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My Mom's Sexy Legs

by alwayswantedto©

If that was considered shocking, my next move tripled the ante. I moved back to Sally's body and stroked the inside of the thigh nearest me, matching Glen's own caress for several passes up and down her leg. Then, just as I had with Mom, I dragged my fingers into the 'V' of Sally's pussy and onto her mound, flipping my hand and stroking back down her leg. I took one more pass like that and then returned to Mom. Immediately, I stroked right up onto her pussy and, pausing with my hand cupping Mom's quim, spoke softly to Glen.

"Do it like this."

I pulled my hand through Mom's legs, rubbing over her mound, then backed down her leg. I looked at Glen's hand, willing him to follow, to copy my motion. Slowly, his hand stoked up his mother's thigh, and paused, waiting. I returned my hand up Mom's leg, reaching the same spot, and continued up to rub her pussy. Eyes never leaving my hand, Glen followed.

Sally's mouth was open and she was breathing quickly, her breath coming in small, quick pants. I kept my hand on Mom's mound and started shaking it like a small vibrator. Within seconds, Mom's legs opened wider. Again following my lead, Glen began shaking his own mom's pussy and soon her legs too opened wider.

I didn't let go of Mom's pussy after that. I moved my fingers around in a small circle, rubbing, pressing, sliding sideways across her panty covered lips, then up and down through her cloaked slit. Glen was a good student, following my every move. Both women endured the onslaught in silent appreciation, save for their raspy breathing.

I relinquished Mom's pussy to lift her knees, then reached down to grab her damp bikini and pull it up her thighs, around the bend and down her calves. Mom lifted and pointed her feet to help me get them off. Looking over, I waited. Glen responded, pushing his mother's knees up with greater resistance than I had faced but prevailing nevertheless. Sally lifted her feet to help him too and then, like Mom, flattened and spread her legs.

Both women waited, chests heaving, legs open. I placed my hand on Mom's knee, cupping the inside of her thigh. Slowly, I moved toward her damp, musky treasure. Glen paralleled my path down his own soft road. Soon, our fingers were grazing pussy hair. Stretching two fingers out, I negotiating between a pair of nether lips, looking to see that Glen did the same. I pushed my fingers into Mom's cunt and knew from the matching gasp that Glen had done so too.

I concentrated on frigging my mother well. The squishy, wet sucking sounds, clearly too much for one pussy to produce, informed me that Glen was trying as hard as I. I couldn't resist reaching over to slide my hand once more up Sally's thigh. Glen pulled out as I neared her honey pot and let me push my fingers inside her for a nice little frig.

I pulled my hand back. I was ready. I slipped between Mom's legs and pushed my shorts down, freeing my hard boner. Mom pulled her knees back and opened herself. I looked over to see Sally doing the same for her son. Grasping Mom behind the knees, I pushed her legs back even farther, lined my cock up with her soaking wet pussy, and shoved myself into her cunt.

It was a fast and furious fuck. All four of us were really horny and we came as a foursome. As soon as we recovered our breath, we started again. Glen and I both took a leak after that. I finished first and returned to the bed to find the women turned on their sides facing each other, holding hands, smiling and whispering.

When Glen came up behind me, I proceeded to the bed and nestled in behind Sally, moving close to spoon her behind. Glen paused, looking uncertain, then did the same behind my mom. I removed Sally's top and Glen did the same with Mom's. We lay there, caressing each other's mom's tits, and nuzzling their neck and bottoms. Soon our hips were rocking against the motherly behinds and it wasn't long before we both had our cocks inside each other's mother.

We fucked gently that way for awhile and then I got serious, pulling Sally away and turning her flat on her stomach. Straddling her hips, I dug my cock into her and began an intense and frenzied fuck.

Over the next two days we had some awesome sex, seldom leaving our rooms. We spent all of our time together, periodically fucking whoever happened to be nearest. I'm sure I had Sally just as often as I had Mom. When we left, we never saw or heard from them again.

I fucked Mom for three more years until I left home to live with my new wife. It was the best sex of my life. Every time I came home for a visit, we fucked. She let me fuck her any way I wanted, but not always when I wanted. She could be a merciless tease, and once opened her legs to display her open cunt while other people were in the room but only I could see. I managed to arrange a run to the store with just Mom and me. Less than two blocks away I pulled over to the side of the street, in broad daylight, pushed her back to the bench seat of the van, and shoved her onto her tummy. I was so worked up my cock began leaking on her ass before I could get inside her. When I finally did, I fucked her mindlessly, both of us grunting and moaning loudly. I stayed in her until I hardened again, and ground into her for another intense fuck. Fortunately, no one saw us.

Years later, when my wife was killed in a car accident, I moved back home with my son because Mom needed help with Dad, whose was now senile and in failing health. Dad died soon after.

About a year later, sitting in my Dad's old lazy boy chair, I woke up from a nap. I quietly surveyed the dimly lit room. Mom and Timmy were watching a movie. Mom's head was leaning back toward me and her face was flushed. Tim was sitting on the floor in front of her, under her raised knees, and I could plainly see movement under her skirt! When I looked back at Mom's face, her eyes were open, and she smiled. She mouthed a few words to me.

"Go upstairs and wait for me."

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Written by: alwayswantedto

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