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A Halloween Party

by alwayswantedto©

When they finally made it into her bedroom, Don had taken a couple of small gulps of whiskey. A glow was already flowing through him. Actually, Don wasn't the best drinker of the group, despite Erica's flattery. He maintained his relative control by drinking far less than the other men.

Several dresses were laid out on Erica's bed. To Don's disappointment, all were full-length, Victorian gowns, as befitting the era for Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Erica made a big show of trying on each of the gowns, being sure to spend more time in her sexy, brief slip than in any of the dresses. By the time Erica had tried on each of the gowns, extolling their virtues between changes while fussing about in her slip, Don had consumed over half of his glass.

Removing the last dress, Erica casually picked up the whiskey bottle she had left on the bedside table and refilled Don's glass. She smiled to herself when she realized that Don didn't even seem to notice, he was so intent on her figure. Erica was pleased with the way the silky slip clung to her body, the deep cut between her breasts teasingly advertising their erotic presence in a clandestine manner that a woman with larger tits could never achieve. Don was hooked. It was time to pull him in.

"Well," she asked, "shalll we leave Mrs. Jekyl behind and move on to Mrs. Hyde?"

Don looked confused. Erica disappeared into the walk-in closet and returned with an armful of more provacative clothing. Don's eyes widened as he saw how skimpy some of the dresses were, more like Victorian undergarments than proper clothing.

"Oh, but wait," Erica cried. "Would you try on the Dr. Jekyl costume? Please, please," Erica cooed when Don hesitated. "Derek won't be able to try it on until tonight and it'll be too late to make any changes then. Come on," Erica pleaded, taking Derek's hand and easing the tumbler from his grasp, pleased to see he had already drained another quarter of the glass. "You and Derek are so much the same, size-wise," Erica's voice softened.

Don agreed. What else could he do?

"Take your shirt and pants off, then," Erica instructed, walking out of the room. "I'll get the costume."

Erica retrieved Derek's costume and paused in the hallway to leave sufficient time for Don to remove his shirt and pants. Although he didn't know it, she had left one of the mirrored closet doors positioned so she could see into the room. Don was standing in just his boxer shorts and socks as he took another pull from the glass. Setting the glass down, he nervously fidgeted about, then looked at himself in the mirror above Erica's dresser. Erica had left a bra and panties draped over the seat, just to heighten Don's awareness should he see them. Don's eyes dropped from the mirror to her underwear and then back to his reflection. He sucked in his stomach, then lifted each foot and removed his socks. He was examining himself with a skeptical eye when Erica breezed back into the room.

"Jeez, Don. Have you been working out?" Erica stroked him further.

"Yeah, a little," Don replied, his voice slurring. Erica knew he that wasn't true from Janice's complaints but it didn't hurt to boost his ego at bit.

"You look great. That's good, you took your socks off. Men look silly standing around in their socks. Did you know the costume comes complete with antique socks? Well, antique looking, I guess." Erica laid the suit out on the bed, then turned around with the long black socks in hand, complete with elastic straps to wrap around the upper calf to keep them from falling down.

"Sit," she commanded.

Don sat on the bench seat in front of her dresser and Erica knelt before him, picking up Don's right foot and starting to fit a sock over his toes. She leaned over but kept her head from bending so Don had a clear line of sight down the gap in the front of her slip. She knew her tits were small but was certain it wouldn't matter a damn. A man would look anyway. She was right. As she smoothed the long sock up Don's leg and fixed the elastic just under his knee, Erica peeked at his boxer shorts. Definitely, he liked the view.

Erica put the next sock on but spent more time smoothing it out on Don's leg, stroking his calf and especially the bare skin above the sock and below the back of his knee. She almost laughed at the way Don tried to hold his hands in his lap to cover his burgeoning erection. Bill, she knew, wouldn't have been able to cover his massive root the way Don did, or for that matter, her husband could.

"There, aren't those cute," Erica laughed, putting her hands on Don's knees and pushing his legs wide, ostensibly to examine the socks but really trying to make him feel more exposed. "Stand up, let's do the shirt now."

