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Defiled Young Housewife

by thecryptkeeper©

Would Dave want her after learning the sordid details of what Reggie did with her almost every day? Reggie would reveal that he made her cum multiple times and claim their sex was consensual.

And most importantly, could the police protect her family from Reggie's 'homeboys'? The law failed to protect Reggie's other victims.

Reggie had made it perfectly clear to Christy multiple times that he expected her to cooperate as his girlfriend, and that if anyone found out about him, he would not only have her and Dave painfully killed, but also everyone else in their family.

One thing became apparent to Christy: the longer this relationship continued, the harder it became for her to stop it. She had to act soon. Although it sickened her to answer his question affirmatively, she slowly nodded her head for Reggie, exited the car, and re-buttoned her pants.

Reggie could hardly wait to sink his hard black cock inside her wet cunt again as he watched her tight ass walk in front of him toward the door. He loved forcing white girls, especially married ones, to orgasm for him. Physically, it was the ultimate betrayal to the spouse who was also white.

He disliked white boys, but he sure enjoyed fucking Dave's young, pretty wife. There was nothing more satisfying than spoiling Christy's tight pussy with his gigantic, black baby-maker — except perhaps getting lucky and actually putting a black baby in her belly.

What a sight that would be, Reggie thought, watching her stomach swell with his black baby; and watching her nurse his black baby with her beautiful tits.

Christy reached the door to the house and waited for Reggie to unlock it with her keys that he took. Reggie came up behind her and fiddled to open the door. Through their clothing she felt his huge cock push against the top of her butt. His penis was so large and she did not want it inside her yet again.

When Reggie opened the door, Christy bolted from him. She knew all too well from previous experience where his monstrous penis would soon be if she did not get away.

Christy's flight caught Reggie off guard and it took him a moment to react. "Oh no you don't," he hissed as her garment slipped from his grasp and distance between them grew.

She reached her bedroom and slammed the door shut with him close behind.

A second more might have been enough time for Christy to set the lock and call 911. But Reggie already turned the knob. Her feet slid along the hardwood floor as she attempted holding the door closed with all the weight of her petite body against it.

"Don't touch me you disgusting pig!"

Reggie wrestled her into bed and tried to climb on top of her.

She had caressed his big, heavy balls, given him oral sex, jerked him off, and fucked with him many times and knew how susceptible his huge, sperm-filled gonads actually were. Now it was time to give them a different sensation to get him away from her.

She tried to kick his testicles.

Reggie's humongous scrotum should have been an easy target for Christy, but unfortunately he averted her foot, and angrily punched her in the gut like the first time he had raped her.

The blow incapacitated Christy and she gasped for air.

"You want it rough today, huh baby?"

While Christy heaved for air, Reggie savagely undressed her. He tossed her sandals from her soft, manicured feet and unbuttoned her khakis.

Her hands unsuccessfully clutched the waistband of her pants.

Reggie roughly jerked her pants down as they slipped from her grasp.

"Oh, yea, you gonna get lots of loving from me now." He ripped her shirt completely off in one swift movement, leaving her scantily clad in her blue silk bra and bikini panties, "You wear these sexy panties just for me, baby?"

Dave missed seeing his incredibly sexy wife again, Reggie thought. He was as gullible as white boys came, and had no clue that while he slaved to earn a couple bucks each day, his beautiful, little wife was home getting tapped by the big black thug he let move in with them.

Reggie removed Christy's bra and kneaded her perky tits before his hand glided down the light skin of her smooth, firm tummy and slid inside her panties.

Christy bawled, "Please... no, not again."

Reggie's fingers resumed delicately stroking her clitoris, still somewhat tumescent from his attentions a short while ago, about to be returned to its fully engorged state.

Reggie wanted her clitoris stiff again. After all, he needed to relieve it for her properly by making her orgasm. The release of pleasure would course through her veins regardless of her loathing for him.

Reggie thought about Christy's husband for a moment. Dave was not very bright for a white guy. Only a fool would allow some stranger into his home without doing a diligent background check. The idiot left his beautiful wife alone every day at home with some black guy he did not really know.

