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Indian Maid Spanks Me Ch. 03

by spankedboy©

"Yes, bua. I understand."

"Good. Now, baba, how often do you play with yourself?"

" I... um... bua... I don't really ... after you spanked me then I don't ..."

"Baba! Answer the question, honestly, or I will call every maid on this street and spank your bare bottom in front of them! Answer the question!"

The question was sharp, and her tone left me no doubt she wanted an answer

"I play with myself about once or twice everyday, bua!"

"You should be ashamed of yourself, baba. There's two full grown female maid servants in the house, baba, and a boy your age, playing with himself in full view! We have to do something about that, baba."

My face turned a bright shade of red. I felt so humiliated to be in her room, being scolded for masturbating, and having a hardon while that scolding was taking place! And Rashida could clearly feel my penis throbbing in her hand with everything that she was saying to me.

"Stand up!" Rashida ordered sharply.

I stood up.


I got one more across the face.

"One! Thank you, bua, I .."


Rashida slapped me thrice, giving me no time to even do the mandatory count. My cheeks were now bright crimson, partly due to her slaps, and partly due to my shame and humiliation.

"You did not count the slaps, baba." Rashida smirked at me. She hadn't given me the time!



"Did I ask you to say something, baba? Did I say you could speak while being punished, baba?"

I looked up at her. "I was doing the count ..."


I got one more across my face. I thought it was because I did not say "bua" so I tried again.

"No, bua, but I wanted to count ..."


Once more she thrashed me across my cheeks. Rashida had a smile on her face.

"I am very angry at you baba. It is clear that despite our previous punishment sessions, your mind is obsessed with sex and masturbation. You have made me very angry, baba. No matter what you do now, I'm going to slap you. Do you understand baba?"

I was completely at her mercy. Rashida had never slapped me like that before. Whenever Rashida punished me with slaps, she would always slap me first, wait for me to count and thank her for the slap, and then slap me again. Now, whatever I did, I was going to get slapped. So I just looked at her.


"I asked you a question, baba, did I not?"

"Yes, bua, you did".


"Sorry, bua, I ... "


Rashida finally relented. I had tears running down my cheeks as the sharp pain of her slaps pinched at me.

"Please don't slap me anymore, bua, please don't," I begged. The ferociousness with which I had been slapped had scared me. "Please bua, I'll be a good little boy from now on."

"It's too late for that, baba!" Rashida responded, "You deserve a good sound thrashing ON A REGULAR BASIS and that is exactly what you are going to get!"

"Yes, bua."

Rashida waited until I stopped sobbing and had composed myself. Then she gently cupped my chin with a hand and nudged my head so I was looking into her eyes. She had a gentle smile on her lips.

"Does my punishments hurt you baba?"

"Yes, bua."

"Do they cause you pain, physical pain, baba?"

"Yes, bua."

"Then why do you submit to them, baba? Why do you allow me to punish you, baba? After all, I am but your maid servant."

"I ... I ... I deserve it, bua." I responded. "I deserve your punishments. You are not just my maid. I love you, and someone I love has the complete right to punish me when I deserve it."

I love her?! I don't know why I said that. What I knew was that I loved being punished by her.

"Good! That is the answer I wanted to hear. Baba, do you know why I punish you so much? Why I have made you my bitch?"

I looked at her. Rashida had a kindly smile on her face.

"Because, baba, I too, love you." Rashida leaned forward and gently kissed my right cheek. "And when I see someone I love doing a bad thing, I want to fix it. I want to correct you. I want to see you always on the right track."

Rashida then kissed my left cheek.

"So, baba, I will continue to punish you. You will be my bitch for a very, long time."

"Yes, bua. Please keep me as your bitch."

Surprisingly, Rashida then gave me a hug. My face was crushed against her boobs as she held my head in her hands and kissed my cheeks and lips.

Smooch! Smooch!

She covered my face with wet kisses and pressed my lips to her chest. I drunk in her smell and sweat in ecstasy as I too hugged her back, wrapping my hands around her waist. Mmm! Her boobs smelled lovely. I drew my head back, giving her a big smile, and then kissed her a big sloppy kiss on each of her cheeks.

