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Mother & Daughter Threesome

by HeyAll©

"So what do you think about my new boyfriend now that you've got to know him a little better?" Karen asked her daughter as they lounged on the beach in their bikinis.

"Any man who's willing to fly me out to an expensive resort is okay in my book," Melissa joked.

Karen smiled, "Very funny, but really, he's a great guy and we're becoming a lot more serious in our relationship."

"And I bet he's great in bed too with that huge cock of his. No wonder you're always so giddy around him," her daughter replied with her eyebrows raised.

"Keep it down would you?" Karen said in a low voice with her eyes wide open. "People can hear you. God, how could you say something like that? I hope you're not learning that type of language in college with all that money I'm paying."

"Oh relax, no one's listening to our conversation. But it's true isn't it? I saw that bulge in his shorts when he came out of the pool yesterday. Good for you; you've finally found a man who's both rich AND has a big cock. I'd say he's a keeper."

Karen sighed, "Well, I'm just glad you like him because you'll be seeing him around much more often. And if you must know, he does take care of me in that way. Not that it's any of your business."

"Well I'm happy for you mom," Melissa replied. "And all kidding aside, I really do like him."

Mother & Daughter Threesome

Karen had the perfect life. She had a successful career in the business world, a wonderful daughter, and the looks of a model. Her dark blond hair, blue eyes, and slender figure were more than enough to have men constantly throw themselves at her; which was something she gladly accepted being a woman with certain needs. But at 45 years old, she knew she wasn't getting any younger and was ready to settle down.

That's where John comes in to the picture. He was everything she looked for in a man, which included being able to keep up with her sexually. And even more importantly, they were madly in love.

When summer came, John planned on taking Karen to a nice resort where they would explore the possibility of having the first threesome they had always talked about. But with their relationship becoming even more serious, Karen felt a growing need to introduce her daughter Melissa to the new man in her life. And since Melissa's summer break from college came around the same time, Karen insisted that Melissa come be apart of this trip so that they could all get to know each other better.


"Well so much for our plans to have our first threesome here," John said, as Karen was on her knees orally servicing him.

She released him from her busy mouth and replied, "Oh cut it out. We'll have plenty of time for that after this trip is over. Right now, just enjoy this blowjob I'm giving you."

She bent her head back down and went right back to sucking his cock.

He let out a sigh, "I am enjoying it. No one sucks cock like you do. But with this hot weather and exotic environment, I'm ready for something nasty."

"That does sound pretty enticing right about now," Karen said as she took him out of her mouth again and began stroking. "But you know my daughter is just a few rooms over and I would hate for her to find out about us doing anything like this."

"Trust me, it's been a long day and she's probably fast asleep by now. Besides, how would she know what we're up to this late at night? There's plenty of women around the bar right now, and we'll just be extra quiet when we all get back here."

"Well...since you put it like that, I guess I should go get dressed in something more appealing."


John and Karen had no trouble finding a woman for the night. It was everything they expected it to be, as John was treated to the erotic show of his girlfriend having her first full lesbian experience of her life. Things only got better as the two women turned their attention to John's cock, sucking it and pleasing it every which way. And by the end of the night, each one of them had been fucked in ways they never thought possible.


"So, did you and John do what I think you did last night?" Melissa asked with a naughty grin while they were in the lobby bathroom freshening up.

"And what exactly would that be?" her mother replied.

"You know what I mean; did you two hook up with another woman?"

Karen's jaw nearly dropped at what she had just heard. "I don't know where you get off talking to me like that young lady. I mean, why would you even think of such a thing?"

"Oh come on, I'm not stupid you know. I was watching tv late at night and I heard the three of you talking headed towards your room, and I saw you through the peep hole. And when she left the room by herself looking like a mess, well, that settled it."

"I'm at a loss for words right now...God, I was so stupid for thinking we could still do it here and get away with it..."

"Still?" Melissa enquired. "You mean you two were planning this all along, even before I was invited to this trip?"

"I guess the cat's out of the bag now. Yes, this was something we had talked about for a while."

Melissa's eyes lit up at this stunning admission, even though she already knew the answer, "Well who would have thought? I had no idea you two were so kinky in the bedroom."

"We enjoy sex as much as the next couple. But at our age, it's nice to try new things and have different experiences in life rather than doing the same old thing. You'll understand one day."

"One day? I think I'm already at that point with all of the things I've been doing lately."

"Like I said during yesterday's conversation, I hope that's not part of your college experience which I'm paying for," Karen replied.

"Look, this may sound a little weird, but how would you feel about me possibly being your third person? I think he's hot and I see him checking me out from time to time. Just think about it, you two would never have to go through the troubles of looking for another woman again."

"That sounds reasonable, but there's one tiny problem- YOU'RE MY FUCKING DAUGHTER!!! Are you insane!? What's gotten into you? I can't believe you would ever suggest such a filthy thing."

"Oh stop acting like you're so prim and proper mom," Melissa replied bluntly. "Even though you dress in fancy business suits and act so lady like, everyone in our neighborhood thinks that you're a total slut with all those guys you've slept with. Not to mention that most of the stuff I do in my own private life I've learned from you."

