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Holly: A Cheating Slut Wife

by beermaker©

I would like to thank LadyCibelle for taking her time to edit my story.


Sit back grab a cold beer or your favorite adult beverage and let me tell you a story about how I unknowingly married a whore. You'll learn how a plain brown shipping box, a packing slip and a kitchen faucet led to the discovery.


Life was great and I loved my wife more than anything else in this world. We had passion in our marriage and we enjoyed spending time with each other. Don't get me wrong, we had an active social life with friends and family.

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself. My legal name is Stanley Oliver Smith and my parents (George and Barbara) selected my name because they wanted my initials to be S.O.S. Notice I said my legal name, that's because everybody calls me "Bubba". When my sister told everyone about her baby brother it sounded like she was saying bubba instead of brother, so my sister Karen is the reason I'm called "Bubba".

Holly my wife and I were born in June of 1981 and both of our parents insist we were conceived in September 1980 during the first "SOS Fall Migration" in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I can hear you now wanting to know what in the world SOS stands for? Well SOS is short for "Society of Stranders" and was founded by a life guard in 1980. The Society of Stranders is an organization that enjoys, upholds, and perpetuates the traditions of shag/beach music, and shag dancing. Yes I know--shag has a different meaning in other parts of the world, but along the eastern seaboard between Virginia Beach, Virginia and Miami, Florida shag is a form of swing dance also known as the "Carolina Shag". You can go on-line and read about the "Carolina Shag" or "Shag Dance", if you care to know more about it.

I met Holly while attending my first "SOS Fall Migration" in September 2002 with my parents. While growing up my sister and mother insisted I learn the "Carolina Shag" and forced me to practice with them. When I saw Holly on the dance floor at Fat Harold's my heart skipped a beat and I knew I had to dance with her. I can honestly say this was the first time in my life I was glad my sister and mother forced me to learn the "Carolina Shag" dance and practice with them.

Holly grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and moved to Columbia after she graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in marketing. Her parents, Doug and Paula Owens, still live in Charleston. Holly is employed by a local insurance company in Columbia and lived about 2 miles from me.

My best friend, since the second grade, is Ralph Jones. Everyone calls him RJ. His parents (Earl and Gloria) still live beside my parents. While growing up Earl coached the basketball team RJ and I were on and my grandfather coached our football team. We both graduated from The University of South Carolina and are Sales Representatives for the same company.

Well lets see, you've met my wife, her parents, my parents, my best friend and his parents so it's time to move on with this story. I'll pickup the story in late April after we got back from this years "SOS Spring Safari" party in North Myrtle Beach. You guessed it--there is an "SOS Spring Safari" in April and a "SOS Fall Migration" in September each year. Since Holly and I met during the Fall Migration we attend each SOS event with our parents and share a 3 bedroom condo within walking distance of the beach clubs with our parents.

For the past 3 years I get up every weekday morning at 5:25am and go workout at the Irmo YMCA. On Monday and Wednesday mornings, I play basketball with 9 other guys including RJ. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are devoted to weight training. By following this routine I've been able to maintain my weight at 227 pounds spread over my 6'4'' frame. Holly is also into physical fitness but she prefers to workout in the afternoons. Something about not wanting to start her day at 5:30am.

I'm just sitting in my favorite chair watching American Idol when Holly looks at me and says (during a commercial) in her best loving wife voice "Bubba now don't forget we need to be at the airport by noon tomorrow."

"Yes dear."

"I can't wait till we're on the beach in Cancun." I smiled at her and said "you do remember I, unlike someone else we will not name, have tomorrow off. I'll pack as soon as I get back from the Y. Don't worry I'll be packed, ready and waiting on you."

"I can't help it. I'm so important my company needs me and your company can survive just fine without you" she responded with that laugh I love so much.

This weekend we're going to Cancun for 4 days/3 nights to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.

The city picks up trash in our neighborhood every Thursday, so Wednesday night I get the trash together. When American Idol is over I go through the house empting trash cans. I push the trash cart to the end of our driveway and return to the garage for the recycling bin. After closing the garage door, checking to make sure all doors were locked and the outside lights were off I return to watch TV with Holly. Just as I sit down Holly asked, "Where are our suitcases?"

