stomach continued to rumble and became more and more intense as time passed. After 5 minutes Ashley was really struggling. She sweat even more profusely than before and squirmed constantly trying to keep it all in.

Tommy was in heaven. His mother was squirming and practically bouncing on his raging erection at this point and he decided to try his luck. He carefully pulled down his shorts with each squirm of his mother until his cock head was freed from it's confines of material. It felt great but he wanted more. He hooked his thumbs around the belt loops of his mother's pants and slowly but surely slipped them down her numb cheeks. It took a few minutes before they were down past her naughty-box. Ashley continued to unknowingly squirm and hump on her son's cock; trying to keep her bowels from escaping. She had no idea her pants had come halfway off or that her son's bare cock was sliding through her ass cheeks.

"How much longer Tanya?" Ashley asked trying not to yell.

"The GPS says 6 minutes!" Tanya replied as she sped up.

Ashley continued squirming and clenching until finally she let out a huge "PPFFFFFFTTT!" right onto Tommy's cock. Tommy was in ecstasy but quickly pretended to be asleep to avoid getting caught.

"Shit!" Ashley thought as she slowly turned to face her son.

"Oh thank Jesus. He's asleep." That fart was able to get Ashley through another minute or so before her asshole let out another long, wet fart. Ashley looked back again to see Tommy "asleep" and felt relieved. Tommy continued the charade and couldn't believe it was working. "I am the luckiest mother fucker on the planet" he thought. Ashley was worried she was staining Tommy's shorts and felt awful about it so she began to stand up to see what she had done. As she looked back she was awestruck.

"Holy fuck! She couldn't explain what she saw.

"That is the biggest fucking cock I have ever seen!" She tried to put the pieces together as quickly as she could.

"And my pants are down!" she thought looking down.

"My squirming combined with all this sweat must have pushed our pants down!" the concluded. But she couldn't take her eyes off of her son's massive cock. All of a sudden she got an awful feeling in her bowels.

"Shit! What do I do?" she thought. Without thinking she grabbed Tommy's cock and shoved the head into her asshole like a cork.

"Holy fuck it's actually working!" So she stood there with her son's cock head in her ass acting as a cork for her explosive bowels. Tommy was surprised he hadn't fainted because of the immense pleasure.

"I see a gas station!" Tanya exclaimed. "How are you doing back there?" she said looking into Ashley's eyes in the rear-view mirror.

"I'm fine for now but I'll explain when we park." Tommy just couldn't hold it in any longer. His cock erupted into his mother's bowels and spurted load after load after load until he finally finished after about a minute of continuous cumming. Ashley felt her bowels becoming warmer but thought nothing of it.

Tanya spotted a porta-potty and pulled up to the back of the gas station so they were completely out of sight. She quickly got out of the car and opened up the back to find Ashley with her sleeping son's cock up her ass.


"Shhhh! Do not wake him up!" Ashley whispered. "It's a long story but this is the only choice I had! I'll explain later! Now, help me up and I know it's gross but I need you know... plug me up when I get out." she said quietly.

"Okay, Ashley. Just get up on three. One. Two. Three!" In one quick movement Tommy's rock-hard cock head popped out of his mother's ass only to be replaced by Tanya's palm. They both waddled to the porta-potty and Ashley quickly sat down and unloaded into the toilet just as Tanya pulled her hand away. Tanya closed the door behind her and looked down at her hand, which had a smudge of warm, gooey shit on it. She hungrily licked it clean and remembered back to when she was a teenager(when she first became obsessed with Ashley's shit). There was just something about Ashley's shit that wasn't gross to her. It smelled different, and tasted different. It tasted sweet, it always had. Just something about her body that made it so appetizing. Tanya finished licking her palm clean as she walked up to Tommy. His cock was still rock-hard and the head was covered in a thick, creamy goo. She bent over and sucked the shit right off his head. "Do I taste cum in this?" she thought.

Back in the bathroom Ashley farted and dropped out one hot steamy turd after another. She couldn't believe how long it lasted. It had been at least 5 minutes before she squeezed out her last few farts and stood up to survey her work. Her legs must have been more numb than she had thought. The back wall was plastered with shit and the bowl had more than overflowed. It dripped down the sides of the walls and the floor was becoming flooded with thick, creamy shit.

"Wow it's really white again just like back at the movies...What could be causing that?" she thought. She wiped for a good ten minutes before finally walking back towards the car. Tanya was already in the driver's seat and had bought some drinks for everyone.

Tommy slyly said "What'd I miss?" as if he had just woken up.

"Oh nothing just wanted to stop for some drinks."

Written by: JBrowne69

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