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Staying on the Farm With Mom

by alwayswantedto©

After that, I trotted over to the barn and reached inside the door to pick up the wire puller, forgetting that I had walked with it and dropped it ten feet into the barn.

"Donny, is that you?" Ma called before I could get into the barn.

I turned around and looked guiltily back at Ma. Thank god the barn had been built so far from the house.

"Yeah, Ma," I yelled back. "I'm just getting the wire puller. Pa forgot it."

"Come here," she yelled.

I ran over to the house, trying not to look sheepish.

"What's up Ma. I should be getting back."

"Come in and have some lunch," she ordered.

Inside, Ma muttered to herself as she made me a ham sandwich with a loaf of bread fresh from the oven. I drank my first glass of milk while I watched her. She was still wearing the underdress and nothing else, something that had never happened before. Holy smokes, she looked good. Something I hadn't noticed looking through the window was that the front of the underdress was held together by cotton ties. The top two were undone and the next two were loosely tied. Ma didn't seem to know the state they were in so I tried hard not to look unless she was looking somewhere else in case she noticed and did them up.

While Ma said a long Grace, I had a real good peek inside and noticed something else. After she sat down, Ma's white underdress had slipped up above her knees. There was something else, too. Even above the smell of the fresh-baked bread, there was another aroma in the kitchen. It was a new odor to me, something I recognized later as the scent of a woman, rather than a mother, and that made my pant swell up.

Darn! I hadn't done up my fly after emptying myself against the side of the house and now my pecker poked through my pants. I tried to hunch forward but the table was in the way. If Ma looked down, she would be able to see my lap just like I could see hers. I started eating more quickly so I could get out of there. I was finished before I realized that I couldn't get up to leave anyway. My boner had grown despite my attempts to make it go down and Ma's partly undone underdress and bare knees didn't help. I was sitting there with my bare cock hanging out on my pants.

"Want another one?" Ma asked.

I didn't but nodded enthusiastically.

As soon as Ma got up and turned around, I stuffed my erection into my pants. It was so hard I had trouble getting it in but finally managed to do so, just before Ma came back to the table. I only had time for one glance at her wiggling behind before she turned around and, despite my conscience, let my eyes fall upon the breasts rustling under her clothes as she walked back to the table.

"Oh, my. I must look a sight," Ma said, pulling her underdress together with one hand as she lowered the plate in front of me. "All my dresses are on the line," she said, sheepishly. "I'll go get a housecoat."

I could have kicked myself but rallied in time to put a hand out to stop her. "Not on my account, Ma. I'll be finished and going in a minute."

"You don't mind, then?" Ma smiled.

"No, no," I shook my head, looking down and biting into the sandwich as if her partial state of undress meant nothing.

"Ok, as long as you don't mind."

I shook my head, indicating it was no big deal, and Ma took a bite of her own sandwich. I looked below her chin into the valley between her breasts. Though Ma had pulled the underdress closed, she hadn't snugged up the ties and it had simply opened again. Ma kept her eyes downcast as she chewed and the thought crossed my mind that she knew where I was looking and didn't want to embarrass me by looking up. I should have been considerate and looked away, but I didn't.

Ma took several more bites and so did I, all the time staring at the bare skin on the top of her breasts. The fact was, I couldn't make myself look away even if I'd wanted to and, when I finally did, my eyes dropped to her lap, fixing on the hem of the underdress which had ridden several inches above her knees. Sparks flickered all around my cock. I jerked my eyes away, only to land upon Ma's feet and the back of her well-muscled calves, tucked back beside her chair. Oh, my God, I was going to lose it.

"I better go," I cried, shoving my chair back and standing up. "Thanks for lunch, Ma."

I started away from the table just as Ma looked up at me. Her eyes changed focus, caught by the lump in front of my pants. I was already moving past her but I saw her head quiver in shock before she looked away. "Goodbye," she called, as I burst through the door and ran to the barn.

I forgot to get the wire puller and, a hundred yards down the road, I had to go back for it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ma was properly dressed when we came in for supper. I couldn't help examining her torso, wondering how she hid the breasts that had stood out so proudly when she bathed and that moved so enticingly beneath the underdress when she moved. Did she bind them up somehow? When she was peeling potatoes at the sink, Ma's hips wiggled but the intriguing shimmies I had witnessed at the back of the underdress at lunch didn't surface.