The same cheeks of mine that minutes ago bore the marks of her fingers now oozed with her saliva as she gave me her wet, sloppy kisses. My penis was completely erect as Rashida stood back after giving me a final kiss.

"Do you know what those kisses were for, baba?" She asked, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

"I ... bua ... I don't ...." I was tongue tied.

"They were for showing you that despite punishing you, I still like you, and despite you being my bitch, I still care about you, and it's a reward for taking your punishment so obediently."

"Thank you, bua."

"Good, now back to business!"

Rashida snapped her fingers and I once again stood straight, attentive.

"I am going to give you a spanking, once with my hairbrush, and then with my cane, and then you are free to go for the night, until next Monday."

"Yes, bua."

Rashida turned to her bed and stacked the pillows on the middle. As she was bent over doing it, I could not help but glance at her butts, and could see the outline of the crack of her ass as the sari rode deep into the cleft, and her butts jiggled as she moved around. Rashida placed a towel on top of the pillows.

"Lie down on the pillows with your arms and legs spread wide," Rashida instructed me. I did so, and I feel very vulnerable in this position, because I was totally exposed. To further embarrass me, Rashida adjusted the pillows so that my penis and balls hung down between my legs. Rashida then showed me the hair brush she was going to use on my ass.

"Stay still." She ordered me.


"One, thank you, bua." I said.

This continued for about thirty swats from her hairbrush, and just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, Rashida told me,"Stand up again, my bitch, hands at your sides. You will now get a caning, bent over that chair. Twenty strokes should be enough."

"Yes, bua."

Rashida took the chair that was in front of the dresser and put it in the middle of her room, and asked me to "assume the position" -- i.e. bend over it.

"Grip the seat of the chair with your hands", she said, "If you move, the stroke will be repeated."

My bum was already sore, and when the first stroke fell, it was as if a sudden force had gripped me and left me in shock. I could hardly hold my position, let alone count!

"I didn't hear you count, baba." Rashida complained. "Count, and be sure to say thank you! Do I have to teach you all those things again?"


It hurt like crazy, but I still counted, thanked her.


Now my whole bottom felt like it was on fire, but I managed to remain in position and thanked Rashida. With each stroke, she would taunt me.

"I should get Rubina to help me spank you, baba. She would love to thrash an ass like yours."

"Two, thank you bua. I would love to have my ass thrashed by Rubina bua as well, bua."


"How does it feel to be caned by your maid? Baba, do you like it?"

"Three! Thank you, bua, for your punishment. Please cane me again."


"I should get my younger sister to spank you, baba. How would it feel to have a younger girl spank your bare naked bum?"


"Maybe all the maids of this mohalla (area) would love to spank you, baba. We should have a spanking party with you as the centre of attention -- our own boy toy."


Soon, I had only one stroke left.

"This is going to be number twenty, the hardest", Rashida informed me. "And after you receive it and thank me for it, I want you to stay in position"


"Twenty! Thank you, bua." I said.

I felt Rashida's hands on my naked buttocks. She was running her fingers on the marks left from the caning, and admiring her work. Then she leaned in and pressed against me, and enveloped my manhood with her hand.

"We have to do something about this, baba." Rashida started to stroke my erect penis and balls. She also would grab my nipples now and then, and give them a twist. It didn't take much time, and soon I was squirting my cum into her hands and on the floor. When I was done, I felt totally drained but also happy.

Rashida put the cum drench fingers into her mouth and slowly licked them one by one. Then she asked me to leave the room while she cleaned up.

"I will see you Monday." She told me, as I left, hoping no one would once again see me or my warm, red, well spanked ass as I ran naked back to my room.

This continued for the next three months. Every Monday and Thursday, like a dutiful and obedient slave, I would walk to Rashida's room, long after everyone had turned in for the night, and knock. She would then permit me to come in. I would then enter, shut the door, go to a corner and undress completely. Rashida would allow me to stand in the corner for some time, taking in my nudity, just to deepen my embarrassment. Then, depending on my actions that had angered her, I would be punished.