Dave practically invited Reggie to ravish Christy's perfect little body, Reggie reasoned. He deserved having his gorgeous wife molested and raped by a nigger for being stupid. After all these weeks that dumb white boy was still clueless how each day his faithful wife's pussy was invaded by a big black cock that was slowly winning her over.

Christy's vagina became wet again and the embarrassing sounds of Reggie's fingers dancing in her dampness returned. He spoke soothingly to help quell her angst while fingering her rapidly firming clit.

"I told you before that things would be easier if you do what I say and stop resisting. We can do this the hard way if you want. It's up to you."

Christy stopped gasping for air catching most of her breath, "I know Reggie... I'm sorry... I'll be good now... don't hurt me anymore."

Reggie smiled at his victory. Christy could not fight it. She tried being a tiger, but he made her purr like a pussycat, "Yea, I gonna make it feel real good, for you baby. Don't fight it none."

She desperately wished this horrible act he kept performing on her would not 'feel good', but it did, "No... don't...ooh...please."

"Uh-huh, yea, just like that. Oh, that feeling nice now? Reggie knows how to touch it for you, don't he girl?"

" stop it."

"Yea, that feels good there, huh? We just getting started, baby. You know our rule. You gonna cum for me a while before we stop."

Christy tried ignoring the feeling from her pussy and gathering her thoughts, "No, please don't make me do that again, Reggie. I'm married to Dave and it's wrong. You can't keep doing this to us — to me. He thinks you're his friend."

"I don't care about Dave, baby. But if you don't give me what I want, something bad will happen to him. I want your pussy. You gonna be a good girl now and let me have what I want?"

With his hand still inside her panties, Reggie observed Christy become tense, her eyes fill with a dreamy haze, and her mouth gape open as his fingers finessed her engorged clitty.

She was cumming.

He loved watching Christy helplessly lay there having an orgasm he knew she did not want, betraying her husband with a black man again.

"Please... no... stop," Christy mewled. She did not want it to feel good and futilely fought not to orgasm.

"That's it, baby, keep cumming for me," Reggie whispered in Christy's ear as he continued masturbating her. He played with her like a toy, amusing himself with her reflexes that caused her to climax. He manipulated Christy like a puppet, Reggie the puppet master mercilessly pulling her strings.

Reggie took his time masturbating Christy and enjoyed her subtleties. Her beautifully manicured fingers that clasped around his wrist were unable to pull his hand out of her panties. Her pull on his wrist lessened, her eyes glazed over and her mouth opened as if trying to find words for something beyond expression when she came. Why let her miss out on so much pleasure when he easily made her have more of it? Dave would be gone for two weeks. The situation was perfect.

She recovered from her orgasm and looked at Reggie with her beautiful blue eyes, "Okay, you made me cum, now please stop. I'm married and this is wrong." She pulled on his wrist. There had to be some spark of compassion somewhere inside him, she thought.

He would not stop and Christy felt another embarrassing orgasm near, "Oh, no, please... don't, no."

Reggie watched her eyes become dreamy again and her tension grow. Paralyzed by another pleasure wave, she released his wrist and allowed his fingers to work unhindered.

Reggie took the opportunity to pull down her briefs.

Christy was in the midst of another orgasm when Reggie removed his hand from her pussy and quickly undressed. His fantastically large cock sprang out from his boxers like it belonged on an anime character.

Reggie pulled Christy to the edge of the bed. He grabbed her knees and spread her legs to better access her delicate flower between them. Gently, he separated her soft, pink pedals with his black fingers for his entry.

He had made her so responsive that she hardly protested his invasive actions.

Before Christy regained her senses to resist, Reggie positioned himself at her saturated entrance, messaging her sensitive clitoris with the head of his cock.

Christy feared getting pregnant; but more importantly, she would take anything that lessened intimacy with this horrible man. Even a thin latex barrier prevented complete contact of their genitals and was better than nothing, she thought, "Can you wear a condom for me this time? Dave has rubbers you can use."

Reggie never used condoms. But he knew there was no way in Hell Dave's rubbers could fit him anyway, "Since you're being cooperative and asking nicely, I'll wear a rubber this time, but only if you put it on me."

Christy fumbled to open the packet. While she saw Dave put on condoms, she had never put one on a man's penis before.

Reggie moved up and straddled her chest, his thick, brown meat almost reaching Christy's cute little nose. She nervously tried to get the elastic membrane to cover his cock. But the rubbers, which easily fit her husband, did not come close to Reggie's size.

Each time Reggie forced Christy to touch and hold his cock, she appreciated it a little more it seemed. She could not help noticing how thick, firm and warm it felt in her hands. It was so hard, yet the skin felt soft and smooth to touch. Large veins looked like they might burst through its dark shaft. Was this once revolting appendage Reggie had put in her so many times becoming appealing to her?

"I'm sorry, baby, I didn't think they would fit me. I ain't found a rubber that's my size yet."

It had to fit, she thought.

Reggie watched sparkles fly from Christy's wedding and engagement rings as her dainty white fingers frantically gripped his humongous brown dick, "I can't wait much longer, Baby."

"Please, Reggie — I almost have it."

Christy reluctantly let go of his penis as he removed it from her grasp; and she panicked as he retuned it to her pussy.

Reggie parted her labia and placed the head of his dick at her opening.

Christy dropped the unused rubber somewhere on the floor as Reggie eased into her.

His incredible organ slithered past its previous depths inside her, "Ow... please, oh...'re too big! It's too deep this time! Oh!"

With Christy's husband gone for the next two weeks, this was the opportunity Reggie had wanted to really break her in. He carefully pushed additional cock in her, "Hush, it gonna be okay. You gonna take a little more of me today, baby."

Christy's faces of discomfort entertained Reggie. He watched her twist the sheets in her fists. He made contact with places inside her no cock had been before.

"Ow, it hurts, it hurts, Reggie. Please, oh — no more."

"Just a little more for me Baby. We almost there."

Her vaginal muscles adjusted and Christy's pain abated. She wished Reggie would cum quickly and be done with her. But she was already familiar with Reggie's rare ability, which Dave lacked, of controlling his orgasms.

Reggie could go hours without cumming when he wanted. His golf-ball sized testicles produced so much sperm that his cock was like a gusher when he finally popped his batch of cum with her. After a very short recovery he was ready to go again. If only Dave had listened to her and not let this sex monster move into their home, Christy thought.

Christy tried ignoring the sensations from Reggie's cock, questioning to herself why Dave went to Amarillo and left her alone with him. How could he be so stupid and allow this strange, black man into their home in the first place? It was Dave's fault this was happening to her, and she was having intercourse with Reggie all the time now instead of him.

Reggie astutely read Christy's emotions. The white bitch still disliked having sex with him, although not as much as when he first began raping her. She was getting used to having unprotected intercourse with a black man the more he forced himself on her.

"Put your arms around me and start hugging me, baby. You know what to do. I don't want to send my homeboys to Amarillo to see Dave because his wife's a cold bitch with her boyfriend."

It pained her to do this to Dave — to betray him, but she was also doing it for Dave — to save him. Christy's arm glided around Reggie's broad shoulder, while her hand slid down his strong back and grasped his muscular buttock, "Oh, oh, Reggie — no. It isn't right. Ah... ah... ooh. Stop making me do this with you. Oh... oh... no...don't make me do this to Dave."

"What he doesn't know ain't gonna hurt him. Oh, yea, baby... you feel good. You just keep your mouth shut about me, and Dave can go on with his happy little life."

"Oh, ooh, okay Reggie. Ah, ooh, I promise I won't say anything. Ooh, ooh, just don't hurt him, ooh."

His cock was so big and she became more susceptible to his technique.

"Oh, Reggie, I can't... no," Christy murmured.

Reggie smiled as Christy's body tensed and her pussy pulsated. Her hand squeezed his ass cheek and she pulled him to her. Her hug strengthened and her moans reached a higher pitch, "Ah, aah, aah, aah, oh, aah..."

He could tell she grew tired of fighting because she climaxed much sooner for him now than their first few times when he began raping her.

"Does big black cock feel good in your pussy? That's-a-girl. Don't fight it anymore. Cum for me."

Christy gave in to her body, anger and shame washed away in ecstasy.

"I'm gonna cum soon, baby."

Reggie's announcement abruptly interrupted Christy's sexual musings. She looked into Reggie's eyes, "Please take it out for me; don't cum in me this time."

