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Fisting Mom

by alwayswantedto©

She rose up half way to her knees, thighs stretched out and quivering with every twitch of my hand. She was very close. I turned to look at Lisa, until now having forgotten she was there, and nodded to indicate that Mom would come soon. Lisa had stepped out of the closet. At first I was alarmed but then realized Mom would be unaware of her presence in her current state and that Lisa could more easily escape unnoticed form her present position.

I turned back to Mom and released her tit. Thinking of Lisa behind me, I grasped Mom's long hair like I'd done at the sink and lifted her head up. I didn't know if Lisa could see her face from where she was but the purity of her ecstasy radiated from the glowing, sweat-sheened outline of her continuously throbbing body.

"Ohhhhahhhhhummmphhhhh," Mom wailed, quivering spasmodically for a final half dozen seconds and then collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath.

Gently, I extracted my hand and twisted left to see Lisa's reaction, but she was gone. Turning back, I caught a glimpse of movement to my right. Lisa hadn't left, she had been moving forward when I had twisted about to look for her. Now, she was at the end of the bed, her right knee already lifting onto the mattress.

No! I screamed silently, waving frantically for Lisa to withdraw. She was going to ruin everything.

She crawled onto the bed, like a leopard stalking its prey. She was naked and my mind suddenly registered the pile of clothes where she had stood just outside the closet. Her shanks glistened — evidence of the effect of Mom's intense orgasm — as she crawled up beside Mom and laid down about a foot away. Holy shit!

Mom smiled, probably thinking it was me, and her eyes fluttered open.

Confusion, then shock, followed by horror. Mom's head twisted up until her peripheral vision registered my presence. Her head fell back to the pillow, face reddening, then withdrawing under a mask of — shame.

Shame. My mother was ashamed of what her daughter had seen. Her face turned inward to the pillow but lacked the strength to bury itself as a sob wracked her body, then another and another.

Lisa stretched out her hand and cupped Mom's face.

"Shhhhhh," she whispered. "Shhhhh."

Mom's sobs subsided and her head turned back to face her daughter.

"Shhhhhhh, Mom," Lisa comforted, her thumb brushing a tear from under Mom's eye.

Mom's eyes opened and gazed at her daughter who's eyes returned only love, compassion, and understanding. Lisa's hand left Mom's face and, grasping my right arm by the wrist, tugged it toward her. I was pulled over top of Mom as Lisa placed my hand on her own ass, then steered it between her legs. She raised her hips and pushed my hand under her ass, released my wrist, then covered my hand and pushed my fingers onto her pussy, urging them inside, all of them.

Mom's eyes widened as Lisa's intention became clear. Her fingers nudged me again, urging my fingers deeper. I complied and Lisa's hand returned to Mom's face as I pushed inside my sister's cunt, eased by the slick coating on my hand left by my mother. Lisa's mouth opened and her face crinkled as my hand forced its way into her cunt. Mom's hand, previously limp and lifeless, stretched out to cup her daughter's face. She smiled her own understanding and encouragement. I pushed right in, paused, then twisted my hand slowly about, forcing Lisa's mouth open again in another silent cry of ecstasy.

I moved up on the bed to kneel between them so I could more easily access my sister's yearning cunt. Mom didn't know it was Lisa's second time. She comforted her daughter throughout what she thought was her daughter's first fisting. We never corrected that misguided assumption. By the time Lisa was shoving her hips up to provide better access for my arm, Mom had moved closer and rained loving kisses on her daughter's face.

Lisa's orgasm wasn't as intense as Mom's but it was still pretty impressive. I felt inadequate as I sat back on my haunches while mother and daughter caressed each other's face, neck and shoulders. It wasn't because they were ignoring me or that I felt like a simple tool, it was because if they could accept my whole hand and half my arm, how could my cock ever satisfy them, or any woman?

Perhaps sensing my involuntary solitude, Lisa looked at me, smiled, then reached out and touched my jeans which were bulging near the bursting point. Her simple touch triggered a noticeable lurch and she laughed. Deftly unsnapping my jeans and pulling them apart, Lisa curled her delicate hand into my shorts and fished out my rock hard cock. She jacked me off for a few strokes, turning to make sure Mom was looking and using her own eyes to pull Mom's up to my cock. Mom seemed intrigued, watching Lisa jack me off as if she was watching a new show on TV, but when Lisa pulled my cock toward her, Mom's eyes widened.

Lisa tugged my erection until I had to straddle her. Releasing my cock, Lisa's arm snaked around Mom's waist and urged her forward, her elbow shoving against my knee. I lifted my knee out of the way and Lisa pulled Mom in tight to her, belly to belly, breast to breast. My knee hung in the air awkwardly for a moment before I gingerly lowered it behind Mom's back. I now straddled both women. Lisa laughed at Mom, producing a return giggle, then looked up at me and smiled.

"You've been a very good boy, Jerrod," she laughed, grasping my cock again.

Pulling down, she brought it close to her face, then pressed it against her cheek. Letting go, she curled her hand around Mom's neck and pulled her close. They kissed.

