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Great Night at the Adult Theater

by jsr14614©

I have been bisexual for most of my adult life. I don't fight it anymore... I enjoy it.

My work takes me out of town on a somewhat regular basis and I take advantage of the anonymity of big cities to engage in my second passion -- cock. (My first passion is pussy.)

Not long ago I was in Philadelphia on business and in the evening found my to an adult theater in downtown Philly. I had never been to this particular place before, and I was excited and a little bit nervous about what I'd find there.

I entered and allowed my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the place, which was more complete than the well-lighted street outside. Once I could see, I began to wander around to see what was going on. First off, this was no ordinary theater. There were two or three main rooms, with a couple of hallways connecting them with lots of nooks and crannies, and a men's room that smelled foul.

I had to piss, though, so my first stop was the men's room. I pushed open the door and the site that greeted me made my cock hard as a rock. A young black man -- maybe 19 or 20 -- was virtually naked, bent over the washroom sink, his big cock semi-hard and swinging freely as an older black man --maybe 35 to 40 -- fucked his ass from behind. The young guy getting fucked barely looked up at me when I came in, but the older guy seemed to get a rush out of being watched.

After watching for a minute or two, the older guy motioned me over and told me to stroke the guy getting fucked. I ran my hands over the young kid's body, feeling his totally hairless skin, running over his abs until I reached his cock. I began stroking it in time to his fucking, and, with my other hand, reached around behind him and put my hand on the other's guy's cock and balls and felt his cock as it slid into the young guys ass.

It was probably the most erotic thing I had ever done. Here i was participating in the sex acts of two other people. My cock was still in my pants at that point, despite it being rock hard and leaking pre-cum so fast it was making a spot on m y pants.

I could tell from his grunts that the older guy was about to come, and i was looking forward to having my hand on his cock and balls as he spewed into the young guys ass. But just then, he did something that surprised me totally.... He reached over and grabbed me by the back of my neck, pulling me forward and pushing me down to my knees at the same time. The second i was on my knees, he pulled his slimy cock out of the young guy's ass and stuck it in my face. It was obvious to me, even in my highly aroused state, that i could either suck it or he would blast cum all over me. So I opened my mouth and took that big cock straight from the young guy's ass and began to suck it. No sooner than I started, he began to cum, shooting spurt after spurt into my mouth.

I swallowed the whole load, and, thinking maybe I could have a crack at the young guy's ass, began to get up. But the older guy pushed me down again and gave a look and a quick jerk of his head to the young guy, who turned around and stuck his now mostly hard cock right into my mouth. I, of course, started sucking him immediately, delighted to have another big black cock in my mouth. As I did this, the older guy got behind the young guy and began rubbing his hands up and down the guy's perfectly smooth body.

After a minute or two of me sucking his cock, the bathroom door opened and another guy came in. I glanced over at him, afraid for a minute that he was security or something, only to find a 20s something white guy pulling his cock out of his pants and starting to jerk off.

I sucked another minute or two, getting aroused more than I would have thought at the idea of being watched, when the young black guy grabbed my arm and pulled me up off the floor. He pushed his lips against mine and we kissed passionately for several minutes. During this time he and I were working hard to undo my belt buckle. Still locked lip to lip we eventually got them undone and we immediately pushed them down to my knees. All this time, the older guy was still behind the young guy, rubbing himself against his body and rubbing his hands all over his torso.

Apparently the white guy took his cue from the older black guy and came up behind me and began doing the same thing

I could feel his cock pushing against my ass, even as I felt the black guys cock rubbing up against my belly. The young black guy, by the way, had a big cock -- the the biggest I've ever seen, but probably eight inches and very thick.

After a few minutes of this, the black guy put his hands on my shoulders and made it clear he wanted me to turn around. I turned and bent over the same sink he had been bent over not long before. I wet my fingers with as much saliva as I could muster and used it to lube my asshole, which his cock was by then pushing up against. With one hand I guided his cock into me, and with the other reached back and tried to spread my cheeks as far as I could.

He slid into me and began to give me one of the most delicious fucks I've ever had. At the same time, the white guy came over and offered his cock to my mouth, which I happily accepted. At some point t he rhythm changed, and I looked back over my shoulder and realized the older black had gotten hard again and was fucking the younger guy again, even as the younger guy fucked me. This must have turned the white guy on, because he began make noises like he was going to cum. I got my mouth back over his cock just in time to take a big, sweet load from him.

The young black guy was also beginning to pick up the tempo, so i told him I wanted him to come in my mouth, not my ass, so he slid his cock out and I resumed my position on my knees. He stuck that beautiful, shiny cock into my mouth and resumed fucking me, holding my head with both hands. Just as he started to fill my mouth with cum, I saw the older black guy standing to my left furiously stroking his cock. Once the young guy finished shooting his load, I turned my head and took the older guy in my mouth for the second time. He, too, grabbed my head and fucked my face, almost gagging me by pushing his long cock down my throat until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. It wasn't long before he came again. The load he dropped in my mouth wasn't quite as big as the first time, but it was still pretty impressive.

After taking both loads, I stood and kissed the young guy again, as he pulling up his baggy jeans and rescued his shirt from the floor. In a minute, all three of them were out the door, leaving me hard and hot.

An hour or more later, after several half-way encounters, I found myself fucking a young black guy bent over the back of the back row of seats in one of the main theater rooms, but that's another story.

Written by: jsr14614

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