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Riding With Mom

by alwayswantedto©

I nodded, too numb to speak.

"So am I, darling." She leaned over to kiss my forehead, her tits pushing on either side of my cheeks, her nipples brushing against my nose and lips as she pulled back at bit. "Give me a couple of bumps if you need to wake me," she said, "you know, if you need to get up." She snuggled down into her bag. Turning to face away from me, she pushed back until her rump was pressed against me. "Keep me warm tonight, baby."

I snuggled closer to her, but kept my errant hardon pulled back. I couldn't sleep for a long time, thinking about her body, clad only in little pink panties, pressed against me between our sleeping bags. I kept my arm around her until I fell asleep, keeping her pressed in against me.

I awoke during the night, reasserting my hold and pulling her in to me. My cock had somehow released itself from the confines of my shorts. If she hadn't been sleeping, she would have had to feel it, but she didn't move. Cautiously, I pushed it a little harder against her ass. When she still didn't respond, I pushed again, a little more firmly. No reaction. I repeated the action several more times, slowly so as not to wake her, but more firmly each time, and stayed pushed against her for longer as well. I could always claim I was trying to wake her, I thought, as per her suggestion. Why had she provided me with such a convenient excuse? I lost this train of thought as I softly thrust and slowly ground my cock into my mother's ass through the material of the sleeping bags. I kept grinding and holding my cock against her until I came, spurting all over the inside liner of my bag.

Only after the final spurt did I come to my senses. She hadn't moved or responded in any way, thank God, but she hadn't been breathing like she was sleeping either. She was just very, very still. I fell back, and eventually fell asleep, in my own mess.

When I awoke, Dad was gone again, and Mom was making breakfast. She was wearing a new t-shirt, a long one that stretched down below her bum. I think that's all she had on, as the material was thin white cotton and I couldn't see the line of any panties underneath, and she clearly wasn't wearing a bra. Her tits sloped down in a slight sag, standing out from her belly against her shirt, her nipples jutting out like craggy little peaks. Mom's legs were muscular. I could see the muscles tensing along the outside of her thigh and the tightening of her calf muscles as she moved about in her bare feet. Finally, she turned and saw that I was awake. She padded over to me, leant down and gave me a big kiss on my forehead, and then, to my shock, directly on my mouth.

But she acted as if nothing was out of order. "Hey, sleepyhead, its about time. Dad's been up for hours. He couldn't wait so I told him to go on ahead. Get up and eat while I saddle the horses."

Mom grabbed her boots and put them on, then strode out the front door. I got up, pulled my jeans on and ate. Just as I finished, she came back in, grabbed a riding skirt out of her pack and pulled it on over her boots, tucking the t-shirt into it. She rolled her sleeping bag up, grabbed her pack and told me to hurry up. Then she laughed and said, "There's clean sleeping bag liners in the cupboard over there."

Shocked and embarrassed, I nonetheless did as she said and then rushed out after her. She must have known what I was up last night. She couldn't have been sleeping. But she'd let it happen. Holy shit!

Mom was already down the trail. I got on my horse and took off after her. We rode for several hours before Dad came up behind us. He'd gone on a little adventure on a side trail loop. About half an hour later we stopped for a short lunch. Dad was eager to get going because he wanted us to take another side trail loop because the one he'd just done had been so cool. And do we did. It was a longer loop with an overnight stay at a more remote cabin halfway around the loop. An hour after lunch, Mom's horse came up lame.

Dad looked at the horse, picking her foot up, examining its hoof, and so on. "Well, we can't do anything here," he said. "You two will have to double up. You have to take things in stride out here," he said, "You can't whine about things, you just have to handle them." He seemed almost happy at the opportunity to 'rise to the challenge'.

So Mom got up ahead of me and we tied a lead for her horse to follow behind. Dad led the way. Doubling up soon became uncomfortable for me. Mom's ass was right against my dick, moving back against it with each swaying step of the horse. I couldn't help but get an enormous hardon. After a while, she leaned forward over the horse's neck, grasping its mane to steady her self, as she had done the day before. This raised her ass allowing me to fit even tighter under her, closer to her pussy.

Soon, unable to stop myself, I started rocking my crotch forward into her, thinking I could blame it on the horse's movement. Mom didn't call me to task, so I became bolder until I was rocking into her hard enough to shove her forward a little along the horse's neck. She turned her head to look back at me. Oh, oh, I thought, I'm going to get it now. But she only said, "'Grab hold of me so I don't fall off."

