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Soaking Mom

by alwayswantedto©

Spent, we stared at each other while we tried to recover our breath. Mom lowered her legs but I kept my fingers in her cunt, like I was afraid to abandon new territory lest it be stolen from me. Mom moved her hand down to cover mine but she didn't try to pull it away. Instead, she just gazed into my eyes reassuringly. I leaned down to kiss her on the forehead, then on her lips and, with a final gentle thrust, pulled my slippery fingers away. I left the flashlight where it was and stumbled my way back to my room. I went to sleep without cleaning myself, sure that Mom was doing the same.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mom worked the next day but even though she wore one of her leather skirt outfits, I didn't try to approach her in an inappropriate way. For her part, Mom was equally muted in her interaction with me, almost shy. There were no suggestions of hot chocolate, by her or me. As the evening wore on, Mom's long legs attracted me more and more but I didn't say or do anything improper. I was deathly afraid of ruining a good thing and was quite content to bide my time until later, after Dad had fallen asleep.

Mom, on the other hand, despite her earlier shyness, seemed to be seeking my attention more and more as the night progressed, to the point of restlessly crossing and recrossing her gorgeous legs, and periodically reaching under her leather jack to scratch a supposed itch, underneath her left breast. Once, she rubbed so vigorously her entire tit was lifted up and down, plainly showing the lack of any restraint upon it. My cock and balls became swollen but I resisted the urge to behave incorrectly. Wait, just wait, I counseled myself.

I'm going to make some tea," Mom announced, getting up. "Do you want some?" she asked Dad.

"Yes, please. That would be nice," Dad replied.

Expecting to be asked next, I was already nodding my head but Mom ignored me. After a few minutes, I followed Mom into the kitchen. I sure didn't want her mad at me so I thought I'd ask her if she needed any help.

"No," she replied, keeping her face toward the kettle.

I walked closer but stopped a pace away, uncertain about the stiffness of her posture and what it meant. We stood there in silence, she looking at the kettle which was now starting to boil, and me looking at her back. What had I done wrong? What could I say?

I was just about to speak, not even knowing what I was going to say, when the kettle started to whistle. Despite quickly growing in volume, Mom didn't pull it off the stove. Instead, she whirled around and whacked me, hard, twice, right across the face. Stunned, I gawked at her.

"Did you come to show me that?" she hissed, rapping my bulging erection with her knuckles, then turned back to the stove and picked up the kettle. I turned and walked away, more emotionally pained than hurt, as Mom filled the teapot, seemingly quite unbothered by the whole incident.

I meant to slink back to my room but ended up returning to the loveseat. Mom appeared a moment later carrying a tray with the teapot, three cups, and an assortment of cookies on a plate. Setting it down on the coffee table in front of us, Mom poured a cup and handed it to Dad. As he fumbled around, putting his book down and trying not to spill the tea, Mom picked up the plate and turned to offer him a cookie. After he had made his selection, she put the plate back on the tray and poured the remaining two cups. Setting the pot down, she picked up the plate and one of the cups and handed it to me. Somewhat, taken aback, I accepted it.

"Have a cookie, dear," Mom said sweetly, offering me the plate.

I took a cookie.

"Take two. I know you always want more than you're allowed to have," she purred.

I took a second cookie and glanced at her but I couldn't tell if there was any extra meaning attached to what she's said by the look on her face. Mom sat down, leaned forward to pick up her own cup and sat back, crossing her legs and making a vain attempt to tug the side of her skirt down.

After finishing my tea and cookies, I bid goodnight to my parents and went upstairs to my room where I brooded for hours. I couldn't decide who Mom was tonight: the bitch in the kitchen or the gentle woman in the family room. I know who I wanted it to be but kept convincing myself that I was delusional until my boner got the best of me. So once again, I found myself sneaking down the hallway, timidly opening my parents' bedroom door, and creeping into their room.

I didn't have a flashlight, so progress was slow. I approached the bed, straining to see in the darkness. The moon wasn't as bright which, together with the partly closed curtains, frustrated my advance. I was almost upon her when I realized Mom wasn't lying in her bed; she was already on the floor. The flashlight flicked on. She was nude, lying on a folded-in-half sheet with two pillows propped behind her head.

