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Slut Mother In-Training

by HeyAll©

"But...shouldn't you be shocked? Aren't you upset?"

"You know, you've been a good son to me for all these years. Since it became just you and me living alone together, it's been a real joy watching you grow up and become a young man. And you've treated me so well. So if you want or need help taking care of that, I wouldn't mind giving you a hand."

He paused for a moment, unsure what exactly to make of his mother's candid words.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" he asked in disbelief.

She nodded. "I would gladly take care of that erection if you're interested. I don't think I can get any clearer than that."

"I...I'd actually like that mom. I've thought about this happening a lot. It's kind of embarrassing to admit this, but you're the first woman that I had ever thought about when I started masturbating. And sometimes, I still think about you in that way. So it would be really nice if you were to do something like that for me."

"I've always suspected that. But I'm glad that I know for sure."

Sara took a few steps forwards and looked her son straight in the eyes as he sat on the bed.

"Reach behind me and take off my top," she said in a low and commanding voice.

His hands were unsteady as he nervously reached behind her to unclasp his mother's bra. Once freed, she moved her arms in the appropriate manner and let her bra fall to the floor. Tom's eyes roamed his mother's chest, around her slightly sagging breasts, as her large pink nipples became stiff with arousal.

"They're beautiful mom. You're absolutely gorgeous."

"Thank you," she proudly replied. "You can play with them if you want. I don't mind."

Tom hesitantly paused for a moment, before lifting his hands to squeeze his mother's breasts and play with her large nipples with his fingers. He squeezed and caressed them, and when he was done with that, he leaned forward and sucked each nipple in his mouth. He kept going until he felt his mother's hand on his head, stopping him.

"Wait," she said. "There's something I need to tell you: There is no date. I'm not dressing up for another man. This was all set up for you. So if you're interested in going even further with me, I'd love to be your submissive little slut mother."

"What do you mean?" he asked innocently.

"It means that as your mother, I would do whatever you want and I would take care of all of your needs. Also, as your mother, I would make sure that you enjoy yourself fully, and that you can experience all of the pleasures that a man can receive from a woman."

He gave his mother a deviant look. "If I say yes, does that really mean you'll do whatever sexual thing I want you to do?"

"Anything within reason of course," she smiled. "I'm not going to give you all of my money or be your slave. But if you want me to dress up in slutty outfits around the house, I will. If I'm doing the dishes and you want to have sex, all you have to do is lift up my dress and you can have me. If I'm relaxing around the house and you decide you want a blowjob, all you would have to do is pull your pants down and I'll handle the rest. Sound good?"

He smiled back at her, "If you really mean it, then yes, I'm interested. And I want you on your knees to start things off."

"Right now?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes, right now."

She got down on her knees, in between his legs, and began undoing the top of her son's shorts. It didn't take long for her to free his youthful erection and hold it in her hand.

"Oh my," she gasped. "You've become quite the young man."

Her hand gripped his manhood tightly and stroked him up and down. She marveled at the sight of her son's large sex organ.

"Your hands feel so good there mom. It's been a while since I've been pleasured like this," he groaned.

"That's a real shame. You deserve having your needs taken care as often as possible. you want me to keep stroking you like this until you finish? Or do you have anything else in mind for your mother to do?"

"Can you....I don't know how to say this mom..."

"It's okay Tom. I don't want you to be nervous about any of this. My body is yours now remember?" she replied with sincerity.

He took a deep breath. "Can you suck my cock? It's been a long time since I've felt that. And I've always wondered how that would feel from an experienced older woman."

"Well wonder no more," she smiled.

Sara pointed the cock in her hand straight up, and then she bent down to put it in her mouth. She sucked and slurped. She bobbed her head up and down, side to side. And she proudly used all of the oral sex experience she had accumulated over her lifetime to ensure that her son could get the best blowjob he could possibly experience.

"Oh my god..." he moaned, looking down at his mother in action. "Oh fuck...this feels unbelievable..."

Her mouth made a 'plop' sound as she took him out of her mouth to look his straight in the eyes. "Thanks. I'm doing my best for you."

With that said, she returned her mouth back to his throbbing and saliva covered cock, and she continued to suck with all of her might. Her head continued bobbing, but her eyes were stilled locked onto her son's.

"Wait...wait...wait..." he panted.

She spit his cock out of her mouth for the second time. "What is it? Is everything okay?"

"Everything is better than okay. But I don't want to finish just yet. There's something else I want..."

"Name it," she smiled with her son's wet cock still in her hand. "I feel so excited doing this for you."

"Well, I've always had an exhibitionist fantasy with you. I sometimes masturbating while I watch you tan in the backyard wearing those skimpy bathing suits. And I had always wished that I could just go out there and fuck you on that beach towel you laid on. So while you're in the mood to do this kind of stuff with me and be my 'slut mother', I'd love to take you out there and fulfill that fantasy."