I put my hands loosely around her waist to steady her but she put her hands over my wrists and pulled them forward, higher up above her waist until my hands were grasping the sides of her chest, right beside the swell of her breasts. Mom turned her head back down onto the horse's neck and grasped its mane in her hands again. I slipped my hands further in and slid my fingers around the front of her breasts, splaying my fingers on either side of the nipple of each tit. I pushed my cock into her. She squeezed her legs on the horse's shoulders and lifted her ass higher, providing even greater access for my bulging jeans. The lump there matched up with the rear of her pussy, and I pushed it in hard to make contact. I stood in the stirrups and started pushing against her, rocking her forward. There was no question about horse movements now, I was dry humping my Mom and she was letting me do it. I leaned forward, resting my head on her back, increasing the tempo of my thrusts, grasping her tits in my hands. Panting wildly, I finally came, pulling her back hard on my jean-covered cock.

I pulled back. Dad was further ahead. As far as I know, he never looked back. Mom lay as she was, still grasping the horse's mane, breathing heavily. She hadn't come, I'd left her hanging.

Dad stayed with us for a while longer but soon quickened his pace, pulling ever farther ahead. I looked down at Mom, leaning ahead, still breathing heavily. I grabbed the back of her riding skirt and pulled on it until it came free from under her. I lifted it up and looked down at her ass, at the line of her panty as it disappeared into the crack of her ass. The saddle below was slippery with her juice. I slid my right hand down, cupping it and pushing it up against her ass, slipping forward with my fingers along the bottom of her pussy.

"No, oh no!" She tried to get up but I kept her down with my left hand pressing into her back.

"No, Roger, don't!" I ignored her, sliding my fingers back and forth from her asshole to her pussy, pushing ever further forward until soon I was rutting right through the crevice between her lips up to her clit. Back and forth I rubbed, back and forth, ending when my thumb pressed between her cheeks onto her little rosebud. I grasped her hair and tugged her back. She clenched her knees and pushed her ass higher up, giving me more room to savage her pussy with my hand, I stopped moving, holding my finger on her clit and mashing the bridge of my palm against her cunt lips, moving in a very small circle but pushing firmly against her. She was grunting. She started to fuck my hand. "oh, oh, oh, unngghhhh, unngghhhh, unnnggghhhhh, unngghhhh" until she was constantly moaning.

She got so wild, I thought she was going to throw herself off the horse. Christ, Dad must not have fucked her for ages. I knew he was older than her but had he stopped doing her altogether? How long for her to be this horny?

Finally, she came. She clutched my hand tightly, squeezing it in random, involuntary pulses, while she continued little fuck moves, slowly subsiding until she was still. She tried to get up but I stopped her. Leaning over, I whispered into her ear, "You're beautiful, you're so beautiful."

I pulled back and tugged her up with me. I leaned back in the saddle, pulling her with me, my arm around her waist. Her head fell back against my shoulder, turning off to the side.

"Isn't it gorgeous, Mom? Don't you just love it out here?"

She was quiet for a moment, then she answered me, "Yes, I do, I do love it."

Up ahead I could see Dad had dismounted for our afternoon break. Mounting. Dismounting. The words echoed in my head. I had some ideas for tonight.

Mom showed no discomfort or embarrassment during our afternoon snack. Her face was flushed, making her seem more beautiful than ever. Dad mentioned that the outdoor air was really seeming to agree with her. She laughed, a genuine, throaty burst of humor. "Maybe," she said, "I think I'm just enjoying being alone with my men," she laughed again, getting up and dancing away toward the trees.

"You're doing a great job, son. You're really making your Mother happy. Keep it up."

"Oh, I will Dad. I like seeing Mom so happy."

I stood up and went to my saddle bag. "I've got to put some shorts on, Dad, it's so hot."

"Well, let's get going," he said as Mom sauntered back. I was just pulling my shorts up.

She smiled at me as she walked up, a little gleam in her eye. "Pant's tightening up from all this horsing around? Getting a little stiff, are we?" She laughed as she stepped in the stirrup and swung her leg over the saddle. As Dad started off, she said, "Come on, get up in front of me."

I stopped and stared. She laughed, "I'm just kidding. Get in behind me, where you belong. But you behave yourself, you little rascal." She laughed again.