"They're in the basement...I guess you want me to get them tonight?"

"Would you get them before you go to bed?"

"Yes dear."

I sat there for a few minutes before going to get the suitcases. We're going for four days and I can't understand why we need to take three suitcases and a carry-on.

Bright and early Thursday morning I was up, dressed and out the door by 5:40. Getting into my car I noticed two coffee cups, a water bottle, a fast food bag and a broken umbrella scattered around the inside of my car. As I backed out of the driveway I saw the trash cart and decided to dump my trash in the trash cart.

Opening the cart I was surprised to see a plain brown shipping box sitting on top of the trash. I wondered who added their trash to mine. Picking up the box I was shocked to see it addressed to Holly A. Owens. Now I had two additional things to think about, first why her maiden name was on the label and second why addressed to her office instead of our home. Looking inside the box I found a packing slip from Trashy Lingerie with the following items listed:

Item 1: Lizzy Bow Boobless Bra Item 2: Demitasse Bra Item 3: Men at Work G-String Item 4: Tara G-String Item 5: Wrangler Micro Mini Skirt Item 6: Wrangler Pleated Micro Mini Item 7: Wrangler Tube Top Item 8: Cabbage Tie Top with Plaid Collar Item 9: Pleated Tennis Skirt #3 Item 10: Plain Front Mamo Teddy

For some unknown reason I kept the box and packing slip thinking great she bought this for our trip and she's going to surprise me with a few of these items. I got a hard on just thinking about the fun we're going to have this weekend. Do you have any idea what a Lizzy Bow Boobless Bra is?

When I returned from my workout I found Holly's suitcases sitting by the door. I took my shower, packed my one (and only) suitcase and loaded the car. At 11:25am I was parked outside Holly's office waiting on her. Our plane was on time and by 4pm we were laying on the beach in Cancun with a cold adult beverage in my right hand.

We decided to eat dinner in one of the hotel's restaurants. After dinner we went out dancing until around 2am. I could hardly wait to get back and check out (and enjoy removing) Holly's new lingerie. She went into the bathroom and I striped down to my boxers. I lay in bed holding my extremely hard cock waiting to see my sexy wife in her new Trashy Lingerie. Imagine my shock when she came out wearing a large white tee with two pink flamingos on the front and white full back cotton panties. What in the world is going on here? This wasn't sexy! Talk about going soft quickly—I went from rock hard to soft within a nanosecond.

She must have sensed something was wrong from the look on my face. "Bubba are you alright? You're not getting sick on our vacation are you?"

"No. I was expecting to see you in one of the sexy nightgowns you were given at your bridal shower not in a pink flamingo shirt."

"Why wear something else? If I know you I'll be naked within 30 seconds."

"That's so true. You know I can't keep my hands off you. Enough talk get in the bed so I can show you how much I love you." She turned off the lights and got in bed.

After we made love, we went to sleep holding each other. When I woke up we were still wrapped in each others arms. I eased myself out, took a leak and started the coffee. Sitting on the balcony drinking my coffee I started thinking about the package Holly received from Trashy Lingerie and why I'd never seen her wear anything like the items listed on the packing slip. About that time Holly came out to join me and I forgot about the box from Trashy Lingerie.

After breakfast we decided to go snorkeling along the reef and scheduled a trip at the local tour desk. It was great. I highly recommend anytime you're in Cancun you need to spend an afternoon snorkeling along to reef.

We showered had a quick dinner and headed off to enjoy the nightlife. I don't remember how many different bars we visited or how many different beers I drank, but we had a great time. Once again Holly wore her flamingo shirt to bed, I removed it and we made love. Afterwards I lay there thinking about how much I love Holly and how lucky I am to have her as my wife.

The next day was pretty much a repeat of yesterday with the exception of spending the day shopping in the market instead of snorkeling. I bought Holly a necklace she liked and a chess set for me.

Tonight is our wedding anniversary and our last night in Cancun. We wanted to have a nice quiet dinner and enjoy our time together. After dinner we walked along the beach holding hands and talking about our future. We both love children and we agreed Holly would stop taking her birth control pills in January. As we walked back to the hotel, Holly talked about how she had something special for me when we got back to our room. The packing list flashed before my eyes, my cock got hard and I couldn't wait to see Holly dressed in her new outfit.

When we got back to the room Holly picked up her carryon bag and went to the bathroom. I dug out the anniversary gift I'd bought her. Once again, while waiting on her I swear my cock was as hard as a rock. I don't ever remember being this hard. My cock went soft as soon as Holly came out of the bathroom with a huge smile on her face and dressed in the same clothes she'd worn to dinner.

With great flourish Holly handed me an envelope, gave me a kiss and said "Happy Anniversary! I love you--you've made me the happiest women on the face of the earth. Now hurry up and open it. I can't wait to see your face when you see what's inside the envelope."

I've never seen Holly this excited giving me a gift before and decided to play with her. "Holly I love you. My love for you grows each and everyday" as I handed her my gift. "First I want you to open yours then I'll open mine."

"No way! It's been all I could do to keep this a secret. I can't wait another minute to see your face. Now go ahead and open it before I tell you what's in there."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am. I'm so excited I'm about the pee in my pants. Please open it!"

I've known Holly for four years and I've never seen her like this, so I slowly opened the envelope, read the card and looked at Holly.

Holly screamed, jumped into my arms, gave me a kiss and said "I knew you'd love it and the look on your face is priceless."

The note inside the card informed me that we had two tickets to the NASCAR night race at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee. For those of you that don't know, getting tickets to the night race at Bristol is almost impossible.

"Thank you. Thank you. How in the world did you get the tickets?"

"We had a contest at work and I won tickets to the Bush and Cup races."

"This is one contest I'm glad you won. Thank you. Go ahead and open your gift."

Needless to say my gift (pearl earrings) wasn't in the same ballpark as her gift to me, but she seemed to like them.

I took Holly in my arms and gave her a kiss telling her how much I loved her. We continued kissing and I slowly removed her clothes while she stripped me. For the first time we made love somewhere other than a bed and with the lights on. Afterwards we took a shower together (another first) and went to bed.

We were up early so we could enjoy the beach for a couple of hours before checkout. By 1pm we were at the airport waiting on our flight home.

Holly went to sleep almost as soon as the plane took off. I sat there thinking about the brown box, the packing slip, how she got the tickets (I've never heard her talk about any company contest in the four years I've known her), how we made love on the couch with the lights on. When Holly and I make love it is usually pretty vanilla.

We seem to follow the same script each time we make love. First we make out for a few minutes while I explore her body with my hands. If my hand gets to close to her ass she'll pull it away and remind me that she does not like me playing with her ass. I'll pull her shirt up and start playing with her tits (her nipples are very sensitive). Next I start kissing my way down stopping to kiss and nibble on her breasts before I continue my way down. By the time I reach her pussy her panties are soaking wet.

I continue to kiss around her pussy through her panties before she begs me to take her panties off and eat her pussy. She grabs my head, wraps her legs around my head and goes off like a roman candle as soon as my tongue touches her pussy. After her third climax, she'll say "I can't take anymore. I need you to put it in me now." I take a couple more licks of her sweet pussy and move up to 'put it in' as she says. Holly will not kiss me after I eat her pussy. She always wipes my mouth with my pillowcase while I rub my cock across her pussy a few times before "that's enough--just put it in and put your hands behind me."

She wraps her arms and legs around me and within 10 strokes (with my hands holding her ass) she has a climax. At this point she begs me not to move while she comes down. I don't understand why she doesn't want me playing with her ass, but wants me to hold her ass up when we make love. We'll change positions a few times; Holly will have a couple more climaxes before I climax (sometimes too soon).

When I say change positions I mean while Holly is on her back. She'll play with my cock and sometimes she'll even suck it for a couple minutes. Holly seems to love sex; she never turns me down, always has multiple orgasms but never wants to try anything different.

My gut tells me something is going on and I need to find out what. Why would Holly order from Trashy Lingerie? Why was her maiden name on the packing slip? What did Holly do with the clothes? All these questions and I don't have a clue how to find out.

I thought I was doing a good job of acting normal when we got home until Holly asked "Bubba, you're very quiet. Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm just thinking about what I need to do at work tomorrow besides scheduling three days vacation time for our Bristol trip."

The guys noticed something was going on with me the next morning playing basketball. During one of our breaks Nick said "Ok Bubba what's going on with you? You just got back from celebrating your anniversary in Cancun and should be on top of the world, but you seem to be down in the dumps—so man what gives?"

"Nothings wrong, I guess I got use to sleeping later while on vacation" I answered.

"Bullshit. You're in better shape than all of us put together. This isn't the first time you've been on vacation. Something is going on, you're stressed out and as a friend I'd like to know what's got you dragging ass this morning?"

For the next five minutes those 9 guys stayed on my case until I told them about the box from Trashy Lingerie. We spent the rest of our time trying to find ways to discover what Holly was doing. Everyone agreed to look around and see if they had anything I could use.

The next morning instead of our normal workouts we spent our time discussing the items they brought and how to use them. Lying on the table were: 1) 2 phone line recorders (each would record up to 3 hours) 2) 3 camcorders 3) A Baby Monitor system 4) Nanny Cam system with 2 cameras (VHS Tape Case & Notebook) 5) A micro cassette tape recorder (records up to 3 hours) 6) A Standard cassette tape recorder (records up to 4 hours) 7) A digital recorder with internal card (records up to 3 hours)

We agreed I should install one of the phone line recorders to our home phone and place the digital recorder in Holly's car. No one could come up with a use for the baby monitor. The 2 cassette recorders would make noise turning on and off not to mention the limited amount of recording time available. Trey agreed to come over to my house and help me install the nanny cam system.

Since I had 2 phone line recorders I would switch them each morning before I went to the Y and listen to the tape during the day. The digital recorder in Holly's car had an internal card so I had to take the recorder out of Holly's car and listen to it before I replaced it.

At this point I'd be able to hear Holly's home phone conversations, hear any conversations she had in her car, see what happened in our den and down the hall to our bedroom. I wouldn't be able to hear her cell phone conversations unless she was in her car, hear her at work or hear her anywhere else.

The big problem was how to verify where she went each day and who she was with when she wasn't with me. Holly's schedule (as I knew it) was she left our house each morning at 7:50am for work. She left work each day at 4:30pm and went to the Y for her workout before heading home. Sometimes she'd visit and have dinner with my parents on some of my school nights.

We all left for work and agreed to think about how to track Holly during the day. The only person in our basketball group Holly knew was RJ so he couldn't be used as part of the tracking group.

During our morning meeting Jason said "I talked with my wife last night about our tracking problem and she suggested we use my grandfather. He's always complaining about never having anything to do and it's driving him crazy. I talked to him last night and he's all for helping us out. He suggested I get his brother Bob to help out as well. Between the two of them one could drive and the other could record everything with the camcorder. So what do you guys think?"

Everyone agreed Jason's wife had a great idea and before I knew it the rest were going to ask their grandparents to help us out.

Friday morning when I arrived at the Y I found my 9 basketball buddies plus 11 additional people waiting on me. After introductions we set about developing a plan/schedule to monitor Holly. The group was divided into 5 teams. Each day a different team would follow Holly to work, another team would follow her to lunch, a third team would follow her to the Y and another team would follow her home. They worked out a plan on how to pass the camcorders to another team when their shift was over. The group would spend the weekend riding by my house, the Y, my parent's house and Holly's office so they would know where Holly was expected to be each day. Monitoring Holly would start Monday morning.

Each morning we met at the Y, they would recap the previous day and give me a tape from each camcorder. At our Wednesday morning meeting John introduced us to his buddy Fred. Fred retired 2 years ago from a security firm and he wanted to help.

On Thursday RJ spoke up "we appear to have everywhere covered except when Holly is working. Does anyone have any ideas on how to monitor her at work?"

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