Don was distinctly uncomfortable as Erica dressed him in the shirt. He couldn't use both hands to cover himself when one was being put in a sleeve and his boxers had an obvious tent in front but Erica didn't seem to notice. As soon as both arms were sleeved, she began fastening the buttons on the shirt.

Next came the pants. Erica went down on her knees before Don and waited for him to raise his foot to slip it into the pantleg. There was a long pause and Erica knew it wasn't that he didn't know what was expected of him, he was just sidetracked again looking down her front. With both feet in, Erica rose, pulling the pants up Don's legs and tugging them over his butt and cinching it around his waist.

"Let's get that shirt tucked in," she said, slipping her hands around Don's back and pushing the shirt tail inside before he could protest. Holding the right side of the pants up, Erica slipped her left hand around Don's hips, tucking the shirt as she progressed to the front. Don stiffened noticibly when her hand smoothed the shirt down his front, right over his bulging boxers.

"Tight fit," Erica remarked flippantly, changing hands and working her way around to the front again. This time, she tucked the front in more slowly, deliberately letting the back of her fingers linger on the front of Don's now more swollen boxers.

"There you go. Slip on the jacket while I get into my outfit."

Erica put on one of the flimsy dresses that looked more like a fancier version of what she was wearing, underwear. The dress, small as it was, didn't completely cover her slip.

"Oh, dear. This won't do."

Erica removed the dress just as Don was tugging the jacket down from his shoulders to perfect its fit. Casually, she slipped the ribbon straps off her shoulder and started to take the slip off.

"Jeez. What am I doing?" she laughed, turning to face Don's eager eyes, holding the slip against the top of her breasts, barely covering her nipples. "I forgot you weren't Derek."

"Uh...," Don was embarassed, "do you want me to step outside?"

"Oh, don't be silly. How many times have we all been in the hot tub together? Just close your eyes for a moment, or better, look over that way," Erica pointed toward her mirrored closet doors.

Don did as she asked and Erica let the slip fall to her hips, then pushed it down over her hips and down her legs. She was stark naked except for the thong-like panties whose narrow straps swooped over her hips, joined behind her and slung under her ass to cup her pussy after disappearing between her cheeks.

Erica knew that Don could see her through the closet door mirror and the one on her dresser. She was careful not to look that way so that, after the first shock, Don felt safe in openly ogling her body. Erica took her time putting on the skimpy underwear-dress, typical of bawdy house dress in the Victorian era except the buttons in the back had been replaced by more conventional, and convenient, zippers. She turned to face Don.

"What do you think?"

"Fantastic. You'll win the contest. At least," he smiled appreciatively, "you'll get all the men's votes."

"You're just being nice Don," Erica chuckled. "I don't have enough up top to win any contest, even if it is just between four women."

Don looked skeptical. She could win Miss Universe as far as he was concerned.

"Wait," Erica cried. "How can a gentleman judge his woman," she emphased 'his'," without his whiskey to sharpen his eye." Erica topped up Don's glass and handed it to him.

Immediately, without instructing Don to avert his eyes, Erica turned and unzipped the back of her dress. Instinctively, she knew Don was looking directly at her rather than through the mirrors. To increase his comfort, Erica cheerily piped, "I'll let you know when you can look," just in case he looked away, afraid she might suddenly turn around after undoing her dress. Slowly, she pushed the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to her waist. She didn't have to push this loose number over her hips, it just fell to the floor around her feet with a gentle rustle.

In exaggerated fashion, Erica leaned forward to smooth out the next dress on the bed before putting it on, arching her back to teasingly thrust her butt closer to Don. Wouldn't you like to do me from behind? The thought send a thrilling jolt richocheting off her hips bones and then zinging up her spine. She almost fell over onto the bed on her elbows and pictured Bill advancing on her with his super slooper. Thank god it was Don and not Bill or she might not have been able to keep upright. Don't let this go too far, Erica, she admonished herself. Stay in control.

Erica straightened, then stooped and stepped into the next loose dress, pulling it up to fit over her shoulders. She reached behind herself, then paused and asked Don, "Can you zip me, please?"

"What?" Don croaked.

"Can you zip up my dress, please?"

Don bumped into the dresser bench, as if turning around, and then fumbled with the delicate zipper of the dress. His hands were shaking and a thrill of victory surged through Erica. Three can play at this game.