Karen was left speechless for a moment. She felt blindsided by her daughter's brutal honesty, and it suddenly dawned on her that she was right about many things.

After being humbled, she replied, "It's hard for me to argue with what you've just said, so I won't. Sometimes I forget that you've already become a young woman. As for you joining us, I really don't know. I've also noticed him looking you over and I'm sure he'll have a definite interest in this. All I'll say is that I'll think about it."

"Thanks mom," Melissa smiled back to her mother. "And I'm not trying to get in the way of your relationship with him either. It makes me so happy that both of you are in love. But I just think that this would something that all of us could really enjoy together. It would be so much fun."

"I agree. It certainly sounds like an interesting proposal; one that no one outside of the three of us should ever know about. And that's what makes this whole idea so worthwhile, because of how naughty and wrong it would be. Jeez, we're talking about committing incest for fuck's sake."

A toilet suddenly flushed bringing an abrupt end to their adult conversation. They had suddenly realized that they weren't alone as they had previously thought, and the person in the bathroom had heard every word spoken. She walked out of the stall with a straight face and washed in her hands in the sink as the mother and daughter tried their best to act like their secret hadn't been revealed.

The woman then walked over to them and asked, "Excuse me, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation; are you two really mother and daughter?"

"Yes..." Karen replied meekly, unsure of where this was going.

"I'm sorry, but you're a horrible mother and you both need psychiatric help. People who commit incest are disgusting," she harshly told both of them.

She immediately turned around and left the room, and as soon as the door shut, both Karen and Melissa suddenly burst out into laughter.


Karen told her boyfriend of a special surprise she had for him. She refused to give him any hints, but the look in her eyes let him know that it was something to be excited about. And the fact that it was late at night let him know it was going to be something dirty.

After a long late night walk, she told him to go back to their room alone, and that his surprise would be there waiting for him.

As soon as he left to their room on the third floor, Karen found herself deliberating whether or not to watch. She knew that it was going to take place on the balcony for her watch if she wanted. A part of her couldn't stand to witness such an event. But another part of her was dying to see it- her voyeuristic side. And with her heart rate beginning to pick up, and moisture beginning to form between her legs, her voyeuristic side won.

She walked briskly through the hotel lobby and around the empty pool area . There was some lighting around where she stood, but she preferred to stand anonymously in the shadows where she could watch without being seen. She had a clear view of what was going in the balcony of her room. She could see their silhouette as she spied on them.

Her daughter was grabbing onto the hand rail on the balcony while John was fucking her from behind. She was wearing a skimpy dress which was lifted up in the back for John to enter. He had a tight grip around her waist as her legs were spread for him. He was thrusting hard and Melissa's mouth was wide open, moaning, as she being overwhelmed by his giant cock.

Karen felt a wave of mixed emotions watching her boyfriend and daughter have passionate sex with each other. She knew full well that this was so wrong; letting her boyfriend have his way with her own daughter. They were the two people that she loved the most. And here they were, fucking wildly, out in the open air of night. But it was the look on their faces which made everything worth while for Karen. Even though they were three floors up with dim lighting in the backround, she could still see enough of their faces to know how much were enjoying it. Their faces were filled with lust and desire for one another. And that was more than enough for Karen to get off on watching this, and to continue to allow it to happen. It was more than enough for Karen to put her hands down her panties to massage her rub clitoris.

Melissa suddenly dropped to her knees and bobbed her head back and forth in his crotch. And by the look on John's face, he was having a powerful orgasm for her to swallow.

When it was over, Karen made her way back inside the hotel. She needed a drink.


"Last night was incredible," John said as the three of them had breakfast together. "Are you aware that your mother watched us as well? She couldn't stop raving about what she saw when she came back to the room after you left."

Melissa smiled, "Did she? She told me she wasn't sure if she was going to watch or not. I'm glad she did."

"And I'm glad I did too," Karen stated. "Believe me, watching you and John together wasn't an easy decision, but I guess my curiosity got the better of me. And the show I got was amazing."

John leaned forward so that only the two ladies at his breakfast table could hear him speak. "You know, as exciting as last night's encounter was, I can't help but to think that it would be so much more erotic if we did that again, but this time, with all of us in the same room. I could be with either one of you while the other watches..."

Karen gasped, "Oh please. Don't give my daughter any new ideas here. It's already bad enough that we did what we did."

"Don't be such a prude mom. It sounds like a lot of fun," Melissa grinned.

"Just because it sounds fun doesn't mean it's right or appropriate."

"That's what you said before, and look how that turned out," Melissa responded boldly. "Look, I know it's 'inappropriate' and all that, but know one is ever going to find out. We're on vacation and we're all here to have a good time. So why not take advantage of it?"

Karen sighed, "I don't know how I let you talk me into these situations."


The three of them headed back to the room after breakfast. There was a sense of excitement in the air as they all knew sex would be involved, but none of them knew how far things were about to go...

"So, since you two have done something like this before, how should we start?" Melissa asked, with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

John grinned, "Would you like us to do things the way your mom and I did when we had our first threesome?"

