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by sxy_kitten©

FIRST OFF: If you do not like the subject matter (it is a sister/sister audio story) DO NOT OPEN IT and then moan about it!) It is what it is!

SECOND - If you want to post a comment, please feel free, but be respectful. This sniping at me is getting old fast, get over yourself. If you wish to send feedback, it is very much appreciated, but please again be respectful if you didn't like it... and thank you to all of you who have sent both good and constructive criticism, it is much appreciated.

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Excuse me, where do you think you're going in my new Levi's?? Get back here... just because you're my sister doesn't give you the right to help yourself to my stuff... give them back.

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Written by: sxy_kitten

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Category: Text With Audio Stories