As I fit myself in behind her, Mom casually reached back to pull the back of her skirt up from underneath her and let it fall to the sides of the saddle over her legs and mine. Taking the reins, she started us off. She leaned back in against me, turning her head up and giving me a kiss on my jaw, then nibbled it with her lips and teeth.

"We've got at least two more hours of riding, tiger. What ARE we going to do?" Then she laughed again. "Giddy up," she cried, "Giddy up."

I reached around her waist, sliding my hands up to take the weight of her breasts. I grasped a tit in each hand, squeezing them gently, pinching her nipples, tugging them outwards.

"Stop it," she chided me gently, "your Dad could turn around any time."

I pulled my hands away, reached down and slid both of them under her skirt, out of sight, over her hips and onto her the front of her thighs. I pulled them back toward me, letting my fingers push down in between her legs, which were opened wide over the saddle. She wasn't wearing panties any longer. I pushed deep in and covered each pussy lip with the fingers of my hands, then pulled them gently apart, spreading her cunt wide.

"We've got at least two hours. Don't be in such a hurry."

I didn't respond. My breathing was ragged into the hollow of her neck.

"You really need it, don't you?" she asked. I said nothing again. "Well, I know what that's like. Ok, baby, ok."

I pushed my fingers back in, dipping into her wide, wet hole. Then I pulled them slowly out, dragging on her slippery lips. Then back in, and out, and in, and out, again and again. My breathing was hoarse, and her's started to match mine. I pushed two fingers of each hand into her and held them there, tugging her cunt wider. She got very excited. I whispered hoarsely into her ear, "I need to fuck you!" I started to push her forward.

"No, Dad's right there. He could turn around." She kept upright, pushing on the horse's neck.

"Stand up in the stirrups," I said. She did. Reaching down, I unbuttoned my shorts, pulling my very hard cock out with great difficulty. I reached under her skirt again, sliding my hands up to grasp her by the hips. I scrunched forward under her, my cock bursting up like a little flagpole. I pulled her down on me.

"No, Roger, oh no," she cried, somewhat unconvincingly since I'd just told her I needed to fuck her. I kept her pulled down while I poked by cock around. Finally, the head found its slot and shoved its ugly face into her beautiful, steamy wet pussy. I slid all the way into her, right to the hilt. It seemed like a long slide, she was so hot and wet, and exquisite!

"Ohhhhh, Roger, ohhhhh, Rog, ohhhhhhh." That was the best sound I'd heard in these mountains, as far as I was concerned. She continued to make her little sounds. I kept myself fully plugged into her, content to let the motion of the horse do our fucking. I peered around at my Dad, riding ahead, way up there. If he did look back, there was nothing to see except me sitting behind Mom.

I slid my hand around and grasped the front of her pussy under her skirt. We rode along, rocking together, pussy and cock, pussy and cock. Time slowed to align itself with our gentle yet intense little fuck. It was all friction, rocking and friction. I was fully in her, and I never pulled back. She never rose up. We stayed plugged to the hilt the whole time. I don't know how long it took, but it was a long time. It was probably the longest fuck of my life. We just rode along, my cock in her cunt, my finger circling slowly on her clit. She got wetter and wetter, soaking me and the saddle.

I started pulsing my cock, tensing my muscles and bulging into her cunt. She loved it, and so did I. Finally, I felt her trying to clench my cock, but her legs were too wide. I could feel her buttocks tightening in cheeky little muscle spasms. She started to really soak me. I began spurting into her, again and again and again. I had never come so much. We both relaxed, still riding along, my cock periodically twitching inside her. Eventually I softened up and fell out of her, but we kept our soaking wet, sticky crotches firmly together.

After a while, Mom turned up and kissed me again. She laughed, "Well, I guess you fucked me. Is that what you call a Rogering," and she laughed, loudly. Dad turned and looked at us, smiled and continued riding.

"I'll show you a real rogering tomorrow, Mom, or tonight. Whenever we get the chance."

"Is that a threat? I can hardly wait," she laughed again.

"Neither can I," I replied, but with more serious intent. I don't think Mom knew what a rogering really was, but now that she'd mentioned it I was intent on showing her.