She paused for a moment and thought to herself. The risks of that type of exhibitionism was perfectly clear. But what was equally clear was that the hard-on in her hands wasn't letting up; he wanted this, and he wanted it badly. It was her first real test as a slut mother and she certainly wasn't going to let herself down, and more importantly, let her son down.

"That does sound risky. And it does sound dangerous. But it also sounds kind of fun, and I can tell how much you want this. Come on, let's go outside and you can finally have me the way that you want me."

Tom's heart was pounding uncontrollably as his mother stripped off her skirt, grabbed on to his erection, and led him out of his room, down the stairs, and towards their backyard as if his cock was a leash. He also took that opportunity to pull of his t-shirt and shorts, leaving them both completely naked.

Before heading outside, Sara picked up her beach blanket by the patio door and took a deep breath. She realized that her life could potentially be ruined if anyone caught her fucking her own son- but that was part of the thrill.

"Come on," she said, holding her son's hand. "It's now or never, and I don't want that erection of yours to get soft on me."

She opened the sliding glass door and took the first step outside and felt the sun shine on her body. It was the same familiar feeling of warmth against her skin, but this time, she felt the sun on her breasts and on her crotch- a feeling which sent a shiver down her spin. The fact that her son was naked with her and that they were about to have sex out in the open made her even more wet between her legs.

Sara then walked towards the center of the yard where she would normally tan and laid out of her beach blanket.

"So how do you want me? On all fours? Or you on top?" she asked.

"I want to be on top," he replied with authority over his mother's body.

"I like the sound of that."

Without missing a beat, Sara laid on the blanket as she normally did. She felt a rush which she had never felt before. She almost wanted to laugh thinking how she was ass naked with her son about to fuck her. It was a fantasy come true for both of them.

Tom got down on his knees and positioned himself over his mother's naked form. He didn't need to do much work as his mother used her hands to guide his cock inside of her welcoming entrance.

"Start slow," she said. "I want both of us to enjoy this moment."

His thrusts came slow as he was asked, and it was obvious to her that he was fairly inexperienced. Inch by inch, she was surprised by how deep he was going inside of her, and how thick he felt. It had been a while since she had experienced a big cock, and it was erotic to her knowing that the endowed male that she was currently fucking was her very own son.

"God you're tight," Tom gasped.

She moaned, "You should get used to saying that to women....uhhh....You're a big boy."

By the time Tom was all the way in, Sara could hardly move. The size of his manhood in her tiny little hole was overwhelming to her. But he didn't care, he loved it. His mother had just become his personal fuck toy and he wasn't going to let a second of it go to waste. Just as her vaginal opening began to adjust to his size, he started to thrust, slowly at first, picking up speed in the process.

Sara closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment she had longed fantasized about. The incestuous mother/son coupling she used to masturbate to on a normal basis had finally come true.

And when she opened her eyes, she got the absolute shock of her life; her next door neighbor, Mr. Jenkins, was standing behind his bedroom window, spying on her getting fucked by her son.

Sara's heart raced as the neighbor continued to watch, even knowing that he had been caught by her. Mr. Jenkins was a well respected member of the community, middle-aged, and married with three kids. He was also a professor at the college her son was attending. In fact, her son Tom was planning on taking his class in a future semester, as it was a required course.

Mr. Jenkins was clearly masturbating based on the motion of his arm. She wanted to scream. She felt humiliated beyond belief. She wanted to push her son off and stop this. But it was obvious to her, and to well respected neighbor that she was powerless. Sara couldn't risk her son finding out this his future professor had seen him screwing his own mother, and Mr. Jenkins knew it.

Mr. Jenkins even used to spy on her as she sun bathed, turning away quickly whenever she would look in his directing. But this time, he caught her when she was at her most vulnerable and she couldn't react.

"Mom....can I kiss you?" her son moaned while still thrusting

Her attention turned back to Tom, and instead of replying, she simply pulled his head down by his neck and kissed him on the mouth for their neighbor to see. They made out passionately with their wet tongue's wrestling around in each others mouth and their lips pressed tightly together. She looked through the corner of her eye to see Mr. Jenkins masturbating even more furious, and to her surprise, it began to make her even more aroused than she already was. She knew it was the final act of training that Meredith had mentioned to her. It was the point where she had to prove herself by doing something bad, and something absolutely slutty, and she started to love it.

"Fuck me Tom," she panted after breaking the kiss while looking directly at her neighbor. "Fuck me as hard as you can. Treat me like your dirty little slut."

Tom's eyes lit up and he fucked his mother with extra vigor. And after a few more minutes of them having rough sex, his bodily functions had finally reached their peak.

