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Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 03

by kotochaos©

Jennifer gasped heavily. "Landon" she said with a raspy voice, "I can't move. You're too big."

Landon took hold of her chin gently, and he pulled her head up to expose her neck to the camera. He flicked his tongue out against her ear before he suckled on it. Then he whispered, but Harry couldn't hear it. He had to read Landon's lips to understand. "Grind."

Jennifer let out a heady breath and wriggled her hips like a belly dancer. She swiveled around widely on his cock and stirred the inside of her sopping pussy. The camera zoomed in to get a close shot of the action. Juices from Jennifer's pussy ran down the inch of cock left outside of her and dripped down his balls. Off screen, Harry could hear his girlfriend coo in delight each time she brought her pussy around and ground her ass into his hips.

"Oh my...Oh my fucking God, you're so damn big."

"Too big," Landon asked arrogantly. Harry couldn't think of a reason why Landon shouldn't be arrogant. There he was, fucking Harry's girlfriend with a cock that Harry could only dream about. As he watched, his heart sank. Jennifer shook her head vigorously.

"No, I mean...It's a good big," she said breathily. She wound her hips against him desperately, and Harry could tell that she was enjoying Landon's big prong. He felt further emasculated.

Suddenly, Jennifer went rigid. Her body was frozen aside from small tremors that shook her. Landon grinned as her convulsions grew more severe. He reached around and cupped her breasts, and he rolled them in his palm patiently. Landon's crotch gleamed further, and Harry could see shiny juices running down from Jennifer's pussy along his huge dick. She had just come.

All of her shaking stopped. No one moved except for Landon, who continued to fondle her over-sized breasts. Jennifer's face softened to an expression of the deepest love. Her eyes were bright with excitement, and she wore a smile unlike Harry had ever seen another person wear. It was something Harry felt certain he would never be able to give her with his inadequacies.

Landon moved his hands down along her body, feeling her flat stomach, her broad hip bones, her meaty thighs. He gripped her and hefted her up with ease, something Harry could never do. Jennifer was too much woman for Harry to lift normally, let alone with just his upper-body.

Jennifer stretched her body out. She looked glorious, a goddess stretched out atop her Adonis. The smile she wore was completely contented and matched her graceful beauty. Sweat glimmered like diamonds all along her body and made her glow.

"How about we get to the real thing?" Landon wasn't talking to Jennifer; he was talking to the crowd. Everyone cheered in response.

Jennifer, still rather dazed, looked down at her crotch. She curved her legs slightly and pushed up off the couch. "How about we do that," she said in a sensual, breathy way. She rested her feet at his sides, flexed her powerful legs, and then began to ride him. Her vagina hugged his cock the whole time, drawing tightly on it at she moved. Landon rammed up back into her, and both grunted from exertion.

Landon gripped her hands so tightly his knuckles turned white. Harry was sure she would bruise, but she didn't seem to register any pain, and Harry was shocked by the sight. Her breasts were jostling wildly, flying everywhere. Landon's muscles strained and his strength was apparent with each flex of his perfect pectoral or abdominals. Their crotches met with such force that the sounds of their raunchy sex reverberated around the room. Harry could almost feel it.

Their sex was something completely different from what Harry had expected sex to be. It had started as Harry assumed it would, clumsy and unfamiliar, but it turned into a real spectacle. Landon gave her a brutal fucking; his body a blur beneath her, and Jennifer rode it out to the best of her ability. Each thrust delivered thick cock deep into her body, in places Harry could never touch, and each time it was harder and deeper. Jennifer's coos turned into furious howls of passion as he drove into her repeatedly. Her whole body jostled from his raw fucking.

Her howls turned to hoarse, desperate screams of pleasure. Her body shook uncontrollably. Harry could see her overloading, and it became worse when Landon released her hips, which were bruised already, and began to manhandle her massive tits. Those too would bruise soon if he treated them the same way, and he was.

"Tell them how it feels to be fucked by me," Landon commanded in a stern, masculine voice.

Jennifer, who was sweaty and delirious at this point, crooned desperately. "He feels so good ladies, he feels great. My cunt is so full. He's so big; his huge horse cock is so fucking big that I can't stand it. Oh, God! I'm coming, I'm coming again! Oh my God, yes!"

Jennifer's toes curled. Her legs slid off, and she fell heavily on Landon's massive cock. She fell back, her eyes rolling in their sockets and her mouth agape. Landon continued to hold her breasts tightly, as if they were the way to control her. Jennifer barely moved, she only breathed. Juices ran down Landon's huge balls and fell onto the floor.

"Oh, fuck...Shit...I can't...I can't...God."

Landon released one tit and slapped Jennifer's thighs. "You can't be done yet. I'm not done yet. Get back up and ride me."

Jennifer's head bobbed, but she couldn't sit up. "I...too...too much." She looked so fragile to Harry, who just wanted to hold her and protect her from Landon's tyranny, but he couldn't. It was impossible to stop Landon.

Landon scowled and grunted at her. With astounding ease, he slowly lifted her dead weight off of his body. His cock, still bound in the condom, looked to be even thicker than before. The condom seemed to Harry like it was on its last legs and was about to rip around his cock.

Landon stood up and put his tight rear to the camera. He grabbed Jennifer by the hair and laid her over the couch uncaringly. The camera moved away, not that Harry cared. He had just watched Landon fuck his girlfriend into a sexual coma. After that, staring at Landon's chiseled ass wasn't so bad.