She urged Don to drink up as she pirouted before him, stretching her legs and arching her back, displaying her wares to best advantage.

"Next?" she asked in a little girl voice when she thought she couldn't dangle herself in front of him without making it completely obvious, even in his partly inebriated state, what she was up to. Erica turned as his head began to nod, before he could speak.

"Undo me," she commanded in a husky voice.

Don was more adept an unzipping. He stood, looking into her back, peeking past her angular hips, eyes finding and latching onto the start of her crack, the panty thong diving into oblivion between Erica's cheeks.

"Can I have a sip," she asked.

"What?" Don's voice was far away, almost lost.

"Of your drink. Can I have a sip?"

Don passed his glass over Erica's shoulder, then stood unsteadily behind her, staring at that disappearing thong. Erica took several long sips. She didn't drink very much but she let lots of time pass between sips.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "This tastes quite good, if you're in the mood for it, doesn't it?"

The texture of her voice stopped Don's in his dry throat. The sound made her even more sexy than she already was and that was probably the sexiest woman Don had ever encountered, wife included. Her next command cranked the erotic tension even higher.

"I guess we can't take all day to do this, though I'd like to. Push the dress dress off my shoulders, will you? My hands are busy." Erica waved the glass out to her side, then brought it to her lips for another sip.

Don's trembling fingers landed gently on Erica's shoulders close to her neck, then slowly spread apart, pushing the dress along until it fell over the cliff of her upper arms. Don sucked his breath in as the dress fell, catching in the crook of the elbow of the arm Erica was using to hold the drink but slipping past the other one, onto her hip and beyond. The dress hung precariously below the edge of Erica's upper buttocks, allowing Don to see most of her ass.

Erica calmly took another sip.

"Should we finish up?" she asked.

Don nodded. His mouth was still too dry to speak. Erica took one last sip, giving Don lots of time to admire her cheeks, then passed the glass back to him.

"Thanks," she said throatily. "I guess you better avert your eyes now."

Erica waited a few seconds, no more than three, then let the dress fall. Again, she knew Don hadn't turned away. She leaned forward to smooth out the last dress, deliberately pushing her ass back toward Don, then, in a move that audibly caught him by surprise, Erica hooked her thumbs in the straps of her panties arching over her hips and slowly tugged them down until the joined center piece freed itself with a snap from her clenched cheeks. Holding herself up with a hand on the edge of the bed, she slid the panties down first one leg, and then the other, letting it fall to the floor on top of the discarded dresses.

As if she was alone in the world, Erica smoothed her hands over her bare buttocks, pulling them slightly apart before slowly getting into the last dress. She asked Don to help her pull it up onto her shoulders and, after a long pause, asked him to zip her up.

Don gasped when Erica turned around and asked him for his drink. The front of the silky dress was open to Erica's waist. They were no buttons, only two pairs of loops that were meant to be tied together. In their undone state, Erica's small but perfectly shaped tits were not covered all the time, in fact, not even most of the time. One or the other was almost constantly on display.

"I couldn't find the ties before you got here," Erica complained. "I'll have to find them before tonight." She made a production of looking around the room, leaning slightly to the side to make sure one tit was almost completely bare. She could feel how hard her nipples were. If Derek was here, she'd fuck his brains out, cheating bastard though he was.

Erica chatted with Don for a while, then suggested he put his own clothes back on, that Derek should be home soon. It was laughable how Don hurried to get the suit off. He started to pull his own pants on over the costume socks but Erica stopped him, pushing him back onto the bed and kneeling before him to remove them herself. She allowed her soft, feminine fingers to stroke several times up and down the back of his calves and over and around his feet. Her dress was wide open the entire time, flagrantly displaying her excited tits.

Erica walked Don down to the door, told him she was really looking forward to the party that night, especially with her new appreciation for fine whiskey. She thanked him effusively for helping her that afternoon and cautioned they should keep it a secret because they had dipped into Derek's best whiskey, adding that they should sneak off together for another sample at the party. Then she surprised Don one last time by stretching up and kissing him full on the mouth.

"Thank you, Mr. Hyde" she husked, and closed the door.