He surprised her. Christy felt Reggie's thick long cock pulling out of her. She raised herself up on her elbows and watched his penis shoot white, gooey jism all over her body.

She never saw a penis ejaculate so much and so violently. It fired potent, baby making fluid at her in rapid succession like a semi-automatic pistol, raining semen on her face, tits and in her belly button.

Reggie wiped his cock along Christy's engorged clitoris, causing her to make involuntary coital movements.

His penis was dangerously close to entering her again with residual cum still oozing from it. She did not want to increase her risk of pregnancy, "No, don't put it there."

Reggie ignored her, cruelly teased her, and ran the head of his cock along her pink folds, leaving a trail of semen all over Christy's pussy, aware of how aroused and responsive she remained.

He rubbed his cum into Christy's smooth white skin. He scooped a puddle of his jism out of her belly button and spread it all along her tummy. He proceeded up to her tits and used the slippery spunk on her erect nipples. He collected the last of it on her face and made her lick it all from his fingers.

Christy's hate of Reggie began to abate somewhat. He withdrew from her this time like she had asked, and it became more difficult for her to deny how aroused he made her.


Evening had arrived and they entered the shower together; Christy glancing at Reggie's enormous penis periodically. It remained flaccid and the break from sex allowed her thoughts to clear.

Christy recalled how the fornication started today with Reggie fondling her during the drive home that morning — after Dave left on his two week trip with work. It seemed like a bad wet dream — all the sex and orgasms Reggie made her have throughout the day.

In the shower Reggie observed streams of water flow down Christy's fair skin. He took the wash cloth and began bathing her. His attentions went from her soft cunt to her cute little ass and perky breasts.

In the confines of the shower, Reggie's huge cock touched Christy numerous times. Fortunately, his penis remained dormant despite the contact it made with her and she avoided more intercourse with him.

Reggie toweled Christy dry. They both stood naked facing each other when her phone rang and she answered it, "Hi, Dave, how was your trip to Amarillo."


Christy still stared at Reggie when she hung up her phone. He held out a pink thong and matching bra he found in her dresser. They were undergarments from Victoria's Secret she only wore for Dave on special occasions, "Put these on for me."

She had no choice. After slipping on the sexy undergarments, she went to her closet.

"What you going in there for?"

"I need to put something else on."

"You not wearing anything else, baby. You got enough on. You can sleep in those or nothing at all tonight."

Exhausted from a day of sex, Christy went to bed in the risqué undergarments Reggie selected. The nightly visions of Reggie's cock in her pussy haunted Christy briefly before she entered a deep slumber. But the same dreams returned late morning when Christy's journey into forgetful nothingness ended and she entered lighter sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, he must have crawled into bed with her. Christy awoke in Reggie's embrace, his hand on her breast. She could feel his enormous erection against her hip. She could not tell for certain if they had more unprotected sex during the night, but her panties were on and she probably would have woken if they did, she thought.

She had slept for over 12 hours. Christy carefully tried to ease away from Reggie's hold without waking him.

His right hand left her breast and slid down Christy's smooth, firm tummy.

Christy dreaded where Reggie's hand seemed to be going, but it stopped at the waistband of her thong.

He resumed lightly sleeping.

Christy remained still. She wanted to sneak out of bed, find the car keys and get away from him. But she still did not know where she would go.

She had allowed things to go too far for too long with Reggie. Her sex with him now bordered on consensual. She was in bed sleeping with him and wearing a thong for Christ's sake, she thought. How did she let this happen?

Christy felt trapped. She loved Dave and did not want to be taken by Reggie anymore. What if she became pregnant? She was unsure of her cycle, and did not recall exactly when she started her last period.

She tried slowly rolling on her side without waking Reggie. But, his hand held firm and would not let her move.

He was awake. His hand went in Christy's thong where she feared it would go.

"I can't keep doing this with you, Reggie. I might get pregnant. Don't make me have sex again." Her fingers wrapped around his wrist trying to stop him.

Reggie's morning erection begged him for relief, "Don't worry, baby. I'll take it out before I cum, like I did for you yesterday." His fingers explored her folds and located her clitoris.

"Please, Reggie, no," Christy sobbed.

Reggie knew her tears would pass. She was already wet for him. Her clit loved to be stroked and he would soon bring her around.

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