"Sure, why not."

Karen couldn't help but to grin as well, almost to the point of wanting to laugh, because she knew where John was headed with this.

"Well, our first threesome began with me watching your mother and the other woman play with each," John said. "Then, they both turned their attention towards me before all of us enjoyed each other. So what do you say? Are you up for that?"

Karen and Melissa both turned to give each other the same look, wondering if they could actually go this far. And it only took a second for both of them to realize that they could. If last night's experience was any indication of how much sexual pleasure they could receive from incest, then they knew how much more pleasure they could receive from an actual threesome with each other.

Melissa nodded her head. "Well I guess that settles it. There's no point in standing around wasting time."

She took a step towards her mother and kissed her on the lips. It wasn't a kiss which showed that it was their first time together, or that they were mother & daughter; they kissed each other as if they had done this a million times before and they were tired of holding in their lust. Melissa followed up their kiss by grabbing a tight hold of her mother, and sliding one hand up her t-shirt to squeeze her breast.

Karen then held her daughter's hand, stopping her. "Are you sure you want to do this? This would be a major leap for us."

"Mom, I've wanted to do this with you for a very long time," Melissa replied, letting her hands go back to work.

It wasn't hard for Melissa to get her mother undressed since she wasn't wearing much to begin with. She started by pulling off her t-shirt and undoing her shorts, tossing each item of clothing carelessly to the floor. Melissa immediately followed that up by pulling the strings to her mother's bikini to expose each of her firm breasts. And then off came her bottom, leaving her bare.

Melissa ran her fingers across the sides of her mother's breasts as she visually admired her mother's figure from head to toe. She admired her mother's firm, but sagging tan lined breasts, with it's large brown nipples. She also got a kick out of seeing her mother's cleanly shaven private area.

"Well, what do you think?" Karen nervously asked her daughter.

"I think you're so sexy. I'm really glad we're doing this."

Karen put her hands on her daughter's t-shirt. "It's your turn now. I want to see what you look like."

This time, it was Melissa's turned to get naked as Karen and John watched in suspense. It didn't take long for her to get naked either, revealing her thin, but athletic body, with her small breasts and nipples. She was cleanly shaven as well and had the same bikini tan lines her mother had because of all the sun bathing they did together.

The two women went right back to kissing as John got undressed and sat down to watch the show. He couldn't believe his luck, watching the unholy mother/daughter coupling which was happening before him. He never admitted it to Karen, but the thought of his girlfriend and her daughter having lesbian sex together was his deepest and most intense sexual fantasy. And that fantasy was coming true right before his very eyes, with both women completely shedding their inhibitions and passionately making out with each other across the bed, with their tongue's sloppily joining each others.

John got up and rubbed his hand across Karen's back. "Watching you two kiss and put your hands all over each other has gotten me incredibly hard," he told her.

"Well let's just see if we can take care of that for you," she said, looking up at him and smiling.

Karen and Melissa both sat up on the bed with the intention of orally satisfying John together. It started off with Karen taking the hard cock inside of her mouth and bobbing her head on it a few times to get things going. Then as she took it out of her mouth, she used her hand to point it towards her daughter's mouth for her to suck, to which Melissa gladly obliged.

Both women became extremely wet watching each other suck cock and tasting the others saliva in the process. It became a competitive bid between mother and daughter to out perform one another. But eventually it came to the point where they took turns licking the base of his cock, sucking his balls, and sucking the head of his cock.

"You two are unbelievable together," John panted. "Now I want both of you to taste each again, but in a different area this time if you know what I mean. And then we're going to fuck."

Melissa gave a sly look to her mother. "You heard him, we have to taste each other again. I'm going first and I want you to lie on your back now and enjoy what I'm going to do for you."

Karen obeyed her daughter's command as if her body was on autopilot. She no long cared that this was wrong or immoral. Her body and all her senses were enthralled with sexual pleasure, and she wanted more as she got on her back and spread her legs open.

Melissa casually got between her mother's legs and wasted no time putting her mouth on the vagina that was presented in front of her. She lapped her tongue up and down the labia before sticking her tongue inside to suck and pleasure her mom's most intimate area, while John sat on the bed and held Karen's hand as she was being pleasured by her own daughter.

For the next 20 minutes, the three of them experimented with the most depraved sex acts involving incest. Karen and her daughter both lustfully sucked each others breasts and thoroughly performed oral sex on one another. John took wasted no time fucking each of them senseless. And when it came time for him to cum, he had both of them get on their knees, waiting to swallow his load.

"Get ready...I'm about to cum..." John moaned as he stroked himself furiously to the sight of the two beautiful women kneeling on the floor with their tongues hanging out.

He shot his massive load and was sure to evenly dispense the goods between the mother & daughter. And with each shot, the two ladies were sure to catch as much of it as they could with their mouths. And when it was over, they licked their lips clean before giving each other one last sloppy kiss, swapping the cum in each others mouths.

"So how did you two ladies enjoy your first real incestuous experience with each other?" John asked.

Melissa looked at her mother with a smile and replied, "I think it's the beginning of a new relationship."

Written by: HeyAll

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