Mom executed a full body stretch. "You're late," she whispered. "I'm too tired now."

With that, she turned onto her side and then further, almost onto her stomach.

Mom's round ass reached out to me, straining up, heart-shaped, from her narrow waist and tightly closed thighs. What an invitation. I knelt beside her and tentatively put a hand on each bare cheek. Mom murmured and pushed her ass back into my cupped hands. I almost cried out in joy but stifled it in time. I was so relieved. Mom's legs parted just as I realized she had rubbed something on her ass because it was quite slippery. I knelt between her spread legs and pushed my pajama bottoms down. Leaning forward on my arms, I lowered my erection until the tip found the crease between her cheeks and I shoved it through that delicious, slippery crevasse.

"Ohhhhhhh," Mom sighed, in reply to my subdued grunt.

I lowered myself until my chest was grazing Mom's shoulder blades and started long, slow thrusts through her cheeks, breathing heavily beside her ear to relay my excitement and, hopefully, raise the level of hers. We labored like that for some time, without speaking, just panting broken only by the odd moan or grunt. Our legs slid together as I rubbed up and down and our sweat intermingled. Not once did I try to lower my cock between her legs to try to get inside her pussy. I hadn't been invited, and I wouldn't try to barge in.

When my breathing got out of control and my thrusts quickened to match the fury of my inhalations, Mom twisted her head sideways and whispered desperately, "On my back ... on my back."

She turned her head back to face the floor and I brought mine next to hers, our ears meshing, and nodded so she knew I understood. Mom pushed her ass against me hard with every thrust. In our rush to come, my cock slipped sideways out of its anal groove several times but I quickly righted it to agonized sounds from us both. Thrusting feverishly now ... almost there.

"Ahhhhhhhh," I cried, lifting my shoulders up and shoving my hips forward, my cock skidding up until my balls dug into her crack, blocking further progress whereupon they boiled forth belch after belch of sticky cum onto the small of Mom's back with a few splashes reaching the back of her neck. With each eruption, I arched my back and gritted my teeth, my thighs and calves straining to the breaking point and the cheeks of my ass clenching in the effort to shoot my spunk as hard as I could to wrench every last tingle of bliss as it so quickly departed.

Collapsing on Mom's back, I used my cock under my gyrating hips to spread the pool of my spend around. When I was done, I grasped a handful of Mom's hair and gently pulled her head back so I could kiss her. This wasn't just an inappropriately intimate kiss on the lips, it was a tongue-filling exploration of Mom's entire mouth, and a long one. When we were done, I held her head up until she opened her eyes and looked into mine, then, after a long look, carefully lowered her face back into pillow.

I left, feeling powerful yet consumed, swaggering out of the room, kicking my discarded pajama bottoms up from the floor with a flick of my toes and snatching them mid-air with a snap of my right hand.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Things progressed quickly from that point on. We were operating in a new plane of existence and we both knew it. The next morning, I skipped school and visited mom in bed as soon as Dad pulled out of the driveway. Looking out my window, I smiled as I watched him go and walked confidently to Mom's room, naked as a jaybird. She was awake and waiting, sitting up and propped against the pillows. The covers at her waist left her upper body and nice, mature-sized breasts capped with brown nipples jutting out, her hair still damp from a morning shower.

"Why aren't you in school?" she asked in a motherly tone but the slight upturn at the corner of her mouth told me she wasn't angry.

"I haven't finished my homework," I answered, cockily.

"Then you shouldn't have been playing games so late last night," Mom said, trying with little success to make her voice sound stern.

I kneeled on the bed and straddled her covered legs. Mom eyes stayed on mine, as they had the whole time I strode into the room, despite my nakedness.

"I need your help," I said, my growing erection hanging over her stomach and threatening to nestle between her boobs.

"What's it about?" Mom asked, ignoring my cock bobbing over her boobs.

"It's a Psych essay," I answered, deciding to go along with the innocence.

"I don't think I can help you with that," she said.

"I'm not too sure about that. I need to explain why people sometimes deny what they truly want and I think you can tell me why."

An angry expression covered Mom's face and I instantly regretted what I had said.

"You should know the answer to that yourself," she barked.

"W...Why?" I stammered, my confidence gone.

"You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Tell me why you do that and you'll have your answer."

