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Defiled Young Housewife

by thecryptkeeper©

"Please, Reggie, no."

"I can't help it, baby. My erections hurt in the morning and I need you to help me relieve this one. I promise I'll take it out before I cum."

Frequent intercourse with Reggie over the past weeks allowed him to snugly slide into her with little discomfort now, "Ooh, ooh, ah."

Christy wished Dave's condoms had fit Reggie. Still somewhat uneasy about their genitals having direct contact with each other, Christy began getting accustomed to the enhanced sensations of his uncovered penis inside her. She did not want it to feel so much better without condoms, but it did.

Reggie waited for Christy to become more aroused and then he put the rest of his penis in her.

"Oh, no, Reggie," Christy said. She pushed against his chest. She was cumming already. His big unsheathed cock felt so good inside her. It rubbed all the right areas in her so perfectly.

Christy's mouth hung agape and her fingers dug into Reggie's muscular chest as she slipped into euphoria.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh," she moaned each time his cock proceeded to completely fill her.

Reggie enjoyed the wonderful sensation of burying his cock all the way in her.

Christy lay beneath Reggie's large frame instinctively responding to the presence of his penis. Her pussy contracted rhythmically, as if trying to encourage every drop of semen from him. She became a little more complaisant and responsive for Reggie each time he fucked her until now she was practically his.

Dave allowed Reggie to move in with them and do this to her. Reggie promised to take his cock out of her pussy before he came, Christy rationalized to herself as her excitement built. She began to orgasm again and Reggie stuck his tongue in her mouth. They were kissing while she was cumming for him.

After a moment of indulgence Christy turned her face away as if awakening from a trance and realizing what she was doing, "No, Regge."

Reggie grabbed her chin and forced his tongue back in her mouth.

She arched her back, then her arms softly embraced him, "Mm-mph, mmmm."

Christy had surrendered to the kiss and accepted the intimacy with him. She was in midst of orgasm and their genitals already shared fluids so what difference did a kiss make?

"I'm gonna cum. Do you want to swallow it, baby?"

It would be better to swallow his cum than have him cum in her pussy again and risk an unwanted pregnancy, "Okay, Reggie. Let me suck your cock."

Reggie extracted his long, wet cock from her.

Christy got on her knees and placed her lips around the head of his penis. It began squirting rich cream. She swallowed and it refilled her mouth several more times.

She ran her tongue up and down Reggie's shaft the way he taught her during the many instances when he made her give him oral sex. With one hand holding his rod, her other reached down and gently fondled his big, heavy testicles. Her tongue returned to the head of his cock and licked up the residual cum still oozing from it.

Alone on the bed as Reggie showered, Christy wondered how much longer this might continue. Would Reggie ever leave them alone? She could not run away, she could not tell her husband or the police and could not get Reggie to stop.

She saw the open rubber she had dropped yesterday still on the floor. Dave might notice it missing when he returned. She needed to replace it and find a larger size for Reggie to use with her. Unprotected sex with him was like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun.

Still without her keys, Christy accompanied Reggie into town.

"What do you need at the store?" he asked.

Christy hesitantly explained, "I need to replace Dave's condom we tried to use yesterday or he might find out about us."

Christy's answer brought a smile to Reggie as he drove her car. She was beginning to accept having sex with him, he thought. "I know just where to go, baby."

Reggie took Christy to a pharmacy in the hood. Once near their destination, he parked Christy's car on the side of the street a couple of blocks from the drug store. The two walked the rest of the way.

Christy did not like this part of town. Black faces everywhere stared at her as they walked. A few people recognized Reggie even though he wore sunglasses and a hat. They greeted him enthusiastically as if he were some kind of neighborhood hero.

Once inside the pharmacy, Reggie led Christy to the contraceptives.

She located Dave's brand of condoms and then searched for ones large enough to fit Reggie. Christy found herself in a dilemma. Purchasing condoms for Reggie seemed like she was consenting to having sex with him. But if she did not purchase the rubbers and Reggie continued taking her, she could get pregnant.

She pulled Dave's brand of condoms from the shelf and the largest ones she could find for Reggie.