I watched, stunned, as their kisses grew from tentative to committed and then intense. I tried to remain in the gallery but Lisa pressed my cock to her face as they kissed, and then pushed it onto Mom's. I began rubbing my cock all over their faces as they kissed.

Their lips parted and my cock pushed between them. Lisa laughed out loud and pushed her head forward, trapping my shaft between their soft lips. I groaned as two mouths closed around my cock, bathed by two tongues, flicking and sliding, licking and sucking. I started thrusting between their faces, barely able to contain the sensation flickering up my rod into my body.

My cock slipped sideways and pushed into Lisa's mouth. Her head twisted as she immediately moved back and forth, sucking me. As soon as she ejected my cock, Mom captured it in hers.

"Oh God, Mom," I moaned, as my cock slipped to and fro over her lips and tongue, bulging her cheeks with each thrust.

It was too much. I started to come. Mom forced me out, not because she didn't want to swallow my cum but because she was trying to share it with her daughter. Lisa had another idea, however, and her mouth captured Mom's in an intense kiss as I released the rest of my spend on their joined faces. They were unbothered and the kiss lasted well beyond the last gasping dribble of my cum along their entwined noses. When I crawled off the bed, they were still kissing. I stumbled out of the bedroom toward the shower.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I didn't return that morning. I left for school while Mom and Lisa were in the shower together. I won't try to describe the strange vibes reverberating throughout the house that night and the next day except to say that Dad was the only one who was oblivious. The following morning, which was a Thursday, found Dad and I alone at breakfast.

"Where's Mom and Lisa?" I asked.

He looked up from his paper, a frown crinkling his forehead. "No idea," he said, then casually returned to the article he was reading.

I made and ate a bowl of cereal and a couple pieces of toast and left shortly after Dad. Walking down the block, I slowed and finally stopped. It was sunny. A nice spring day. Birds were singing. I turned around and slowly started walking back to the house. By the time I got there, I was whistling.

I kept whistling in the house, pausing to take my shoes off, something Mom always yelled at me for not doing. I went upstairs and straight to my room without looking into either Mom's room or Lisa's. I undressed, completely, then sauntered into Mom's bedroom.

They were lying on the bed, facing each other, casually caressing one another's body and kissing. They both laughed when they saw me enter, stark naked. I was still whistling.

"What took you so long?" they chimed.

"Male ignorance," I responded, approaching the bed.

Mom and Lisa both turned onto their backs, shifting toward one another, hip to hip. I crawled onto the bed at their feet and they both lifted the leg closest to one another and intertwined their feet. I bent forward into the gap and lowered myself until my head butted against the upraised thigh of each woman. They each lifted their outer cheek to accommodate my hands sliding underneath and produced an appropriate sigh of appreciation when my lips found their respective pussies.

I nibbled and teased and licked until both were lubricating freely. Only then did I transfer each hand from a butt cheek, one more ample than the other, to thread my fingers into impatiently waiting cunts. Latching my mouth onto first one, and then the other's, protruding sensitivity, I managed to dispel the periodic giggles and replace them with a steady stream of sighs. Hands appeared between spread legs to encourage my face to stay on each sweet spot for a little longer but reluctantly allowed it to stray to their relative's. Gradually, I worked the fingers of each hand, all of them, into well-prepared cunts.

I was surprised when Lisa came soon after but had to work harder to bring Mom off. When I was done, I got up on my knees, waiting for them to face one another again so I could straddle their shoulders and push my cock into their mouths, already picturing myself spewing all over their laughing faces. But both women, with an amused glance at each other, spun around to lie on their tummies, giggling. They immediately began to kiss one another.

Chagrined, I slapped each lightly on the ass. In response to further mirth, I slapped harder and eventually had produced four very rosy cheeks. I was very excited and, when they started another long kiss, I straddled Mom's thighs and plunged my cock between her legs into her well lubricated pussy.

Mom broke the kiss, her eyes opening wide, and tried to push me off but I was already slamming into her hard, desperate to come. Her cunt felt surprisingly gritty, it clasped me so tightly. Her twisting motion only spurred me on and I grabbed her right knee and held it to the mattress, fucking her sideways. Mom protested but Lisa grabbed her arm and lowered it.

"I'm next," she said.

Mom nodded her acknowledgement and they started another kiss, leaving me to my rampant attack. It didn't take long. I was so fucking horny I kept fucking after I spewed my seed into Mom until Lisa raised her hips and I switched to her inviting orifice, my cock still dripping cum. I pounded on Lisa for much longer but eventually filled her too.

I left for my shower and found them still lying together when I returned. As before, there was no room for me so I clambered onto the bed above their heads and sat with my back squarely against the headboard. I waited patiently for them to break their kiss and tilt their heads back to look up to see what the fuck I was up to. As soon as they did, I think it was Mom who looked first, I pushed my cock into her mouth.

I switched back and forth for a while. Mom was able to take me deeper so I pushed her lower on the bed and encouraged Lisa to eat her pussy. Once they were absorbed, I put a pillow under Mom's head and tilted her face back. Leaning over, my cock dangling over her face, I waited until she opened her eyes, focused on my cock and opened her mouth.

Mom looked so fucking hot I could hardly breathe as I fed my cock into her mouth and pushed it way down, right into her throat. Man, I'd never done that and it is something to feel. A nice slow throat fuck is still my favorite. Lisa can't do it like Mom, though she's tried. Anyway, looking down at Mom as I slipped it in, I remembered how she had looked ashamed. There wasn't a shred of shame anymore, just complete comfort with what we were doing. We all had our quirks and had learned how to share, at least, within the family. Shared familial love and, of course, lust.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mom put her foot down about skipping out of school two days a week but allowed one as long as we kept our grades up. So, once a week, we spent a day relieving our pent up sexual tension. We always started with a simultaneous fisting, with Mom and Lisa both lying on their backs or tummies. I preferred them lying on their tummies because afterward, I loved to straddle their thighs and push my cock into a hot pulsing pussy.

I almost always did Mom first, not sure why. I guess because she had a meatier ass and she let me play around with it. Not at first, but over time I was able to rub her bud with my thumb and even slip a finger in. After a while, it became routine for me to finger Mom's ass. Lisa never let me do it and seemed horrified when I eventually pulled my cock out and nudged it against the entrance to Mom's dark place. Her horror turned to open-mouthed shock when Mom twisted her head back to look at me, then smiled and nodded.

I pushed in. It was hard and took some time and many signals to stop from Mom before I was all the way in. However, not long after that I was able to move steadily if somewhat slowly. Mom began releasing the occasional moan or grunt which excited me tremendously. After a long time, she began shoving her ass back, encouraging me to go harder. I was very surprised, despite all the pornos I'd watched, that I was able to fuck Mom's ass as hard as I fucked her pussy. Lisa was blown away, by the intensity of Mom's orgasm.

It was only two weeks later that Lisa insisted I fuck her first and I had barely got into her before she pushed me out and pulled the tip of my cock onto her asshole. I didn't think I'd fit into her tiny butt but that was another lesson learned. The fisting waned after that in favor of butt sex.

Even I was surprised by how often I could fuck in one day. We did stop to each lunch and have snacks but we spent almost all the rest of the time in bed. Between fucks, Mom and Lisa were always caressing each other if not actually making love. I think that was part of the reason for my endurance. Looking at a nice ass, cheeks clenching and relaxing to soft sighs and moans, is an incredible stimulant, that's all I can offer for an explanation. When they suddenly go into invitation mode, tummy down, bums lifting slightly, I'm sure any of you would rise to the occasion too. There's nothing like a dually.

We did have sex more than once a week but it was more opportunistic because Dad was usually around. Mom rarely let me fuck her if Dad was in the house. The only exceptions were the occasional late night visits to my room if she was really horny and the more regular Saturday escapes to the laundry room. Downstairs, amid the covering noise of the washer and dryer, in a room Dad hadn't visited since he bought the house, Mom and I slaked our mid-week thirst. Although I didn't think about it then, I realize now that Lisa didn't know about those excursions. Neither Mom or I told her about them. I liked having Mom to myself, and maybe she felt the same. I suspected she and Lisa shared their own private liaisons. Strangely, Lisa and I never did it alone.

Mom did blow me when Dad was home. I was always ready but she usually initiated it, signaling me to come into the kitchen or upstairs while Dad was watching something he was really interested in on TV. All it took was a leg sliding out along the couch and a nudge with a bare toe. Mom did that a lot and I know she knew how much it teased me. If she got up and left the room right after a nudge and rub, I knew if I followed I wouldn't regret it. I have to say, even with all the things we did, sliding my cock in and out of Mom's mouth while holding her head in both hands with Dad either downstairs or in the next room is without question the most erotic thing I've ever done.

Once, Mom called me into the kitchen to help her, over-ruling a labored and feigned protest from me. Dad looked relieved when Mom told me to slide the glass pocket door closed to diminish the noise from the dishwasher. When I turned around, Mom was kneeling on the floor, waiting. Just before I was about to come, she pulled her head off my cock and directed it at her face. After I had covered it, she stood up and calmly washed several pots by hand that were soaking in the sink despite my pleas for her to clean up.

Just as often, I would hear Mom say to Dad that she was going to check on me to make sure I was doing my school work and not playing a computer game. Once in my room, she would lift her skirt and accept my hand in her pussy and my mouth on her clit. Lowering her skirt over my head, she would hump my hand and face, and would soon be unable to stand by herself. I guess that was payment for the blowjobs.

On our days alone, I often had to make a joint payment for access to Mom and Lisa's face and ass. I would lie on the bed about halfway down and they would kiss and nuzzle each other, face to face, both straddling my head. They took turns rubbing their pussies, very wet pussies I might add, on my face until both of them came. I liked it better when Mom was in the lower position because she would at least reach back and hold my cock but Lisa left me to my own devices. I always worked a finger into each ass because I knew that payback was coming for me afterwards.

I guess the point is that we learned to accommodate our desires and even revel in them. I think our existing love made that easier. I'm always wondering what they'll come up with next.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Written by: alwayswantedto

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