After supper, Ma put two huge pots of water on the top of the stove and two kettles full too. I knew she did this when one of us was going to have a bath but it wasn't my day for one and I knew Pa had had one the day before. I was puzzled because I knew Ma took her baths when she was alone during the day.

"Donny, can you drag the tub out for me," she asked.

"Sure, Ma."

Ma turned to Pa, "I'm going to have my baths in the evening from now on so if you two want anything from the kitchen get it now."

I dragged the tub into the middle of the kitchen, feeling guilty because I was sure Ma must have thought I'd seen her that morning. Ma repeated what she'd said to Pa so I grabbed a muffin and a glass of milk and went into the living room. She joined us and we listened to the radio for almost an hour. I dumped the big pots into the tub when Ma asked me to and she shushed me out, pulling the pocket door between the kitchen and living room closed behind me.

I sat in the living room pretending to listen to the radio but my attention was in the kitchen, imagining Ma stripping of her clothes and getting into the tub. Pa was nodding off now and then and I wished he would fall asleep. Then again, I hoped he didn't because I imagined the uproar if he woke up to catch me peeking through the crack left because the pocket door didn't slide completely shut.

The man on the radio was talking about the war in Europe. Apparently, Poland had fallen and nothing else was happening. The man on the radio thought Britain and France would do a deal with Germany like they'd done before and that's why nothing was happening. The news ended and some slow music came on.

To my surprise, Pa snorted, got up, and walked over to the kitchen. I was about to remind him that Ma was taking a bath then stifled myself. If he opened the door, I might be able to see Ma. I shifted over to the other end of the couch, ready to look, but Pa walked past the kitchen and started up the stairs. He walked with careful, tired steps and hardly made a sound. Was he going to bed? He hadn't said goodnight and it was still quite early to go to bed, even for Pa. Probably, he was just going upstairs to get a book. I waited several minutes for him to return but he didn't come.

I turned down the lamp and cautiously walked over to the bottom of the stairs. I listened carefully but couldn't hear anything from upstairs. All I heard was the splash of water and Ma humming. With a final, long glance up the stairs, I bent over and peeked through the crack in the door.

Ma was sitting in the tub with her head back and her eyes closed. I could see the top of her breasts, all shiny and glistening from soapy water. She was humming but was still except for her right arm which hardly moved. If she was washing herself, it would take her all night at this rate. I wished she would move more so her tits would jiggle but her hand seemed to be scrubbing the same place over and over.

All of a sudden, Ma opened her mouth and arched her back, pushing her nipples out of the water. Wow! Fucking fantastic. A foot lifted up and Ma used her lower leg to cradle it along the edge of the tub. Her toes curled just as her right arm started moving faster. I stared so hard it felt like my eyeball might fall out and drop through the crack in the door. I leaned forward and almost bumped the door with my head. The floor creaked when I jerked back!

Ma's eyes flew open, her foot fell back in the tub, and she stared at the door. I froze. Oh shit, shit, shit. Ma's left arm came up across her breasts and the hand covered her right tit. She stared at the door. The song finished on the radio and another, more lively tune started up. Ma turned her head and strained it toward the door to listen. Thankfully, a few seconds later, her shoulders relaxed and she leaned back again. I breathed a silent sigh of relief. Ma's eyes closed and the arm fell away from her tits, bending the nipple on the right one down and causing it to spring back. Only then did I notice how stiff it was. Ma started to gently scrub herself again. Holy moly, she was touching herself down there!

Ma's foot reappeared along the edge of the tub. This time, the right foot lined up on the other edge too and both of Ma's arms disappeared below the water, angled so as to meet between her legs. They began twitching and Ma's head tipped back, mouth open. Within a minute, her upper arms were quivering with effort and the muscles in Ma's legs bunched up in time with her curling toes and her breathing became audible. Holy fuck! I wished I could see what I knew she was doing, rubbing it, maybe even pushing her fingers into it. Mother of God, Ma was whacking off, woman style.

I pulled my cock out of my pants and started wanking it. Ma's feet and legs were really twitching now. She was definitely getting off. There! Ma pulled her head forward, her opening wide as if to scream but no sound came out. Her head shuddered, once, twice, several more times, then she relaxed and eased her head back to the edge of the tub, expelling a long sigh. Ma's feet tumbled back into the tub. She looked at peace with the world.

