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Showering With My Sexy Sister

by Tawny T©

"Boy, has she! She's a fast learner too. She took to it naturally. I think Frenching Betsy came natural for her. They haven't really discovered each other yet, other then kissing. We'll show her some tricks to teach Betsy, won't we?" Sis asked with a wink.

While I kissed Dottie's breasts, Sis moved behind her and slipped her shorts and panties off. She moved back a little and stepped out of them. I looked her body over and whistled out loud. Her body was gorgeous. Her cheerleading had rounded her body and she was well muscled and fit as could be. She wasn't as well muscled as Sis, but her body could have graced the centerfold of any man's magazine except for her age!

Her stomach was softly rounded. Below her pussy hair was cropped close at the top, amazingly in a perfect heart shape. It was shaved below, so that no hair on the lower part of her pussy would show when she did the acrobatics while cheerleading. It was so smooth looking. I guessed Sis had trimmed and shaved her. I loved the look of it and it made my mouth water. I'd have to get Sis to trim my pussy hair like that. I hoped I would get to try to lick her pussy.

"Little Sis, like my lover's body? She is in fantastic shape isn't she? I want you to taste her too. She has the sweetest tasting pussy, and she gets so wet when we make love. I think you two will make wonderful lovers for each other." My heart jumped at that thought!

Dottie moved to the bed and lay back taking my hand and pulling me on to it. She laid me back and moved over me to begin kissing my body. I shivered at her touch. She was so beautiful. Her shoulder length brown hair fell over me, caressing me. She stroked my body slowly and gently. Her touch was feather light. She took my nipples between her fingers and rolled them and pulled gently at first then a little harder as they grew longer and harder. She bent and took one breast in her mouth and sucked and licked it. It felt wonderful! Would they get more sensitive as they grew larger?

I stroked her shining hair and reached under and cupped and squeezed her superb breast feeling the hard nipple against the palm of my hand. God, it felt so wonderful to have her make love to me. I had been a bratty kid before, now both the older girls wanted to make love to me. I moaned as she nipped my nipple. The delightful pain seemed to go straight to my hard clit.

Dottie moved upward, and she put her breasts against me and rubbed her hard nipples against mine. Damn it felt wonderful. She rubbed her hard nipples over my chest, her full breasts pressing against my skin. I wished I had larger breasts to push back against hers! I loved the feel of her hot full firm breasts pressing down against mine. Finally she moved downward and kissed and licked my stomach and then moved between my legs.

"Ohh, your pussy is so beautiful. Just like your sister's when she was your age. I licked and sucked hers, and was the first person to ever make love to her. Beautiful, absolutely mouth watering!" Dottie said as she kissed my thighs and licked them, making me almost wild with passion. Her tongue slid out and ran lightly along my slit parting the hair and running along the lips. Gently she pressed it downward splitting my pussy open. I spread my thighs giving her more room. Her fingers spread me even wider and she pushed her tongue down into me. I moaned out loud and Sis moved up close to me and leaned over to kiss my lips and her hand slid over my aching breast cupping it.

I was trembling it felt so wonderful, with a skillful pair of lips at my pussy and my Sister's lips and tongue playing over mine while she caressed my breast too. I had never dreamed this was possible. Never in my life had I ever thought it might happen to me! Sis tongued my mouth and one hand played with my breasts and nipples, pulling and rolling them.

Below, Dottie's tongue was working its magic inside me. My pussy was on fire and when her tongue flicked my hard clit I exploded. My hips came upward mashing against her mouth. I cried out and screamed my joy as my body went wild. Having the two of them making love to me was hotter even than just Sis making love to me. They redoubled their efforts and I came in a long series of climaxes till I was totally exhausted and begged for them to stop. I didn't faint this time, but came close.

They slowed their assault on my body. Dottie moved up beside me with Sis on the other side of me, and her lips were still wet from my pussy juices. Her eyes were shining with mischief.

"Well, Little Bratty One, you have an absolutely delicious pussy. Kiss me and taste it off of my lips. I love that." She leaned down and we kissed. I licked her lips and tasted my juices on her. I felt Sis move and her lips and tongue joined ours and we tongued, and licked each other in a frenzy of three-way kissing. A fantastic way to end my first, and I hoped, not my last lovemaking with this gorgeous friend of Sis's.

We three kissed and hugged and I caressed both their sexy bodies and wonderful breasts. Their hands roamed over me sensuously. I felt so loved and wanted between them as their bodies pressing against me.