The Party

Erica was pleased with the way things had gone. Samantha and Janice may be up to no good with her husband but they wouldn't miss their own husbands' new infatuation with her. And in the safety of surrounding company, Erica meant to make it seem that each of them was having an affair with her.

The drinks flowed freely at the Halloween party that night. It was still early when the couples began dancing in the darkened living room. By then, Erica had changed from the prudish Mrs. Jekyl dress into the saucy Mrs. Hyde number.

Everyone was wearing a Halloween mask but there was no question who everyone was so, after a few dances, as usual, they donned blindfolds and then fumbled around to find partners. It was a game they have played before, changing partners every song. A couple of times, to enormous giggles, two of the women found each other and danced together anyway, feigning reluctance to replace their partner with a male.

Erica was wearing the most revealing costume she had modeled for Don that night and when she knew she was partnered with him she pressed her body tightly to him, pushing her pelvis into his groin. It didn't take Don long to respond, given the events of the afternoon. On the second pairing with Don, Erica took his elbow and guided his hand through the two pairs of loops onto her bare breast. Don gently squeezed and manipulated her extended nipple throughout the rest of the dance and Erica rewarded him by refusing to exchange partners for the next song. Don was a considerate man and Erica was truly worked up when they finally parted. He hadn't grabbed and rushed her, instead taking time to tease her nipples to full alert. She truly didn't want to change.

Her next partner was Bill and the state of his manlihood couldn't be mistaken, large as it was. He didn't try to press it into Erica but there was no way he could hide it. Erica let him know he didn't have to. She pushed her belly against it in the dark room. Remembering they were all blindfolded, she literally shoved her pussy onto his cock and rubbed vigorously, leaving no confusion about what she thought of Bill's equipment.

It was hard for Erica to dance with Alice's husband Ray. Like Alice, Ray was quiet and reserved, but he was a man and in Erica's worked up state, she found it hard not to press against him. Erica's mind screamed at her: Alice's number wasn't in the blackberry! With difficulty, she left Alice's man alone.

Erica was cycled back to Don who immediately slid his hand inside her dress, possessively taking hold of her hardened tit. True to form, Don's aggressiveness subsided as soon as he achieved his goal and Erica was treated to a competent, thoughtful breast massage. Bill followed again and wasted no time in calling her attention to his hardened member. Though he lacked finess, Bill possessed a physical attribute that couldn't be ignored.

Ray was next again. Erica was relieved to to pause her game for she was in danger of losing control and because she wasn't sure where she was taking this beyond the simple notion that she could easily seduce her friends' husbands too, if she wanted to. There was no doubt in Erica's mind that with the simplest of gestures, Samantha's and Janice's husbands would have buried themselves in her moist pussy in an instant. So what had they proved? But Alice hadn't played that game and Erica felt secure in Ray's arms as they danced to the long, slow song that happened to play on his turn. Ray was a rock. Ray was comfort. Erica buried her head, murmurring into Ray's shoulder.

"What was that?" Ray asked.

"What's Alices cell number?" Erica repeated.

"She doesn't have one," Ray replied. "Doesn't believe in them," he added. "She hates the idea of anyone being to track her down any time of the day or night."

Ray's words sent a chill down Erica's spine. Alice didn't have a cell phone!

Erica lifted her blindfold and looked around the darkened room. In the dim light, she could make out her husband. Who was dancing with him so closely, skin to skin? Was it Samantha? Janice? With a sinking feeling, Erica recognized Alice. It was Alice that was pushing against Derek, Alice pushing herself into Derek's groin, Alice that was hugging her husband so tight, shoving her large breasts into his chest.

How could she be so blind? So stupid. Derek was fucking them all. Is this what started it? This slow, blindfolded dancing followed up by the skimpy bikini hot tubbing, trying to prove they were still young and hot. Had this started it all?

So Alice was involved after all, Erica felt grim. What was so special about Derek? After all, Bill was far better endowed. Was it just because he was the class president so many years ago, the one that every girl was after and that Erica had won? Was it that simple, that common?

Or was it Derek's aggressive personalitiy, his get-ahead nature, the winner take all attitude?

Would all men take it all if it was offered? Erica decided on the spur of the moment to test her on-the-fly theory. She gave Ray a little bump and grind.

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