I had stopped wanking, afraid Ma might hear me. After a minute or so, Ma tipped her head up, a relaxed smile gracing her face, fished around for the soap, and started scrubbing it up and down the outside of her left arm. Soon, she was soaping her breasts and then she stood up. Water cascaded off her gorgeous body and her bouncing tits.

I was looking right at Ma's crotch, a rough patch of dark hair forming a triangle at the juncture of her legs. I stared as Ma soaped her tummy in wide ovals, then started on her legs, bending over to do below her knees. She dropped the soap and cupped water in her hands, bringing it up and spilling it over her body to rinse away the lather that covered her breasts and stomach. She repeated this many times. My hand was working my cock again. I hadn't realized I had started jacking it again. I worried about making noise but kept pulling on it.

Ma soaped her back and then lathered her behind. I wished I could see her hands rubbing her spongy cheeks and even thought about running around to the back of the house to peek in the window. Her hands dropped as she bent to do behind her legs. Suddenly, she sat down and wiggled herself deep into the tub. Damn, she was done.

But Ma stood up and turned around, presenting me with her bare ass. I had only seen it from a distance from the side window but now it was right there in front of me, less than ten feet way, full on. My tongue slipped through my lips and I pulled harder on my cock. Ma started soaping her bum, doing just the right buttock. She did it slowly as if this part of her body required special attention. Ma lifted her left foot and planted it on the higher back edge of the tub, forcing her buttock into sharper definition. She started rubbing soap all over it again, then cupped her palm under the middle and started sliding it back and forth underneath.

I was surprised at how long Ma washed her bum. She dropped her foot and put the other one on the back of the tub, then started soaping up her left buttock, taking just as much time to do it as she did the right. She dropped her foot back into the tub and stood there for a few seconds with her fully lathered ass staring me in the face.

Then Ma did something that totally caught me off guard. She bent forward and placed both hands on the back edge of the tub. The soap slowly drizzled off her buttocks, glistening in the flickering light of the kitchen lamps. Ma shifted her feet apart the full width of the tub. Her right hand dropped from the back edge and its fingers reappeared between her legs. She started to rub herself, fingers alternately appearing and disappearing. Motherfucker, she was getting herself off again right in front of my eyes!

My hand stopped moving. All I could do was stare. Ma's hips abruptly dropped until she was kneeling in the tub, leaving the upper part of her ass visible but nothing more. Ma swished water onto her thighs and flipped it up onto her ass. I heard a creak upstairs. Pa was coming. Quickly, I scrambled across to the couch, generating a few creaks of my own, and sat down just as Pa started down the stairs.

"Why's it so dark in here? Is the lamp out of oil?" he asked.

I leaned over and turned up the lamp as Pa sat down in his chair. "No, the wick just burnt down, is all."

In the brighter light, I could see a huge lump in my pants. Thankfully, Pa sat down and opened up the book he'd brought downstairs without looking at me. I pushed the lump down but that was a big mistake. As soon as I touched myself, I started to come, legs shaking and stomach heaving. Pa was oblivious. I had just finished when the door slid back and Ma appeared.

"Donny," she called. "Can you empty the tub for me?"

I looked at Ma. The kitchen lamps outlined her body perfectly through her thin robe. I gulped and nodded.

"Now, please," Ma said.

I got up and lumbered over to the door, hoping my wet spunk wasn't seeping through my pants. Ma watched me approach and only stepped aside when I was at the door. She took a couple of steps up the stairs, then turned around.

"If you put the kettle on, I'll make us some cocoa." She smiled and waited for my response, which, due to nervousness and something else, I was slow to make.

"That would be great, Ma," I finally managed to get out.

I was also slow to respond because I was distracted. Although Ma was facing me, only her upper body had twisted around and that made her tit stand out sharply from her chest, and her bum, well, it must have been still wet because the thin robe was pasted on it like a second layer of skin. There was no way I could have hidden my appreciation but Ma didn't seem to see, or at least, she acted like she hadn't.

"Ok, then. I'll be down in a minute."

I watched Ma all the way up the stairs. She wasn't in any hurry which let my senses savor every detail of her backside as it flexed and bulged on each step.