At a loss for where to go next, I made matters even worse. "I want to know about Guido," I said.

Mom tried to slap me but I was ready for her and managed to deflect the blow. She landed several more half blows before I got hold of her hands. She was spitting mad.

"Don't use that name in this house!"


"None of your business," Mom yelled, struggling to get her arms free and twisting about in an effort to dislodge me from her legs which only succeeded in burying my cock between her tits.

"Of course it is," I replied. "If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be the luckiest guy alive."

Mom settled down, looked at me oddly, and said, "His name wasn't Guido."

"I know, but do you want to tell me his real name?"

There was a long hesitation before Mom answered, quietly, "No."

After another pause, during which we both noticed my hard cock lurching between her breasts, Mom said, "So forget the bullshit and tell me what you really want to know."

"I want to know what he did that you liked so much," I said, my voice betraying my growing excitement even more than my dancing cock. "I want to it better."

I slid my cock back and forth, skidding over Mom's breastbone.

"Why?" mom asked.

"Because I want to be the best you've had," I rasped, moving my hips faster.

Mom put her hand across the bottom of her chin, like she'd done before. Obviously, she liked having spunk on her body but not her face. She reached over to the bedside table and picked up a tube she must have placed there ready to use. This sign that she was expecting me this morning made me even harder and I increased my pace even more.

"Let me turn over," she whispered, brandishing the tube.

"No," I cried, grabbing the tube. Mom tried to get it back but I easily held it out of reach. When she stopping trying to grab it, I took the top off and squirted some of it on the side of her breasts and my cock. Tossing it aside, I grabbed her tits and squeezed them together, making a hot dog for Mom. Anticipating my hard thrust, she lifted her chin and my cock bludgeoned into the bottom of her jaw. I grabbed her hands and pressed them to the sides of her breasts.

"Hold them for me," I cried.

"I don't want it in my face," she protested.

"I won't. I'll pull back just before," I said.

Mom looked skeptical but she didn't pull her hands away.

"Promise?" she asked.

"Yeah. Fuck, this is great," I huffed, grabbing Mom's head and tilting it forward so the tip of my cock scraped over her chin and across her lips on every second or third stroke.

"Don't ... ghfrbbll ... forget."

"I ... won't ... I ... won't," I said. "Ahhhhhh," I cried as my cock skidded over Mom's chin, caught the underside of her upper lip and pushed into her mouth. "Yeah, like that, Mom."

Mom tried to pull her head up but I kept it tilted down, the tip of my cock now gaining entry to her mouth on every thrust. It was too good. Warm and wet, so slick, so fucking great!

The cum rocketed out of my balls and up my shaft before I could react. The first gob shot directly into Mom's mouth and when I withdrew, she closed it, forcing the next one to burst over her face, across her closed eyes and onto her forehead. I tried to get Mom's mouth open as my cock returned but she held it firmly closed and the next shot squirted over the other side of her face. Pulling back, I pressed Mom's mouth open and leaned over her to leverage my cock back inside her mouth, this time keeping it pressed firmly inside while several spasms racked my overheated body.

Finished, my cock began to slip out but Mom's lips clamped down hard behind my glans, preventing it from retreating. Her swirling tongue and the hard sucking action of her mouth pulled seduced a final spurt of cum from my balls. After a loud swallow, Mom expelled my cock with a wet cough.

I expected her to give me shit and try to whack me again but Mom lay quietly, rosy cheeks surrounding a satisfied smile. Encouraged, I moved my hips gently, guiding my cock around her face, rubbing first one cheek and then sliding over her nose to do the other, and finally withdrawing to use her pursed lips to tickle the underside of my glans which extracted a single drop of cum from the tip of my penis. Mom stared at me with bedroom eyes the whole time.

Eventually, I pulled off of Mom and peeled the covers away. She preened and writhed her naked body in a slow dance on the bed but when my cock began to stiffen, she jumped up and ran into the shower. I went to the main bathroom to do the same.

We ate breakfast and after Mom gave up trying to get me go to school, we ended up back in her room. Well, actually, I followed her after she said she was going up to get dressed. She was lying on the bed on her tummy with her legs almost crossed to emphasize the round cheeks of her ass and the triangle formed by it and her upper thighs. Obviously, she knew I would follow her.

