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Ms. Jiggles Ch. 01

by Cappadonna©

"I'm serious now," she said while pulling away, "I want this only to be between us." I went on to grab on her ass, squeezing it till my fingers disappeared into her flesh.

"Come on Ms. Johnson," I whined. I released her and she reached for the door knob.

"Listen; I'll be back tonight around 3 am. The streets are going to be more quiet. I can't believe this shit is happening!!

She opened the door and tugged out another wedgie. I let out a moaning, lustful "Fuck," as she walked onto the porch. She giggled and looked back at me.

I stood with the door cracked as Ms. Jiggles strutted down the pathway, exiting my yard. My dick was standing at attention as I pushed the door closed. My dick was so hard; I had to unbutton my shorts to let it breathe.

God damn! This woman is just too much. Fuck, what time is it? 8 o'clock? Oh hell no! What the hell I'm going do until 3 in the morning?

I walked over to my couch with my dick still out and sat down. I flipped through the TV channels in disappointment, yet I was so anxious. During that long stretch, I alternated between the TV and the computer. I text messaged a few people just before taking a hot shower to help to time go by. I jerked my dick every now and then to relieve some of the tension.

As 3 am got closer and closer, I looked out my front curtains often and paced back and forth. I looked up at the clock on my wall about every 5 seconds. The more time that went by, the more my heart began to pump faster. I felt like a kid who was waiting for Christmas day to come.

I then took another look, and seen Ms. Jiggles entering my yard. She wore flip flops, the same shorts, and a green scarf tied around her head. I shut all of the lights off in the living room including the porch light. I opened the door slowly as she walked up.

"I told you I'd be back," she whispered as she walked through the doorway.

"Finally," I replied, "I couldn't wait."

We kissed on the lips, before she said, "Cut on the lights in here. I can hardly see you."

I flicked on the lights and replied, "Well I can see them shorts are still wedged up in your butt."

"Shut up," she said with a giggle, "You know you like it like that." A smiled curled on my face as she lingered into the living room, taking off her scarf.

I walked up behind her and grabbed her by her small waist. The smell of peaches tickled my nose as she pressed her body against mine. I spun her around and began kissing her again.

"I think I have what you want right here," I say while pulling down my camo shorts slowly. My aroused cock stood up with full force. Ms. Johnson's face lit up as she stroked it.

"Damn boy!" she said with amazement, "How long you been carrying this!?"

My shorts hit the floor and I replied, "So do you like it?"

"Mmm..." she moaned.

"I'll take that as a yes. Take your clothes off."

She removed her top first. Her torso stretched out as she lifted her shirt over her head, showing me her 38E tits, which had big areolas. She then struggled to pull her shorts passed her hips. She wiggled as they inched down her thighs and fell to her ankles. She had a few stretch marks on her upper thighs. A small patch of pubic hair was stamped right above her pussy.

"Where is your bedroom?" she asked while gripping my dick.

I told her where it was and she led me in, while pulling me by my throbbing rod. I gave her playful slaps on the butt as we entered my bedroom She flicked the lights on and we stood and held each other in front of my bed. I reached down to feel on Ms. Johnson's pussy, which was moist and warm.

"Damn you got my pussy so wet," she said, "Give me this big dick now!" she demanded.

I instructed her to get on the bed in a doggystyle position. She crawled up on my bed with her face down on the mattress. Her naked buttocks were so full and juicy.

"Take it slow," she said.

As I stuck my dick in, she let out a sexy, loud moan. The wetness helped slide it in, yet it was tight like a virgin.

"Oh god," she cried out, "Don't push it in too fast." I pulled out a little bit, and then pushed my dick back in slowly.

"Damn Ms. Johnson you tight as hell," I said while moving in deeper.

"Damn," she groaned, "Slow baby, go slow."

After about 3 minutes of cautious penetration, I felt her pussy getting looser.

"Oh god!!" she yelled with her head tilted back, "Work me Devon!"

I placed my hand on her shoulder as her jello ass began to tap against my pelvis. She arched her back and widened her stance, while she gripped my headboard. The stroking gradually got faster as her body connected with mine, making powerful clapping noises. Her ass cheeks rippled up to her lower back with every thrust.

"Oh my God, oh God," she repeated with panting breaths. All the years of teasing were finally being answered. "You going to make me climax, you strong motherfucker!" she shouted, "Give it to me just like that!" I fucked her even faster as she moan aloud. Her juices covered my rock hard cock, which let me know she came.

Her mountainous derriere proceeded to ricochet off my groin. "Fuck, your pussy is so wet!"

The sound of the loud clapping deepened as she began ramming her fat ass back at me. Her cheeks were incredibly soft and perfectly rounded, set apart by the deep cleft of her ass crack.

"Fuck that big ass! Come on baby, you can handle it!" she shouted.

The masturbating from earlier that night began to catch up with me. The strength to keep fucking was slipping away. My balls tightened up as a warm sensation built up in my shaft. I moaned a drawn out, "Shit," as the speed of the penetration decreased. Ms. Johnson realized I was getting ready to abrupt so she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Come-on-my-ass," she slurred in between breaths and thrust. The eye contact we made was so sexy.

Ms. Johnson then laid her head down on the mattress. I removed my 8 inches of meat from her pussy and oozed a stream of thick cum along her buttocks.

"Oh yes, Ah shit," I grunted. Ms. Johnson let out soft moans as she started shaking her ass. I jerked my dick as it slowly became flaccid.

"God damn woman," I said while taking a few steps back.

Ms. Jiggles laid on her side and chuckled, while my semen rolled down her rump. I walked up and laid beside her and took a deep breath.

"Honey you don't know how bad I needed that," she said while holding her head up with her hand, "Mmm you hit it just right."

"You don't know how long I've waiting for this night."

I looked deep into her eyes and we kissed, as she rubbed my flaccid penis. We fell asleep as we held each others naked bodies.

Later that morning, around 10 am, I awoke to see Ms. Johnson standing over me, dressed in her mini shorts and t-shirt. I stretched and rubbed my eyes while I was under the covers.

"Thanks again for making me feel like a woman Devon," she whispered.

I sat up and said, "Oh no thank you for making my dream come true, but aren't you going to stay?"

"I have to get back to the house. I'll see you later on. Come walk me to the door."

I got out of bed and put on a pair of boxers. Ms. Jiggles led me out of the room to the front door as her rump bounced from side to side. She opened and peeked outside, making sure no one seen her.

"We'll see each other later this week boo. I have something's I need to take care of. Go back to sleep."

"Ok," I said still half asleep.

"What's your phone number as of matter of fact?" she asked, "We need to stay in contact that way. Sneaking over here can be a pest."

We then exchanged numbers and she kissed me. She walked out to the front gate, opened it and smiled back at me.

To be continued...

Written by: Cappadonna

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