"The smallest and largest rubbers we sell," the elderly black pharmacist commented under his breath. He rang up Christy's purchases and handed her back the black box of Magnum XXXL condoms. Noticing the wedding band on her finger and Reggie standing with a smile right behind her he chuckled, "I bet I know who those are for."


They did not have sex since morning; her longest abstinence from Reggie since Dave went to Amorillo. Perhaps Reggie finally tired of her, Christy hoped, and would not find his way into her bed this evening.

After a few hours, the amnesia of deep sleep faded and erotic images of Reggie's huge cock occupied Christy's slumber. She thought she was having a recurring wet dream, but awoke with Reggie beside her and his hand inside her panties working her clitoris.

While unconscious Reggie had brought her close to an orgasm. She was wet and aroused.

"Reggie, I can't keep doing this with you." But she raised her hips betraying herself.

Reggie slid her silk panties down her legs. Her bra followed, lost somewhere in the bed as she lay completely naked for him. At least she was ready for what awaited. She handed one of the XXXL Magnum condoms to him.

"What the hell is this for?"

"For me, please use it," Christy asked.

Reggie took the condom from her and tossed it across the room, "Sorry, baby, I'm not using that. Yesterday was a one shot deal and Dave's rubber didn't fit me. It feels a lot better this way. I want to feel you and you gonna feel me whether you want to or not."

She felt all of him keenly. Reggie inserted his uncovered penis in her as he had done so many times before, male and female organs from two different races intermingling and their fluids mixing together.

Part of Christy was glad Reggie refused to use the condom. She started liking sex with him and he was right — it felt much better without them. Her body began to crave the intimacy that not using a condom provided, even if another part of her knew better.

"I'm married. We need to stop. What if I get pregnant?"

Reggie ignored her briefly and continued thrusting his massive black phallus into her slippery pink opening before reassuring her, "I promise you won't get pregnant, baby. Don't worry about it. I'll take care of you."

"Oh," Christy exclaimed, now thoroughly familiar with Reggie's huge unprotected cock creating delightful sensations far too intense to refuse. She was married to Dave, but his smaller penis just did not have the ability to pleasure her like this. She did not know how or why she acquired a desire for Reggie's large size.

Moonlight poured in through the window and Reggie watched Christy writhe beneath him on his black pole of pleasure. Her willpower proved only a limited commodity of which she had little remaining, choosing instead to surrender to her female instincts.

"Oh, oh stop. Please, I can't... oh," she moaned over again.

But she could and she did, Reggie kept making sure of it. He knew she really liked to cum. He put his mouth over her lips and his long tongue found its way down her throat, silencing her insincere protests.

Christy made muffled cries of erotic passion into his mouth as her soft hands, that briefly pushed against his brown muscular pecs, slid around his back and embraced him, "Mmmm."

She unconsciously locked her legs around Reggie's ass.

Reggie wondered what Dave might think if he saw how his beautiful wife was now rutting with a big Nigger cock; if Dave knew how Reggie seduced his wife — by spoiling her pussy with repeated force-feedings of grade "A" negro dick until she hungered for it.

Reggie felt Christy's silky pussy throbbing around his black baby maker. Her hips twisted and turned, rose and fell in reply to his thrusts as their bodies communicated physical pleasure to each other. She wasn't too good for Niggers anymore, Reggie thought.

Reggie finally removed his tongue from her mouth, "I gonna cum soon, baby. You want to suck on it again?"

Christy lost control and could not stop grinding her pussy into Reggie's cock, "Oh... ah... nah," she nonsensically heaved.

Reggie ejaculated copiously inside her.

Her pussy milked his cock as if every bit of sperm from him was precious.

She no longer cared that Reggie filled her with his cum. The more they fucked the better Reggie's cock felt. She could not resist him anymore. She wanted him to stay inside her forever.

In the bright moonlight, extremely wet and messy from lovemaking, Christy observed how beautifully their two bodies contrasted: Reggie's hard, muscles, her toned yet gentle curves; his dark complexion, her fair skin. They complemented each other perfectly, it seemed.

Dave did not have to ever know about Reggie, Christy thought. Reggie could have her when Dave was gone. Exhausted from wild sex and now secure in Reggie's embrace, she drifted back to sleep having made a transition from rape victim to consenting adulterous partner without even realizing it.


The early morning sun filled the bedroom, causing Christy to wake up.