There were always slaps. Sometimes Rashida would taunt me by saying my cheeks weren't red yet, and I had to ask her to slap me once more after each slap so that she left marks on my cheek.

Rashida loved to smack my buttocks and my punishments always involved an over the knee spanking on my naked bum with her bare hand. Sometimes it involved the cane or the hair brush. Other times, if my parents were away and Rubina was also visiting some relatives, and we had the whole house to ourselves, Rashida would take me on a leash, on all fours, to my parents' washroom. This is where I would be a proper slave to her (a "bitch" she would call me then, instead of the affectionate 'baba') and I would have to service her every way.

She would force me to lie on the bathroom floor and lick her feet. She would often pee on me. I had to clean her up after she peed. I also became an expert in bringing her to orgasm by licking her cunt with my tongue, and often at the end of those punishment sessions Rashida would reward me with a blow job. I also started to last longer when she would stroke me, which pleased her. This had been going on for three months.

Of course my punishments weren't limited to just Mondays and Thursdays. Occasionally, if the need and opportunity arose, Rashida would not hesitate to use me for her pleasure on other days. Sometimes, she would call me to the kitchen, where I would be asked to raise her sari and petticoat, pull down her panties and kiss her bare bum. Whenever I kissed her ass and licked her asshole, it gave her a special thrill. I was literally a kiss ass and suck up for her. Every time I would kiss her buttocks, she would finger herself to an orgasm, and then ask me to lick her wet fingers clean.

Other times when we would pass each other in the hall, she would sometimes stop me and give me a couple of quick slaps, before letting me go. This was her way of putting me in my proper place, continuing her domination of me, and enforcing her superiority over me. She was my mistress and I was her slave, and she could slap me any time she wanted and I had to take it. I was of course, happy to continue in this relationship, treating her as my queen, not my maid.

So for three months, I had no need to masturbate -- Rashida's weekly sessions with me took care of that. My marks at school started to improve as I had more time to devote to my studies, my health improved as Rashida kept me on a strict diet and fitness regime, and overall, everyone remarked that how I was suddenly a more polite , more handsome and a more charming young man.

During this time, I saw more of Rubina as well. Prior to becoming Rashida's slave, I didn't pay much attention to the maids; now I used to hang around the kitchen or try to take a peep whenever they were working, and inadvertently I would be spending more time with them. Besides, as the school year continued on, my parents were often away on business trips, and it would be me alone in the house with two maids, both of whom had large asses. I was fascinated with buttocks, so I would try and catch a glimpse of their behinds whenever I could. I would also try and flirt with Rubina more and more.

Once I walked into the kitchen, and Rubina was making a cake. She asked me to pass the sugar, and I replied, "Why do you need sugar, you are so sweet!" She laughed.

Another time she wanted to mop my room and I was working out, topless. I told her to check out my muscles. She nervously laughed and said she really had to clean the room. When we would pass each other in the narrow halls, often I would try and press myself against her for a mere second before she would scoot away. I never knew for a fact if she knew I was being spanked by Rashida, so I felt free to hit on her. I realized that if Rubina truly knew how Rashida manhandled and abused me, I would fall in her esteem as a man.

Three months on, one week I realized I hadn't been punished for a couple of weeks. Both weeks on each night I had asked permission to enter Rashida's room, she told me she wasn't going to punish me that night and asked me to leave. I also realized she seemed a bit distracted, as if something was bugging her.

However, suddenly, on one Monday afternoon, as I was eating lunch, Rashida quietly stood behind me and touched my shoulder. I froze -- Rubina was nearby. My parents were however away for a couple of days for a business conference. What did Rashida have in mind?

"Tonight, baba, when you come to my room," She whispered, "I want your bladder full."

"Oh, bua, I ..."

"Shh! Don't interrupt me!"

"I am sorry, bua."