That night, Dad threw his sleeping bag onto the same bunk as Mom's, his on the inside. He was the first to sleep, as usual, facing the wall and snoring softly. After Mom had washed herself and got ready for bed, she motioned me over for a hug goodnight, standing there in the middle of the room in the moonlight, wearing only a long t-shirt that barely covered her ass, with my father laying behind her. I took her into my arms, sliding my arms over her body, engaging her in a long, leisurely french kiss. My cock rose and lodged in her crotch, between her legs. She stood up on tippy toe, accommodating my rod and pinching my ear lobe between her teeth, she whispered teasingly, "Roger wants to fuck me, doesn't he?"

I nodded into her.

"Oh, you bad boy. That's soooo naughty."

She stepped back, grasped my cock through my shorts and tugged it as she pulled away. She turned to her bed and bent over to get into her bag. Pausing, she turned to look back at me, pulling her t-shirt over her hips, baring her cheeks, swaying from side to side, thighs tight together.

"I'm not sure I can ride tomorrow," she said, I'm so sore from rubbing on that saddle, I guess." She flashed a big smile at me and slipped into her bag.

I sat down on my bunk, facing her, slid down my boxers, and sat with my cock standing up like a pole. I grasped, it and waved it at her, smiling away.

Not to be outdone, Mom sat up, and pulled her t-shirt over her head, tossing it onto the bunk, arched her back and thrust her tits out and up, her stiff nipples poking up into the night.

OK, you win, I mouthed at her. She laughed, made a face, and lay down to sleep. Facing her, I was sure that I could see her eyes sparkling in the fading light. I fell asleep.

I awoke to the smell of eggs and bacon. Mom was cooking breakfast again and Dad, as usual, was nowhere to be seen. Perfect. Even more perfect, Mom was wasn't wearing her t-shirt, but she wasn't naked. She was wearing one of Dad's white undershirts, not the t-shirt type, but the kind with no sleeves at all. Her breasts literally jutted out in this thing, the nipples threatening to rip right through the thin cotton material that clung to her sides, swept over the swell of her belly and buttocks until it ended just below her ass. I couldn't believe she was wearing this in front of me with Dad nearby.

"Come on, sit up, its ready now. Come on, get up."

I pulled myself out of my bag and stumbled to the table where a plate and a coffee cup was waiting. I wore only boxers, and as I sat down I realized that I had a huge boner. I thanked God that Dad hadn't come in and tucked myself under the table, hiding my errant prick. My eyes strayed back to Mom, gluing onto the crack of her ass which drew a line from between the dimples below the small of her back to the bottom of her cheeks, visible through the cotton undershirt. Her legs were tanned and lightly muscled, reflecting the morning sun filtering through the window and open doorway, and her feet were bare.

Mom brought a large black frying pan over to the table and filled my plate with eggs and bacon. She returned with a pot of coffee after putting the empty frying pan back on the stove and filled my cup and hers.

"Aren't you eating?" I asked.

"I ate with Dad, sleepyhead," she answered. "Eat up while its hot."

I guess she didn't want to talk, so I did as I was told. Mom sipped her coffee and gazed out the door. I let my eyes dwell on her chest, her tits sloping down toward her belly, perfectly outlined by the tight undershirt. My eyes followed down to the bottom of the shirt which just barely covered her pussy.

"Do you find me attractive?"

Startled, I looked up to find her looking right into my eyes. "Yes," I replied, quietly.

"Do you like looking at me?"

"Yes," quietly again.

"You can't let Dad see you. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, Mom."

"You took a big risk yesterday. You could have ruined everything for all of us. Don't do it again. Understand?"

"Yes, Mom, I understand."

"Good," she smiled, a big generous smile, and her eyes softened. "Look," she said, her eyes dropping to her lap. I followed her gaze down to her beautiful thighs. "Look what you did to me." She opened her legs a little. She looked up to me, querying. I furrowed my brow. She looked back down, spreading her legs wider. The undershirt slid up as her legs parted, further and further until she was spread wide open, her pussy bared to my eyes. "See?"

I just stared. My mother was sitting there, legs wide open, showing me her pussy. I didn't know what she was wanting me to see but I said, "I'm sorry, mom, did I make it sore?" remembering her comment the night before.

"Sore? No. Look harder."

I stared. Yes, I could see her pussy, lightly covered by a glistening strip of brown hair, her pussy lips shining as well.

Exasperated, she said, "I'm wet, silly. See what you do to me. It's so wrong but I can't help myself. I've never felt so alive. My whole body tingles when you're looking at me. I've been wet for three days."

I reached out to touch her but she stood up quickly and backed away.

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