Her pussy felt all crusty from Reggie's dried spunk. How could she keep doing this with him, she wondered. She had allowed herself to become his plaything.

Christy turned her head to find Reggie lying beside her, staring at her with his eyes wide open.

His hand glided down her tummy and between her legs, "My cock is hard and aches real bad."

Christy could not believe Reggie's sex drive. How could he possibly be horny after so much sex just a few hours ago?

Her Grandpa used to call black men jungle bunnies. She always thought it a racist term. But she never had sexual relations with a black man before Reggie. Perhaps it was an accurate description of black men if all of them were this potent and fucked like rabbits.

Like Pavlov's dog, Christy became wet just from Reggie's suggestion.

"I shouldn't have sex with you."

Reggie rolled on his back and pulled her onto him. "Get on top and put my cock in your pussy like a good girl."

Christy knew she really did not have a choice. Her petite body slithered on to Reggie's muscular frame.

"Now put my cock in your pussy."

Christy reached down and fed his shaft into her slit, slowly impaling herself, "Tell me when you're going to cum, okay Reggie?"

Once Christy took him fully inside her, he firmly grabbed her hips with his large hands and guided her pelvic movements until Christy instinctively took over. She leaned forward against Reggie's hard body and her erect nipples poked into his chest.

Christy mounted him for her first time. "That's a good girl," Reggie encouraged.

Reggie looked in the mirror hanging on her bedroom wall across the room and observed the beautiful curves of Christy's smooth, firm, buttocks. He watched her perfectly shaped, white ass hump his slick, brown rod. He could see the pink membranes of her labia clinging to his cock when her pussy rose, only to disappear when it slid down his shaft again.

The entire situation seemed surreal to Christy. Three weeks ago she had never even thought about being with another person besides Dave. Now she was fucking another man - an incredible black man with an insanely large penis.

"Oh my God, oh," Christy moaned as her eyes rolled in their sockets. Her orgasms approached quickly.

The phone rang, jerking Christy back to reality. It must be Dave calling before work, she thought. She started to lift herself off Reggie; but, the black stud placed his hands firmly around her hips and forced her back down.

"Don't get off my cock until we finished. Keep fucking that big black cock," Reggie said reaching for her phone. He answered with Christy sliding up and down his cock at a slower pace.

Christy hoped it was not Dave calling.

"Hi Dave, how are you?" Reggie said.

Christy's heart pounded in her chest as she heard Reggie mention Dave's name. Here she was with another man's cock in her pussy because of her stupid husband. Dave was so naïve, unwittingly chatting on the phone with Reggie while Reggie was doing this with her.

"Fine. You see that Lakers game there?" Me neither, buddy. I've been busy here with school, doing a lot of studying for final exams. Yea, she right here. Hold on."

Reggie handed Christy her phone.

Christy looked mortified. How could she speak with her husband while she fucked Reggie?

She had no choice but to talk to Dave.

"Hi Baby, how are you? Oh I'm fine too."

As her conversation with Dave continued, Christy stopped moving her hips until Reggie grabbed her firm ass with both hands and forced her to resume riding on his penis.

Christy listened to her husband, Dave, speak on the phone while she slowly fucked Reggie.

Reggie parted her ass cheeks and pressed his index finger into her anus. She did not want Dave to hear them, so she silently allowed Reggie to proceed. If Dave only knew the type of studying Reggie was doing with her, he would have felt differently about his supposed friend.

"Relax, baby," Reggie whispered in Christy's ear as he pushed his finger deeper inside her tight pink asshole.

"I'm glad Reggie's there. I'm sure he will help you with things if you need him," Dave told her.

Dave held no idea what kind of things Reggie had already been helping her do with him behind Dave's back.

Reggie's finger went all the way up Christy's anus, with the rest of his hand firmly grasping the crack between her two cheeks. She had never felt anything like having a cock in her pussy and a finger working her asshole at the same time. In fact she never experienced anal sex before and didn't know it felt so erogenous.

Eager to get off the phone before one of them lost control moaning or saying something that would raise Dave's suspicions, Christy pretended to have a bad signal, "What's that honey? Hello? Dave? Can you hear me? If you can hear me I love you and I'll call you back later. Good bye."