"Didn't I tell you she had a fresh little delicious pussy?" Sis said kissing Dottie. Finally Sis got off the bed and went to Mom's wardrobe. "Hey Lover, I want us to try something really hot I found. You will never believe this! I still am not sure why she has it."

She opened Mom's lingerie drawer and reaching in, ran her hands way back under Mom's frilly, sensuous underwear. I had looked in it a number of times, even trying on some of Mom's sexy panties and used her vibrators on myself. The panties were too large for me, but I got a strange sexy feeling putting them on. I even rubbed my pussy through them, being careful not to get the crotch wet or leave telltale stains.

"Voila!" Sis said pulling out several assorted vibrators and even some fake cocks. She handed them to us and our eyes went wide, we looked and felt them, giggling and laughing. "Now the piece de resistance." She said with a little flourish pulling it from behind her back, where she had been hiding it. Our eyes really grew big as she showed us a rather large, long dildo with a vinyl panty-like attachment at the bottom to firmly hold the fake cock.

"Good Lord, your Mom has one of those? Why would a married woman want with one of those?" Dottie asked, taking it from Sis's hand and feeling of the large long dildo.

"I don't know, maybe she and Dad play games and she fucks him up the ass!" Sis laughed. "Turn about is fair play?" They laughed uproariously.

I didn't laugh, my head rocked back in shock at the thought. Surely not! My parents? Damn, that was wild, but I remembered how shocked I was the first time I heard how babies were made – no way would my parents do that nasty sounding thing, or so I thought at the time!

But I later found out they did have sex, no doubt of that. I had heard them a number of times when I was supposed to have been asleep, had heard the bedsprings creaking, the slap of flesh against flesh, the moans and groans, and Mom's long gasps and quavering sobs of what could only be ecstasy. I had stood in the hall listening, my fingers playing over my clit as I tried to imagine in my mind exactly what they were doing. I'd have a wonderful, cum then hop back in bed. Fortunately, I never got caught.

"Hey, I remember thinking that my parents would never do that dirty fucking thing, not even to make babies." I finally managed to laugh. Dottie and Sis laughed with me. I felt the fake cock. It looked and felt like real skin, and the plastic, for some reason, even felt warm to the touch. It even had blue colored veins on the sides, a large reddish-purple head, and a scrotum at the back.

Sis took the fake cock and put it up to her mouth. . "I hope she washed it the last time she used it!" She ran her tongue along the head. "Yep, tastes like plastic!" We laughed. "Lover, you want me to fuck you, or do you want to fuck me?" She said holding the device up toward Dottie.

" I don't know, neither of us has ever been actually fucked. You decide, we can sure take turns." Dottie said running her hand up and down the long cock caressing it. It looked really huge to me, and no way would that big thing go into either one of their pussies, I thought!

"OK, I'll try it. Good thing the panties are adjustable. Have to remember to wash it and put it back to the same size when we are through. Don't want Mom to find out we used it! I just can't imagine Mom fucking Dad in the ass is all. Wild! But what else would she have one for? It looks like it's been used, it's certainly not new." Sis said as she slid the latex panties on. It had Velcro adjustable straps, and she pulled and tugged till she had it snugly fitting her hips. We laughed as we saw her, beautiful breasts above and a long cock jutting out below.

"OK, Doll, where do you want it? I'm The Big Stud, and am going to fuck the Shit out of you!" Sis said in a passable imitation of Bogart!

"How do I know? In the pussy obviously, you are not putting that in my ass, no way Jose! Let me roll over and get on my knees. You can come up behind me. We've seen them do that a lot in the porn videos. Doggy fashion! I'll be your little Bitch." She laughed. She rolled over and got on her hands and knees. Sis got behind her and put the dildo against her pussy and pushed a little. It didn't want to go in.

"Sis, look in that bedside drawer and see if there is any lubricant there, Vaseline, or KY jelly, or whatever is in there. There's always some there." My Sister said, looking rather funny sporting this huge male cock in front of her.

I opened the drawer and found a small container. How did she know there was always some lubricant in the drawer? I guess she snooped a lot! I read the label then held it up for them to see. "Can you believe this? 'Anal lube!' I guess Mom does fuck Dad in the ass." I opened it and put some on my hand and lubed up the dildo, then put some along Dottie's pussy lips. I loved sliding my slippery fingers along her spread pussy lips applying the lubricant. She patted my hand and winked at me. My pulse rate went way up!