"Mom...I'm about to cum...I'm about to cum..."

She looked her son straight in the eyes and caressed his face with her hands. "It's okay...finish inside me...I want to feel it inside me...."

Sara watched her son's facial expressions attentively as his jaw dropped and his eyes widened. It was obvious to her that Tom was having the orgasm of his life, and she loved that she was the one who was able to give it to him. And after a few more thrusts and spurts of cum shooting out from his cock, Tom collapsed right on top of his mother.

"How did you like it?" she asked, with the weight of her son's body on top of her.

He caught his breath and replied, "That was fucking incredible mom. I could really get used to having my own slut mother to do this with everyday."

"I could get used to this as well. But in the mean time, you're crushing me."

"Oh sorry mom."

He lifted his body weight off of his petite mother and got back to his feet. Just when he thought this sexual encounter was over, he watched as his mom quickly got to her knees and took his cum soaked penis in her mouth and gave it a quick suck, swallowing both of their fluids in just a few gulps.

" taste good," she smiled after taking his cock out of her mouth. "I expect you to feed me this every night, but until then, we're both really sweaty and I'd love to shower with you. Come on, give your mother a hand up..."

"You got it..." he smiled back.

Tom helped her back to her feet and then she followed her son's lead back inside the house. And before she went in, she made sure to wink and blow a cum soaked kiss to her next door neighbor, who obviously had just finished an orgasm of his own from watching them. It was a wink which acknowledged that this was their private and personal secret, one that could ruin her if anyone else were to ever find out.

She had officially become a slut mother.


A few days had passed before Sara returned to the lingerie shop. She wasn't the same woman as before. No. She was more confident this time around, more sure of herself. And most of all, she was more in touch with her sexuality.

"Well hello Sara," the saleswoman said, greeting the returning client. "You certainly look refreshed and reinvigorated. Do anything interesting lately?"

"I think you know what the answer to that is," she blushed. "I did it. I finally did it. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that I would have sex with him. God, he's my own son. I gave birth to him 19 years ago, and now I'm sleeping with him!"

Meredith laughed, "Well then I've done my job! The first few weeks is always very exciting, but just wait until you both try and spice things up later. And judging by your new demeanor and attitude, I'd say you're doing a little more than just 'sleeping' with him."

"You would be right about that. We've done a lot of naughty things lately, things I thought I could never do. Speaking of which, I brought the gift you wanted."

A large grin appeared on the saleswoman's face. "Well don't keep me in suspense for too long. I've been waiting for this since the day I met you."

Sara lifted her business skirt and pulled down her panties. She then lifted the front part of her skirt to expose her bare crotch to the saleswoman. Fresh cum coated her labia, and it was still dripping down from inside of her body.

"There it is," Sara said as she offered herself. "We had sex this morning and he filled me up with his sperm, just like you requested."

Meredith got down on her knees. "Perfect. It's exactly what I need to satisfy my cravings."

The saleswoman leaned forward and ran her tongue across the exposed labia presented in front of her. Her tongue cleaned up all of the available cum on covering the vaginal opening. And once Sara's labia was cleaned, Meredith opened her mouth and pressed it against the vagina, and began to suck all of Tom's cum out of the recently fucked cunt.

"Oh my god...." Sara moaned. "This feels so good."

Meredith briefly lifted her lips and replied, "And it's about to feel even better. Now tell me what you and Tom have been doing lately while I finish eating."

As the saleswoman continued to perform oral sex, Sara leaned her arm on a nearby rack so that she wouldn't fall over, and then she proceeded to tell Meredith everything she had done with her son in the past few days. She told her about their long nights and afternoons having sex which ended with intense orgasms. She told her about doing every slutty little thing her son asked, which included not wearing a bra and panties to work, and then coming home to show him how aroused it made her. And most of all, she told Meredith about how she fucked her son in their backyard for their respectable neighbor, Mr. Jenkins, to watch.

A quiver suddenly ran down Sara's spin and it took every ounce of strength she had to keep from falling over. She was on the verge of an intense orgasm, and Meredith made sure to seize the moment and suck and slurp and twirl her tongue around the best she could.

"Oh my god...oh my god...don't stop," Sara hissed, as a steady stream of fluids rushed out of her vagina and towards Meredith's mouth.

When her orgasm subsided, all she could do was stand there in disbelief over what she just experienced, while the saleswoman stood up and they were face to face again.

"Your first lesbian experience I take it?" Meredith asked, licking her lips.

Sara regained her senses and replied, " is. And I really liked it."

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. But I have to ask, do you think performing oral sex on a woman is something you might like to try?"

"I'm not opposed to it. I've fantasized about it a few times when I was in college, but I've never had the opportunity."

Meredith smiled, "Then I suppose I have something else to teach you..."

The End

Written by: HeyAll

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