I approached the bed immediately and, though her face was buried in a pillow, Mom handed the tube of lube back to me. She twisted her head around and watched my face as I squirted it all over her ass and the back of her thighs, evidently enjoying the desire she saw there. I got up behind her and, straddling her thighs, pushed my cock between her legs and started sawing it back and forth. Mom didn't say anything and after a bit she turned her own into the pillow, then pushed her ass back to make it easier for me.

I tried to slip inside her pussy but she clamped her legs tight and I couldn't get in. Eventually, I gave up. Obviously, Mom didn't want to let me have actual intercourse and, taking her advice, I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. It wasn't until I was about to come that Mom lifted her head.

"Spray it on my back!"

As soon as I released my second deluge, she cried, "My ass too!"

I gripped my cock and squeezed the rest of my cum all over Mom's ass, nudging between her cheeks and rubbing it up and down. I pushed her rubbery cheeks around with my cock until it was too soft and I had to stop, though I didn't want to.

We did it once more that day. Like before, Mom insisted I spray my cum all over her. I didn't do her face but knew, now that I'd done it, she would have let me. She had a real thing about getting soaked in cum. I guess Guido must have seen that in her somehow. The other hangup was about not letting me actually fuck her. I tried several more times but Mom wouldn't let me get inside her. I wondered if Guido had got inside her. I was pretty sure he had. It was just because I was her son.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So that's how it went from then on. Mom teased me with her legs almost every night but only allowed me to get off on her when she wanted me to. I visited her several times at night when she wouldn't have anything to do with me, leaving me standing like a naked dork in the middle of her bedroom. Mom never came to my room, though I waited in vain for a reprieve each time she rejected me. Several times, I skipped out from school and Mom wouldn't have anything to do with me. Sexually, that is. She was quite pleasant otherwise. It took me weeks to figure it out. Once I did, I couldn't believe it had taken me that long. Duh!

Every time I managed to get Mom to let me come on her, whether in her bedroom at night as Dad slept, or at home when I was skipping out of school, Mom had found some excuse to slap my face. Thinking back, a slap in the face was a guaranteed indicator that I was going to get my rocks off on her that night or the next day if I stayed home. However, try as I might, I couldn't figure out how to induce a good hard slap in the face.

That is, until I accidently fell upon one sure-fire method. I knew that I had succeeded with Mom every time I dripped something on her legs while the three of us read or watched TV in the family room. Mom had stopped allowing root beer or hot chocolate in the room on the excuse that some had spilled and stained the couch. This led me to my first insight.

I found a way to drip on Mom that wasn't messy but worked like a charm. One evening, sitting like we normally did with Mom and I on the loveseat, I stretched my hand over and laid it on Mom's lap, dangling between her legs. Mom predictably moved her book to block Dad's view should he look our way and I pulled my hand back, dragging her skirt with it.

I suspect Mom thought I was going to tickle her pussy with my finger and I knew she was ready for some action that night just by allowing me to get so near. However, the look of shock on her face that followed my next move let me know she would be mine any night I repeated this little trick. Want to know what I did?

I squirted hot water directly onto Mom's panties with the dropper I had hidden in my palm. The muscles tensed in her legs and she almost lifted her hips off the seat. I drained the dropper in a second squirt that produced a similarly dramatic effect. While Mom's legs were still quivering, I set the flask of hot water I had hidden under my shirt against the outside of her hip between us, retracted my shooting hand, and refilled the stopper. Slipping my hand under Mom's skirt, I waited... and waited.

Finally, I gave her what I knew she was craving: a little shot of hot water. Mom's hips jerked and her hands clenched. I pulled my hand out of her skirt a little and released a few drops on the inside of each of her upper thighs, then moved back into position with the dropper hovering over her panties. I waited two minutes before I pasted her pussy with another squirt. When her legs had stopped quivering, I let the tip of the dropper nestle in the soaking wet groove defining her slit and slowly dragged it down and off. Refilling, I made the next dropper last for five minutes, and the next more than ten.

That night, while Dad was getting ready for bed, Mom emerged from her room to accost me in the hallway as I made my way to my room. She delivered a particularly hard slap, after which I suffered for more than an hour in my room alone with the hardest boner I'd ever produced, waiting to visit Mom.

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