Christy disconnected Dave's call then turned off her phone so he could not call her back. The phone slipped from her hand on to the floor next to the bed. She French-kissed Reggie as her hands ran up his body, across his burly chest and around his neck. She loved Dave but was falling in love with Reggie too.


Dave reclined in his comfortable living room chair, sipping another beer and watching the Cowboys play against the Dolphins with Reggie. "It's good to be back. I missed watching the games while I was in Amarillo."

Sharing their home with Reggie turned out to be a pretty good idea that allowed them to keep their house, Dave thought. Reggie was a great roommate.

Before the recession Dave had a much better paying profession as a real estate agent and did not work nearly as hard for a lot more money. But he did what was needed to support Christy, even if that meant taking a drastic cut in pay and working in a warehouse. Dave did not pay attention to how much friendlier his wife became with Reggie. Christy sat closer to Reggie on the couch when watching television, and occasionally Reggie patted her ass when Dave was not looking without any objection from her.

Dave knew his wife very well. With her conservative upbringing, Christy would never cheat, especially with a black man.

Christy wore a red, silk bikini brief to bed that evening.

Dave lay beside her, gently rubbing Christy's shoulders. Over the past two weeks he missed having sex with her. Christy worried that Dave might notice a difference in her vagina caused by Reggie.

Dave put on a condom and began fucking Christy with what now felt like a little boy's penis to her. She recognized how deficient Dave was in size, having been with a man so much larger and more virile than her husband. There was no question that Reggie had spoiled her pussy with his gigantic black cock.

Penis size was important regardless of what some experts claimed. At least it had become so to her, and Dave simply did not have it. Christy had acquired a penchant for big black cock because of Reggie.

Reggie had fucked her with his humongous brown cock so many times and without a condom that he caused the extra intimacy to become a habit for her. She missed the sensation of his large, unsheathed dick and became frustrated.

She faked an orgasm with Dave to conceal her disappointment and finally welcomed his premature ejaculation, "Oh, Baby, you feel so good inside me. You made me cum."

Her vagina felt a little different to Dave, but it had been a while since they made love and perhaps his memory was off.


Reggie phoned one of his lieutenants with an order, "Hi Byron, how are sales going?"

It was a rhetorical question. Demand for illegal drugs was always good and sales were always up, unless there was a bust. But that would have been in the news.

"The reason I'm calling is because I need you to get me more of them Sleeping Beauties. I've only got a few left, okay?"

Reggie had earned his status as a captain in the drug trade by never using the garbage he dealt. He had other plans for the pharmaceutical grade compound used medically for anesthesia and on the street, mixed with heroin and a few other naughty substances, as a date rape drug.

After speaking with Byron and placing his order, Reggie grabbed another beer from the refrigerator and left the kitchen to return to the living room.

Dave sat on his recliner, Christy by herself on the sofa. She briefly noticed how the bottles Reggie held matched his complexion.

Reggie smiled handing Dave a bottle of Michelob that he had already opened for him in the kitchen, condensation dripping down the cold glass like beads of sweat, "Here you go, bro. Drink up,"

After bumping bottles together with Reggie in a toast, Dave guzzled his third brew.

A little while later, Dave dozed off. The dim glow from the television provided the only light in the room.

Christy fell asleep as well. Her head rested on Reggie's shoulder. Reggie's hand rubbed her inner thigh and then stealthily moved to her crotch. He proceeded unbuttoning her pants. His hand slid inside her panties.

"Oh, no, oh, stop," Christy quietly murmured. She was having a familiar dream about Reggie as he masturbated her. She awoke, grabbed his wrist and tried prying his hand out of her pants.

"No, Reggie. Stop. Dave will wake up."

Christy realized if Dave woke, he would fight with Reggie. Reggie would kick Dave's ass badly and that would not be good.

"He ain't waking up tonight, so don't you worry about him, baby. I've taken care of that."

Christy was not sure exactly what Reggie meant, but he pulled her onto his lap as if Dave was not there.

Reggie's fingers moved faster inside Christy's pants and he watched her face contort from an orgasm. "No, please stop," Christy quietly mewled when Reggie pulled down her jeans and panties.

Her wet sounds filled the room. They faced Dave with her legs spread open as she straddled Reggie's lap.

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