Now they were at a profile. Jennifer was bent over the couch, her legs on the seat and her body over the back. She hung over limply and looked like a complete mess. The graceful beauty of Jennifer was gone. Now she looked kind of skanky in Harry's opinion. Her hair was a wild mess, her body was naked and sweaty, and her breasts drooped over the couch and looked slightly purple, most likely bruised from Landon's efforts.

Behind her Landon slipped a few fingers into her. "Surprisingly tight still," he said. He lined up with her and ran his fat cock head along her lips. "Here it comes, baby," he said in a deep voice. With out warning he thrust into her forcefully. The couch slid forward, and Jennifer gave a yelp. Despite her surprise, she looked like she was lost in pleasure the moment his cock settled into her again.

With a grip on her hips, Landon fucked her even more vigorously before. With out Jennifer controlling any of the sex he was animalistic. He used her like a she was designed to pleasure his body. Each thrust caused the couch to slide forward and Jennifer was nearly sent toppling over, face first.

"Oh my God, he'll kill her," the camera man said in awe. Harry agreed. He couldn't believe the strength and stamina that Landon possessed. Landon was like a ripped sex god, with a powerful cock that matched his perfect, sculpted physique. Harry had never felt more ashamed in his life than at that moment.

A minute later Jennifer shrieked loudly. Again she was racked by tremors, and Harry knew she had just had another orgasm. Based on her tired shriek and wild movements, it was the most intense one yet, and she was completely lost to the world then.

Behind her Landon's eyes were bulging, his face red from exertion. He held her rear tightly and smacked it a few times. His thrusts and grown wild and uncontrolled. The rhythm that he had cultivated was lost. These jerky movements told Harry that he was about to have an orgasm, and everyone else in the crowd seemed to read the signs as well. Everyone, Harry included, watched intently and expected a big finale.

Landon withdrew quickly. His cock was bright red and the condom looked like it was almost done. He pulled Jennifer down to her knees and put her face to face with his dick. "I'm finishing on your face," Landon shouted deeply as he slipped the condom off.

Jennifer looked around the room in a daze, and then smiled at his big cock. "Cock..." She grabbed it with both hands and jerked on it lovingly. Landon stood there while she dipped her head down and licked the tip. Her nose crinkled at the taste, Harry assumed, but she didn't stop.

Landon cupped her head and fucked her mouth roughly and deeply. This time he was far less controlled. His body shook, and Harry could imagine the type of pleasure that was consuming his body. Landon swallowed hard and began to bellow. "Oh...Oh...Oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit, I'm coming. It's huge, I'm coming!"

He thrust deeply into her throat and held there. His eyes twitched, his muscles tightened. Jennifer struggled momentarily, and then began to swallow something. A thick bubble of white ran out of her nose as she gurgled and her face turned very red.

"Shit," Landon said. He released her head and she fell back, coughing and wheezing. His cock continued to fire off humongous wads of sperm all over her. Landon took over jerking his shaft, and sperm rained down on Jennifer, who caught it with her face happily. When a wad landed in her gaping mouth she swallowed dutifully.

The last bits of cum were deposited in Jennifer's open mouth. She ate it happily, and then tried to suck his cock clean. When finished, she showed what she had in her mouth to the camera and then swallowed it with a loud, showy gulp.

"Wow, bro," the camera man said.

Landon grinned lamely. "Yeah, good fucking load," he said. Even when relaxed he exuded masculinity.

The camera turned down to Jennifer, who sat on the floor, sweaty and sticky. Her face was a complete mask of white. Harry could barely make out her face in it, but she seemed contented and proud. Landon had come at least four times as much as Harry, if not more.

The camera zoomed in. Her breasts were covered as well. The sperm was so thick that it looked almost solid and was bright white.

"That was fucking amazing. You look good, Jennifer."

Jennifer flipped him the bird but smiled.

"So, why not tell the girls at home how it was."

Jennifer still wore the glazed smile. She looked tired and fulfilled. No words were spoken. Instead, she offered a lazy thumbs-up. The camera man, Landon, and all the spectators laughed.

After the video ended Cherry messaged Harry.

"What'd you think?"

Harry sat silently and stared at the screen. At first he was angry, but then that subsided. When it did, he just felt resigned. He had been outclassed. Long distance relationships didn't work, and even if Harry was there, he could never compete with Landon.

Harry stumbled away and fell into bed. He curled up and tried to sleep, but all he could do is cry.

Meanwhile, in another state, far away from Harry, was his former girlfriend, Jennifer. She had given up dressing demurely, and bared her prodigious bosom openly. She was on her knees at that very moment, under the table at a diner with Landon. Her mouth was spread wide for her new boyfriend, who was finishing a load in her mouth.

She couldn't remember who her old boyfriend was. It had been some guy online, but she hadn't talked to him for a while. She didn't even remember his name. All she could think about after that video was made was all the ways she could play with Landon's horse cock.


Koto's Commentary: I don't know how many of you have ever read Hentai, but this is where the idea for the "Why Girls Like Horses" stories came from. I liked the idea of writing a big collection of stories with one united idea, but telling stories of different people/situations. This is not to say that none of the characters will ever come back, but I do plan on making them mostly stand alone stories.


Written by: kotochaos

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