I forgot all about Pa sitting there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had bailed enough water from the tub to drag it outside and dump it but changed my mind when Ma returned to make hot cocoa. She was still wearing the thin robe she had put on after her bath but she now also had some kind of nightdress underneath. Nonetheless, Ma's figure was still more discernable than when it was covered by her normal underdress and dress so I stayed to watch while she prepared the cocoa and warmed up some buns. Each time I bent down to fill the small pot with water I ogled Ma's ass and when I dumped it in the sink, I tried to look over her shoulder and down the loose lapels of her robe. Thankfully, Ma seemed as oblivious to my reckless attention as she had on the stairs.

Eventually, the tub was empty and I put it away. Ma had taken the cocoa and muffins into the living room. She was sitting on the end of the couch near Pa's chair so I sat on the other end. Both of my parents were listening to the radio while I read one of Hank's old, dog-eared comics, or, at least, I pretended to.

Ma's robe kept slipping off her knees, exposing the bare skin of her thighs. Each time Ma took a drink from her mug, the robe would slide off her knee and she would quickly pull in back up to cover her legs. That was okay because the memory of her bare leg had been seared into my brain and lasted much longer than the few seconds her leg was exposed. The news came on and, of course, they soon started speaking about the war in Europe. Pa got antsy and looked like he was going to turn the radio off.

"Damn nonsense," he grunted.

"Leave it alone," Ma said. "We won't get into it this time. The President won't send our boys off to die over there again."

"That's for sure," Pa growled, picking up an old paper and rattling it in front of his face.

"Our boys know they should stay home and mind what's theirs, lessen they don't make it back or it's gone by the time they do."

"That's right," Pa grunted, rattling his paper.

The robe slipped off Ma's leg but farther up this time. I stared at her bare thigh, pleased by the line dividing the lean upper part from the softer underside. I had lots of time to look as Ma took a long drink from her mug instead of pulling the robe back up to cover her leg. As she lifted her arm, more of the robe fell off, exposing almost all of her thigh. The nightgown I had seen under the lapels of her robe must have been really short because there was no evidence of it lower down. Ma pulled the mug away from her lips but forgot to recover her leg. She looked at the radio, listening closely to what the announcer was saying. I stared at her leg just as intently, trying to curve my eyes over the top and into the crease between her legs, especially near the top.

"Would you like some more, Donny?"

Ma was looking at me with soft eyes. I jerked my head up.

"Uh yeah, Ma. That would be great."

"Well, give me your mug, then," she smiled.

I turned around and grabbed my mug, then held it out to her, feeling myself starting to blush furiously at being caught looking at her legs.

"You still have half a mug left. Did you forget it was there?" Ma's eyes twinkled.

I pulled the mug up to my mouth and drained it, then handed it to Ma. She laughed and took it into the kitchen, returning five minutes later with two fresh mugs.

"Careful, it's hot," she said, leaning down to hand me one of the mugs.

I gingerly took the mug, but slowly. I was looking inside Ma's robe which had gapped open as she leaned forward. I could see the outline of her breasts in the shadows as they swung out from her chest, the nightgown doing little to constrain them. Ma held onto the mug, extending the time I had to look down the front of her robe.

"Have you got it?" she asked.

"Not quite," I replied, pretending to have difficulty getting hold of the mug. When I felt I couldn't delay any longer, I said, "There, got it." I had won ten more long seconds of ogling Ma's swaying tits.

Ma sat down and turned to look at the radio which was now playing a gentle instrumental, some kind of classical music. The robe now covered her legs, held in place by her left hand which was lying on her lap. Ma took a sip of her cocoa. It was obviously too hot but she kept the mug near her face and lifted her left hand up to help steady it. To my disappointment, the robe remained in place. However, a few seconds later, Ma lifted her leg and crossed it over her right knee. The robe fell off her leg, way off!

My cock hardened in my spunk-filled pants. An elongated S defined the underside of Ma's thigh from the bottom of her knee until it disappeared under the robe, near the start of her behind. It was a marvel how this hard-working woman could look so sexy in a simple, demure pose. I imagined sliding next to her and pushing her onto her side so I could shove my hard cock between her legs. I groaned, then held my breath. Ma's ear flickered but she didn't look my way.

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