Sis took the dildo and slid it up and down Dottie's pussy as I watched. She pushed a little and the large head spread her lips wider but hesitated a moment.

"Wow, that is really big. Easy, Love, you stay still, and I'll push back against you. Let me do the work for a moment. Ooooh, it's really stretching me!" Dottie said as she bent her head and her lovely ass moved back just a little.

I moved very close and watched fascinated as the cudgel pressed against her gleaming pussy lips, spreading them wider then slowly began to move inward. The bulbous head slipped past the tight opening then seemed to pop inward. She gave a sigh of relief. I took my finger and ran it around her lovely pussy and spread the excess lubricant along the shaft.

"Now Lover, fuck me slowly. I'll have to get used to this. I'm not sure how much of that thing I can take in my pussy. This is the first time for something that big. It's a lot larger and longer then my vibrator. Go easy, please?" Dottie said looking back.

That got me to thinking and I reached over and found one of the slender vibrators with a long flexible tip on it with small rubber whiskers and a knobby surface. It was kind of ridiculous looking, but it had to be for the ass.

I turned it on and it throbbed powerfully. Mom even kept fresh batteries in them. My eyes lit up. Little Sister was going to join the fun! I took some of the lubricant and put it along the full length, and a little more on my finger. I watched as Dottie's cute ass pushed backward making the dildo slide deeper inside her pussy. I watched in fascination shaking my head thinking surely it would never all go inside her body. Finally I put my finger on her cute little brownish hole and ran it around in circles spreading the lubricant over it.

"Whoa, we have a novice player who knows the angles. Mnnnn, yes sweet Tess, put your finger in my ass. I love that. Damn, Kit, your sister is a real wonder. We should have gotten her in with us earlier in her young life! She's a natural." Dottie said smiling back at me. My heart soared. I was finally accepted by this gorgeous older girl.

"Oh, yes, Hon, that hit bottom. God that fills me up! Wait a minute and let my pussy get used to that inside me." Dottie said as her butt hit Sis's thighs and the whole dildo was inside her. I couldn't believe she had it all in her. I wondered how long a dildo, or vibrator I could take inside my pussy. I had just used the vibrations against my clit and that had sent me into orbit! I'd sure have to try one of the smaller ones, and find out how deep I could take it. I'd bet Sis and Dottie would help me find out!

Dottie wiggled her cute ass, a signal for Sis to fuck her. Sis didn't say anything; she was concentrated on moving the dildo in and out, slowly. I could tell she was worried about hurting Dottie, her best friend and lover! I ran my finger around Dottie's small brownish star, and pressed downward a little. I had put my finger in Sis's ass, and now I made sure my fingernails didn't scratch Dottie. It slid inside her tight little hole.

I loved the feel of her hot flesh around my finger. It was so tight. I pushed it deeper inside her and heard her moan. We both were making love to her at the same time. I let my finger move inside her hot rear tube exploring her wonderful ass. I pushed my finger toward the front of her body and was amazed, I could feel the dildo sliding in and out through the thin membranes of her ass and pussy. Wild!

While Sis fucked Dottie, I watched the dildo slide in and out of her beautiful pussy and watched the way her pussy lips moved in and out. When the dildo slid out, it pulled her reddened lips outward, then on the inward stroke they were pushed in. Her small neat asshole did the same for my finger. I slid it as far inside her as I could.

I laid my head against her shapely ass and nuzzled her soft skin. The wonderful aroma of her aroused sex filled my nostrils. She started to move her body with each stroke now as the dildo slid ever deeper inside her. I reached over on the bed and got the vibrating slender probe and as I slid my finger out, I replaced it with the rubber probe.

I slid it slowly inside her and heard her catch her breath as three, then four inches slid deep inside her backside. I didn't turn the vibrator function on just yet. I wanted to let Sis, with my help, get her really hot.

"Oh, wow, you hit bottom, Hon. Easy! That rubs against my cervix and it really feels nice. Fuck me slowly now, let me get used to the feeling of having that so deep inside me. It's longer and larger than my vibrator and takes a little getting used to.

"Wow, so this is what if feels like to get fucked! I still am not ready for some guy to fuck me. I'll wait a while. I'm like you Kit, I don't want to get pregnant or catch something. I'll hold off a few years. But I think we should definitely get one of these. Ohh, yes, Baby, like that!"

Dottie moaned loudly, as Sis must have hit an erotic part of her pussy. "Mnn, yes, love that thing. Ask your Mom where we can get one like it! Ohhh, yes Baby, fuck me slow now. I'm getting used to it. Your little sister had something way up in my ass and I don't think it's her finger. That feels so sexy, Tess. Slide it in and out in time with your sweet sister.

I looked at Sis, smiled at her, leaned up and kissed her lips then moved down a little to suck and lick her breasts. The nipples were long and hard in her excitement. I wondered if the base of the dildo was giving her any pleasure, I'd noticed small knobs on the base of it, or it was the thought that she was fucking her gorgeous girlfriend. I timed my thrust into Dottie's bottom to coincide with Sis's slow steady, deep thrusts. I loved watching Sis's cute well-muscled ass thrusting and moving. It was a fantastic scene with Sis fucking her from behind and the anal probe sliding in and out.

Dottie began to moan and wiggle her cute ass, as she got hotter. I moved a little and reached under with my free hand and began to rub her pussy. It only took one or two exploratory strokes till I found her very firm clit, and her gasp told me she loved it. I stroked it slowly at first till she was moaning louder. In a quick movement, I reached back and turned the vibrator on, then my hand went back to her clit. Her head went back and her body went taut as she neared her climax. Sis saw it too and her hips thrust harder till her thighs were slapping Dottie's delectable ass, and that noise and her moans filled the room. I pumped the vibrating dildo faster and faster in and out of her ass.

Dottie's body bowed forward, her head went down and she screamed out as the two of us brought her to a wonderful climax. My face was close to her ass and I watched her pussy and ass muscles contract around the two intruders. My finger flew over her hard clit adding to her ecstasy. I think she had two long sobbing, moaning climaxes before she finally told us to stop. I turned the vibrator off and pulled it slowly out of her lovely ass. Sis pulled back and the gleaming dildo slid out.

"Wow, you two, that was fantastic. Now I know how it feels to be fucked." She panted. "That was wild. And you, sexy little Tess; it was a stroke of genius to put that vibrator in my ass. We'll have to buy one of those too! Damn, we can have lots of fun, just the three of us. My Mom never gets home till after 6 in the evening and Dad about 30 minutes later. You two can come over any day after school and we can have a roaring good time before they get home. But you know what I want to do right now?" Dottie said rolling on her side and holding out her arms toward me.

"Uh oh, little Sister, I think she wants you. I know that look, she loves more than one cum." Sis said reaching over and giving my ass a playful slap.

I was thrilled beyond words. I moved into Dottie's arms and she kissed me and pulled me against her. Her hands pulled me upward and I slipped on top of her fantastic body. Her full breasts felt so wonderful against me. She slipped her hot tongue inside my mouth while she caressed my body. Her hands went to my ass and pressed me hard against her body.

She spread her thighs and I fitted down between them. She swiveled her hips and spread her thighs wider. A little pressure on my shoulders and I moved down just a little. My pubic bone rubbed against hers then I slid a little further down at her direction. I felt my pussy press downward into her very wet open pussy. My firm pussy mound nestled down into her hot wet flesh. It felt so erotic. She wiggled her hips a little settling me down into her pussy.

"Mnn, sweet Baby, yes, I can feel your pussy lips on either side of my clit. Move your ass slowly and fuck my clit." Dottie whispered against my ear. Her tongue flicked my earlobe.

I was almost shaking with lust. I experimentally thrust my hips, rotating them in little hunching movements and felt my pussy slide along her wet treasure. She moaned softly.

"Ohh, yes that sweet virginal pussy feels so good against mine. More! Make your hips thrust longer. Rotate your hips a little more too." She sighed. "Ohhh, yes, sweet Baby. God, Kit, your sister is a wonderful lover. Ohhhh, shit, she's fucking my pussy so fucking good! We'll have to teach her in all the nasty things we have learned to do to each other. Ohh, yes, yes, faster Tess, Love. Fuck my clit, Baby. Mnnn, yessss, like that! It's fucking my clit; you are fucking me so fucking good, Baby! Yessssss!" She cried out.

My mind soared as I hunched my pussy against hers. I imitated the motions I had seen the men use in a fucking video I had seen once, unknown to my parents. Her hot pussy was spread wide and I could just feel her engorged clit slip along my pussy lips. I could imagine how it felt to her. I wished my clit were longer, so it would rake along her pussy lips too, but it was receiving almost no help. My clit just wasn't long enough. Rubbing against her felt wonderful, but didn't give me enough stimulation. I bent my head and kissed her breast and sucked the nipple. I hunched faster and her moans of joy filled the room.

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