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Gary, My Son

by alwayswantedto©

I worked on him slowly, then leaned over within his arms, being careful to curb his passion so I could ride it for as long as possible. Our legs and feet entwined and perodically we engaged in a long kisses. Eventually, my own passion rose past John's and pulled him along until we were writhing strenuously on the bed, sweaty limbs and torsos sliding over each other, my pussy struggling to contain his frantic cock.

Finally, we exploded in mutual orgasm and floated back to reality, our bodies quivering with muted responses to the receding ebb of our passion. For a long time we lay, one atop the other, John's comforting arms encircling me, silent, breathing quietly, ensconced in our love.

That morning was devoted to my husband. In the afternoon I became Gary's mom again, although he didn't know it for some time, and later that night I reconstitued myself as Johnny's mother. As a woman and a mother, I was the center of our family, fulfilling its needs, including my own. They say a mother's work is never done, and thank God for that.

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Written by: alwayswantedto

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories