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Fisting Mom

by alwayswantedto©


Christ, that was me, not Mom.

I pushed my fingers inside her cunt.



I wasn't gradual or gentle. I pushed two and then three fingers all the way in, twisting my hand, exploring with my fingertips. In and out, in, twist, out, in, twist left and right, out, in... Mom moved her right foot out, opening her legs wider and I let her head slump forward again, adding my pinky to the exploration team. All my fingers were completely inside her now, right up to the last set of knuckles, twisting with the full width of my hand, and still Mom moaned for more.

My thumb pressed against her asshole and Mom's head dropped right into the sink, her face glancing off the faucet. I pressed my thumb into her tight, crinkly hole, but just enough to cover the nail. My left hand slid down Mom's back to hold her against the counter as her legs began to buckle. Pulling my thumb away, I clamped it tight to my index finger, curled my palm inward, and pushed into her cunt, sliding all the way in, meeting great resistance but only momentarily because of a sudden flood of feminine fluid.

"Ohhhhhaaghhhhhhh," Mom cried out.

I stopped, then twisted my hand slowly from side to side. Mom whimpered and her hands stretched back to grasp the edge of the counter. I kept twisting my hand but added a gentle to and fro motion, rocking Mom over the sink. She was emitting a constant, low-level moan now and her legs were quivering violently. It wouldn't be long now and I knew I would probably have to leave right away, in fact, I wanted to escape.

I twisted the top of my jeans open and yanked, succeeding in getting my zipper half way undone, then pressed my cock, still covered by my shorts, against the side of Mom's rump. Reaching under Mom with my free hand, I grasped her left tit, squeezing and releasing it in concert with the action of my right hand and humping her left thigh as my own moans intermingled with hers.

Mom's legs suddenly stiffened, vibrating hard. I knew she was coming and couldn't help releasing my own deluge. I withdrew my hand from Mom's tit as her thighs clamped hard on my right. My shorts were soaked and my cum leaked through onto Mom's skirt, pushed by each new surging torrent in perfect coordination with every gasp that escaped my mouth.

Mom's legs went limp and I pulled my hand out, scraping over her still quivering, slick thighs. I made sure she wasn't going to fall off the counter, then stumbled out of the kitchen and up to my room. I showered and changed. When I left, the shower was still going in Mom's room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I pretended I was going over to Eleyna's after dinner the next night. I couldn't tell Lisa that we had broken up because then I couldn't keep up the charade about seducing her mom. Now that I'd had a taste of my sister's pussy — well, not literally, but the thought intrigued me — I desperately wanted to continue. Who knew how far it could go? Hell, I might even be able to fuck her, my gorgeous sister!

I tooled around until almost midnight to be sure that Mom and Dad would be in bed, then slipped quietly in the front door. Creeping up the stairs, I almost stumbled with elation when I saw the light shining around my almost closed door. She was waiting for me. Fuck, this was going to be soooo good.

I forced myself not to rush down the hallway. The last thing I wanted to do was wake up Mom or Dad. It took an eternity to get to my room but I knew it was going to be worth it, I just knew it. I was already hard and pulled my shirt out of my jeans to cover myself.

"Look what the cat brought in," Lisa laughed. I shushed her and looked back through the door, then closed it gently.

"You look a little bedraggled," Lisa giggled just as loudly as the first time.

"Be quiet, or I won't tell you what happened."

"Oohhh," she giggled, ducking her head. "Alright, little brother, tell me what the slut's mother did tonight."

Lisa had been sitting on the bed, facing me, and now turned to lay on it, on her tummy, leaving me enough room to sit beside her like before. Her legs bent at her knees as she waved her feet around.

"Take off your shirt," Lisa ordered. "I don't want that bedraggled thing near my clean nightgown."

I unbuttoned my shirt. Lisa watched until I pulled my arm out the first sleeve, then turned her face down into the pillow. My cock lurched when I noticed her spreading her legs further apart. This was going to be so awesome!

I dropped my shirt to the floor and quietly unbuckled my jeans, spreading them slowly apart so the zipper wouldn't make any noise as it retracted. Look at that ass. This nightgown was even thinner than the one last night and nestled closely over her buns. I could see her crack standing six feet from the bed. Joy surged through my chest as I lowered myself carefully onto the bed beside my sister, my eyes firmly focused on her supple little ass. Soon, soon.

Lisa didn't hurry me. She let me speak without any prodding, unlike the night before. She looked ready for a good story, wiggling every now and then which sent quivers through her cheeks.

I couldn't think of another excuse for why Eileen and I were alone so I used the same called-into-work baloney but Lisa didn't question it. I soon had Eileen pushed over on the couch, my hand deep under her dress, knuckles twisting back and forth, mashing against her pubes.

"No panties again. You naughty, naughty girl," I exclaimed, berating both Eileen and my sister who exhibited the same state of affairs.

"You're making me be bad," I husked. "I can't help myself."

My fingers probed, slipping easily inside Eleyna's mother in my mind and sluiced through Lisa's nether lips with even less resistance.

"You shouldn't lift your ass like that, you shouldn't love it so much," I cried, truly loving it when Lisa raised her hips and opened her legs wider for me. Bunching all my fingers together, I pushed them into her pussy and was surprised at how easily they sank inside but maybe I shouldn't have been: my sister self-lubricated as copiously as her mother. Lisa groaned into the pillow.

The hell with the story. I released my cock which I hadn't until then realized I had grabbed and pulled Lisa's nightgown up onto her back, baring her gorgeous, tight little ass. My hand slipped across her barely ample cheeks, gently prodding her ass up to give my hand easier access to her pussy. When she moaned, I pushed my fingers deeper inside, pausing only when the width of my hand stopped further progress. Curling it inward, I applied more pressure and increased it more to override her resistance. Lisa groaned loudly and I was glad I had shut the door and that she had chosen to muffle her face in the pillow. A low growl escaped when my knuckles passed through. I was in.

It was a straightforward handfuck after that. I leaned into my task, kissing and nibbling Lisa's cheeks and gently biting her ass as I worked my fist inside her cunt. She writhed before the onslaught of my hand, squiggled under my mouth, and whimpered at the flick of my tongue. So fucking hot, so very fucking hot. Too soon, she went rigid, shook violently, and expelled my hand in a gush of cuntal fluid.

I was amazed that I hadn't come before and subsequently, witnessing Lisa's intense orgasm, still didn't release my seed. Lisa collapsed on the bed but quickly twisted around to look up at me.

"Who said you could do that, little brother?" she asked, eyes sparkling but not smiling.

"I... uh... I..." I was wary as Lisa swung her legs around me and sat up. I turned away but remained sitting on the bed.

"Are you going to tell me the truth now?" Lisa asked.

"The truth?" I regurgitated, dumbly.

"The truth," Lisa repeated. "I want to know the truth," she demanded.

"I don't know what you mean," I mumbled, hunching over my hardon, hidden under my stretched underwear but persistent nonetheless.

"Oh, yes you do. Do you know what I found out today?"

I shook my head.

"Eleyna lives with her father. Her mother left years ago."

"No, she..."

"No more bullshit, Jerrod. You're not a good liar, you never were, but these stories were too good for you to make up," Lisa mused. "So, who is it? Tell me who you've been doing this to."

I shook my head, hanging it lower between my knees.

"Cathy's mom? Have you been doing this to Cathy's mom."

I raised my head. Lisa could see the horror in my eyes. Cathy was nice looking but her mother wasn't and she was a real bitch on top of it.

"Who, then sweetie?" Lisa purred, her soft hand sliding through my lap and capturing my underwear-shrouded cock. "Who?" she whispered, squeezing, rubbing her thumb across the tip.

"Lisa, don't," I protested, managing the weakest protest in recorded history.

Lisa's rubbing thumb showed how much she believed my protest. Somehow her other hand managed to squeeze in there and my shorts suddenly flipped over the top of my dick. Lisa's warm hand circled my bare cock, her squeezing palm milking its head.

"Tell me," she whispered.

I moaned as Lisa started jacking my cock.

"Own up, little brother, and I'll be very nice to you," Lisa planted a very wet, smacking, long kiss on the side of my face.

"Please, Lisa," I groaned.

"Just tell me," she husked, squeezing her hand up and down the full length of my shaft. "Ohhhh, faster," she whispered. "Doesn't that feel good, Jerrod?" She planted another long, wet kiss on my cheek. "Imagine how much better it could be?"

I was going to come. It was obvious, but Lisa hadn't noticed. She was thinking.

"Who, who could it be?" she wondered aloud.

Oh, God, her hand felt good. Faster, she was moving faster. I was half out of my mind. I lunged up on the bed, fucking her hand. Almost there, almost there, oh yeah, picturing my hand under Mom's dress, bent over the sink, fisting her, shoving my hand in her cunt, I want to fuck her, fuck her!

"Mom!" I gasped, half standing, shoving my cock through Lisa fingers, loosing my load, spurting all over my floor. Lisa was standing with me, her hand wanking hard, throwing my come all over the place.

"Mom?" she cried.

I collapsed back on the bed, throwing my arm across my eyes. Lisa was beside me, leaning over, trying to pull my arm away so she could look into my eyes but I held fast.

"Mom?" she asked, aghast.

"I thought Mom was coming," I said lamely.

"You were the only one coming," Lisa laughed but she didn't sound amused.

"Mom. You're doing this to Mom?"

"No," I cried. "What's the matter with you?"

"Look at me and say it," Lisa demanded.

I steeled myself, dropped my arm, and stared my sister in the face. "Not Mom!"

Lisa gazed steadily into my eyes. She didn't stare. She just looked at me. My defiance waned, I was weakening, my eyes wavered.

"Jerrod! I can't believe it. You're fisting Mom!"

It was a statement, not a question.

"No, I'm not."

"You are. Unfucking believable!"

I denied it again but Lisa ignored me.

"How could I have missed it. When... oh yeah, that day you asked me, about sticking your hand between a woman's legs... you said it was Eleyna's mom... you said Mom was mad because you fell on her leg... that's it, isn't it? That's when it happened. And I... I told you to go for it, didn't I?"

Lisa looked at me again, marvel in her face. I couldn't believe she wasn't furious. Instead, she was... excited. Her eyes danced with amusement and wonder.

"You're... fisting... Mom."

I nodded.


"Not quite," I said, seriously.

Lisa burst out laughing. I joined her.

"Motherfucker," she giggled.

"Not quite," I giggled back.

Lisa broke the mood, her face abruptly straightening.

"I want to see you do it."

The mirth melted from my face. "Impossible," I said.

"Possible," Lisa responded, nodding.

"She won't, I mean, she doesn't really let me, it just happened."

"It didn't just happen, Lisa replied. "She let it happen. No matter how accidental it looked, or how out of control she was, she let it happen."

I shook my head. I knew she was right but also sensed how tentative Mom's reaction was, or, at least, how tentative my nerve was, though that had strengthened after getting Mom by the sink. But with my sister there, or anybody for that matter? No way. I said as much to Lisa.

"She won't know I'm there."


"Do it in her room. Tomorrow. We'll sneak back into the house, both of us, and we'll wait until Mom comes up to her room. I'll hide in the closet, and watch." The excitement was bubbling within Lisa again.

"I don't know," I wavered.

"That's what we're going to do," Lisa stated.

I looked uncertain.

"Tomorrow," Lisa affirmed.

I nodded. Lisa smiled.

"And, if you do a good job, after, in your room, I'll show you something better than my hand."

She laughed and leaned toward me and planted one of those wet, sloppy kisses on the side of my face, pushing my cheek in with a swirl of her tongue. She was still giggling, despite Mom and Dad being asleep, when she walked out the door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We made a production of leaving the next morning, talking back and forth to each other too much, but neither Mom or Dad seemed to notice. Lisa parked around the corner until we saw Dad leave and then we jumped out, running, for no apparent reason, back to our house. We skipped through the neighbor's yard to avoid being seen out our front window and over the fence to the side of our house. Climbing up onto the garage, we sneaked into my bedroom window, left open for that purpose.

I opened my bedroom door a crack to listen. I couldn't hear any noises from downstairs but there weren't any from upstairs either. I reasoned that, if Mom was upstairs, I would hear her, so I turned to Lisa and whispered the all clear.

Lisa's eyes were fevered and her face flushed with excitement. She looked beautiful. As soon as my lips closed, Lisa grabbed my cheeks and pressed her lips to mine. Shocked at first, I started to react, pushing my tongue between my lips and through hers but she backed away, eyes dancing.

"Later," she promised. "If you're a good boy."

I peeked out the door. The hallway was clear. Carefully, Lisa and I tiptoed down the hallway and into Mom's room.

I froze.

Mom was lying on the bed, the dress she'd been wearing tossed casually onto a chair, along with her stockings. She looked asleep, lying stretched out, face down, dressed only in a slip. Lisa plowed into my back and peeked around, her eyes wide. I held my finger to my lips, then waved for Lisa to retreat. She looked at the open closet door and nodded in that direction. I shook my head but she stepped around me and tiptoed into the closet, then turned and waved for me to approach Mom.

"She's waiting for you," she mouthed silently.

I doubted it. Why would Mom be expecting me back? Then again, why was she lying down fifteen minutes after we had left with her dress off? I peered at the way her ass rose up from her back and how her feet were turned outward, about two feet apart, her legs forming a long V, parted perfectly for my purpose. My cock shifted and I absently reached down to pull my jeans away to make some room.

Lisa put her hand to her mouth, smothering a laugh. She jerked her head toward Mom and I looked again at her inviting ass and open legs. My swelling cock unlimbered. Lisa was smirking. I took my first tentative step, then another, and another.

Five feet from the bed, I froze. Mom twitched. Had she heard me? She shifted her hips, lifting her ass an inch before settling down. Her feet moved and her legs parted a few more inches. My eyes ran up the back of her bare legs to her ass. Bigger than Lisa's but inviting nonetheless. I remembered kissing and nibbling Lisa's ass while I shoved my hand up her cunt.

Mom's ass beckoned. I moved forward.

There was room for me to perch on the side of the bed, just as Lisa had left room for me to sit. Had Mom made room for me? There was only one way to find out.

I leaned over and pressed my hand into the mattress between Mom's knees, not near enough to touch her legs but sufficiently firm for its presence to be known.

Mom didn't react in any discernible way.

I lifted my hand, very slowly until the mattress bounced back to its former self, shifted three inches higher, and pushed it back into the mattress again, depressing it further, a 'louder' announcement of my presence.

Nothing. Could she actually be asleep? I turned to look at the closet. Lisa was staring but surprisingly didn't make any gestures. She seemed mesmerized by the whole scene.

I shifted my hand higher and pushed down, this time brushing past the hem of Mom's slip and barely grazing the skin on the inside of each thigh. Not even a flinch. There should have been something, a twitch, some kind of reaction, but there was none.

I lifted my hand and was about to push it under Mom's slip but changed my mind. Carefully, with the fingers of both hands, I pinched the edge of Mom's slip and gently lifted it higher up her thighs. Setting it down across her legs, I surveyed the way it lay, then picked it up and moved it two inches higher. I examined that layout for thirty seconds or so, then repeated what I'd done, leaving the slip stretched across the bottom of Mom's buttocks.

I could see Mom was pantyless now, tufts of her pubic hair straying out from beneath the pale green slip. I sensed the difficulty she was having controlling her breathing, though no physical signs were evident, and it excited me. I wanted to unzip my jeans to relieve the pressure on my hardening cock but instead put my hand between Mom's legs again, scraping across the inner thighs I'd barely grazed a minute before.

Now my presence couldn't be denied, yet Mom did nothing. It was certain she knew I was here, had been waiting for me just as Lisa had said. I felt a tremendous burst of confidence, of sheer male power. This woman, this special woman, was lying before me, offering herself for my pleasure, and hers.

I worked my hand higher, making sure to rub and scrape teasingly over Mom's inner thighs. I was in no hurry. This wasn't the tentative, unsure fondling that had unfolded in the kitchen. This was a deliberate act of possession.

As my hand neared Mom's pussy, my fingers closed into a fist, knuckles protruding, ready to brush across her moist, lower lips. I paused to rejoice, to ready myself to revel in the first wet, mushy contact. Should I probe with my fingers, or just force my fist inside?

Poised at her entrance, I stopped.

Grasping the hem of the slip with my left hand, I threw it up onto Mom's back. No delicate realignment here. This was a defiant gesture of control. I smiled down at Mom's bare ass, quivering with excitement below me. Lowering my face, I brushed my lips across her cheeks, and when I stopped to kiss and nibble her ass, I pushed my closed fist firmly against Mom's wet cunt.

"Unngghhhh," she cried.

I nipped Mom's ass gently between my teeth and maintained unrelenting pressure on her resisting pussy. I nibbled and bit, kissed and dragged my tongue across and then through her crack. My fist forced its way through her slippery lips and into her svelte cave.

"Ohhhhhh, Goddd," Mom moaned.

Twisting my hand to and fro, I slid my tongue up and down Mom's crack, flicking it up and down, nudging her cheeks apart. My free hand slid under her tummy, wormed its way inside her slip, and searched out her heavy breast. As I lifted my arm, Mom's hips followed, allowing my fist deeper into her cunt and my fingers closed over her tit, finding and pinching her extended nipple.

"Ohhhh God, ohhh god," she whimpered.

For the next five minutes, I worked my hand inside Mom's cunt, sometimes stopping until she urged me into motion again. She writhed on the bed, completely out of control, hips bucking and tossing her pelvis on my wrist. For a moment, I thought what a slut she was, but only briefly. This was my mother, and though she might wantonly crave this lewd treatment, I knew it was only because it was me that she allowed it. In my heart, I knew Mom wouldn't do this for any other man, not even my father.

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