"Baba, you will go to the washroom at 6.30 pm and pee, and then you will not go again. And you will make sure you will drink lots of water after that, so that when you come to my room at 10.30 pm, you will have a full bladder. Do you understand?"

"Yes, bua."

So my two week break from Rashida's chastisements was about to end, and if I knew her, she had something big planned than a simple spanking.

Later in the evening, at 6.30 pm sharp I went to the washroom and peed. After that, I gathered three water bottles and a Gatorade and went back to my room. I tried to study but my mind kept going back to Rashida. I finished all the water bottles and the Gatorade. By 10 pm, I felt the urge to pee, but Rashida's stern admonition held me back. I got a phone call from a friend, and when I finished, I saw it was already 10.35 pm. I was late! In panic, with my bladder very much full, I rushed out of my room, walked along the hallway to the servants' quarters, walked over to Rashida's room and stood outside her door.

Rashida as usual had her lights on, and I could see it through the space underneath her door. Rubina's door was shut and there was no light -- she was probably fast asleep. Taking a deep breath, I knocked softly on Rashida's door.

"Come in!"

I walked in and locked the door. Rashida was lying on her bed, reading a novel.

"You are late by six minutes, baba."

"Yes, bua. I am extremely sorry about that bua. It won't happen again. Please forgive me."

"Did you go to the washroom at 6.30 pm, baba?" Rashida asked me, still lying down.

"Yes, bua."

"And did you pee again after that, baba?"

"No, bua, as you had forbidden me too."

I was discussing my bathroom activities with my maid! I felt like a dog whose mistress trains the animal to relieve himself only at her indiscretion, and I knew that was pretty much how Rashida saw it too.

"Good! So, do you have the urge to pee now, my little bitch?"

"Yes, bua. May I go to the washroom, bua?"

"You certainly will not! I will punish you, and I will decide WHEN you will pee. Is that clear?"

"Yes, bua."

"Good! I intend to take you to the washroom to pee later, baba, and I want to see a good long stream of urine when you do."

"Yes, bua. It will be as you wish, bua. You are my mistress; you are my queen, bua."

"Good! Now, baba, you know what to do."

I walked to the corner of her room, and started to undress. My shirt came, off, followed by my pants and watch. I neatly folded them and kept them on the dresser table, and then walked back and stood in the corner, facing the wall, my behind to Rashida. This was my "time out". I remained standing for ten minutes.

"Baba, come here." Rashida was standing in the centre of the room, so I walked and stood facing her, eyes cast down.

"You were late by six minutes. Two slaps per minute, twelve over all." Rashida announced her verdict. "As usual, you will count and thank me each time."

"Yes, bua. I am so sorry for my lateness and humbly beg your forgiveness. Please punish me."


"Two! Thank you, bua. I am sorry I was late. Please slap me again."


"Four! Thank you, bua, for slapping me. I will never be late again. Please slap me again."


"Six! Thank you, bua. It is my honour that I have someone like you to correct my mistakes. Please slap me again."


"Eight! Thank you, bua. I am your humble slave whose only aim is to please his mistress. Please slap me again."


"Ten! Thank you, bua. Please forgive my mistakes. Please slap me again."


"Twelve! Thank you, bua for the slaps."

Rashida then turned around and walked to the bed. I followed the jiggle of her buttocks as she moved across the room. She sat down on the bed, put the novel she was reading on her pillow, and picked up a hairbrush.

"I bought this new wooden hairbrush," She grinned, "especially for you, baba, and for your nice and soft ass." I could only blush and groan as I saw the new hairbrush was thicker with a bigger base.

"Position yourself across my lap." I did as she asked, my penis burying into the folds of her sari between her thighs, my butt protruding up in the air, ready for Rashida's sentencing.

"Baba, for two weeks I have not punished you. So I will start with twenty five strokes of the brush. You will count and thank me for each one, as usual."

"Yes, bua. I am yours to be punished."


"One! Thank you, bua. Please beat me again."

"With pleasure, baba."


"Two! Thank you, bua. Please beat me again."

"Look at you, baba, asking for a spanking on your bare bum from your maid!"

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