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His Sister's Legs & Feet

by LegsAndFeet©

I guess you could say that it all started out when I was around 13. The age when girls started wearing skirts, dressing sexier, and so on. I started to explore my sexual fetishes and realize what excited me at this time.

Now I am 21 and never regret looking at any girls legs. There's just something about the tan legs and the smooth feet that excite me and guide me to every orgasm I've had since my early teen days. My name is Mike and I'm 6 feet tall, 150 lbs, muscular, tan, and as some of the ladies call me 'hot'. But until a couple weeks ago, I've never really experienced anything during sex that related to my fetish.

It all started one summer after high school had let out for my sister. Mom and Dad were, as always, on business trips for their jobs for the entire summer. That was something I enjoyed in my teen years, but that's a whole other story! Anyway, my sister had to stay at my apartment for a month or two until she found a place to stay. I've always thought of my sister, Crystal, as being very pretty. She had a face more beautiful that a model, a body that guys drooled over, and to top it off, legs that I would dream of. Oh, those legs. The creamy, tan, smooth legs and feet that would be the topic of my masturbation! At the age of 19, she was a definite beauty.

As far as I can remember, we started to bond that summer when she had come home from a party very upset about something she wouldn't tell me.


The door slammed loudly as Crystal plopped herself onto the couch sobbing. "What's the matter, sis?"

"Just leave me alone!" she cried and stormed off into her bedroom. I thought that was completely rude at the first sound, but then thought that something very serious must have occurred. I decided to let things cool down for 15 minutes than go see what was up.

I knocked on the door quietly and let my hand fall to the doorknob. "Crystal, hey Crys, are you okay?" I implied in a soft tone. No Answer. "Did something happ-"

"Come in," she said softly.

I opened the door and stepped into the guest bedroom of my apartment that was being used by my kid sister. I looked down at the small twin bed that lay in the corner of the small room. Curled on that bed was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life. My sister, Crystal, lay quietly on the mattress with a short white tee, short pajama shorts, and a teddy bear in her hands. No shoes, no socks, nothing to cover her legs – immediate hard on for me.

I walked up to the bed and sat adjacent to the crying beauty. "Is there something you want to talk about?" I managed to say.

"I went to Jason's party," she sniffed, "I really like him a lot, and he said he really liked me. After about an hour I asked one of his friends where he was and he said up in his room. I didn't realize what was going on in that room until I opened the door!" She cried loudly. "He doesn't love me!"

I lowered my head with disappointment, feeling a bit sorry for my sister who had seen her almost boyfriend banging a girl he didn't even know. "Crys, listen. You are a very beautiful young women and there will be plenty of other guys out there for you to love and be loved back. Don't make this one dirt bag get you all worked up."

She lifted up her head and looked at me, "There will be others, won't there," she wiped away her tears, "I don't need him." We both smiled as she came up to hug me. Just then I could feel her breasts rub up against me as she embraced me; my cock throbbed.

We pulled away, "See, I knew you would get better," I smiled, "alright, lets both get a good nights rest and we could go out tomorrow to wherever you want to go, my treat."

"Really?" she laughed.

"Sure, anything for my sis...goodnight."

"Uh, you think I could, um, maybe, share a bed with you tonight, I feel really lonely in here and it's not the most comfortable bed."

The way she said that made me so excited, but I tried to contain myself. "Yea, sure Crystal, uh, just bring a pillow or two."

We both lay down in my bed and said our goodnights over an hour ago, but I just couldn't find sleep that night. I kept thinking about how hot my sister looked in that little PJ set she had on. I turned over and started into my sisters sleeping eyes. Just then my testosterone got the better of me as I pulled the covers up. I found that beautiful nymph lying in the same position as before; but this time, two inches from my throbbing dick. I shivered with excitement and joy over what I was about to do. I reached over to my sister's stomach area and lazily threw my arm over and closed my eyes. She moved a bit and just snuggled into my arm as if it wasn't even her own brother. Feeling confident that she wouldn't awake, I lowered my hand to her silk short and slowly lowered them down two inches. I extended my hand lower and expected to be pulling down panties. But as I got even closer I realized that she was wearing nothing at all. Nothing. Here I am for 5+ years thinking of my sister as this little innocent girl, while all these years she had been wearing no panties; and as I would assume no bra.

I slowly caressed her cunt and she moved a bit. I froze and lifted my hand a centimeter off her shaved snatch. After the five longest seconds of my life she stopped moving. I brought my hand back to me and licked my finger: heaven.

I couldn't contain my throbbing cock as I reached to lower my own boxers. Feeling overly confident I took my sisters hand and wrapped my around it, hers underneath. Moving both to my shaft I rubbed up and down slowly, trying to make the moment last. After just a minute, I looked down and saw my sisters feet and legs. Quickly thinking, I moved to my side making my cock rub against her smooth calf. This sent me over the edge as I moaned a long, loud 'yesss'.

At that moment I thought my life was going to end. Crystal's head lifted slightly and opened one of her eyes. "What do you think your doing?"

"I uh...sorry...I didn't mean to...I got caught up and..." I quickly lost my words and closed my eyes tightly; afraid of what was going to happen next.

"You know Mike, I've always noticed you looking at my legs and feet, especially at the pool. Do you like how this feels against your cock?"

Hearing the word 'cock' come out of my sister's mouth was enough to kill me, let along make me cum. Somehow, I contained myself – probably because of fear of the situation I was in. "Um, yes, yes I do, a...lot."

"And how about this?" She lifted her foot up to the head of my rod and rubbed her toe along its length. I moaned and shook with excitement.

"Crystal, we can't do this, its not right, you're my sister." I made up a fake excuse.

"Oh, that's funny, I could've swore a minute ago I saw you rubbing that 7 incher along my legs and enjoying it. Besides, it will only be this once. It has been over a year for me." That was far more of an invitation that I needed as I slipped my boxers completely off and removed my sisters PJ. I lay at the edge of the bed, as instructed, and closed my eyes. I felt something hot above my mouth.

"Mike, open your eyes." I opened my eyes to see the best site of my life – ever. My sister's pussy lay smack in the middle of my face. "Lick." she instructed.

As I licked I realized what my sister had done: A 69. My cock was being deep throated by my own sister and I licked her sweet fuckhole.

After five minutes of sucking and licking I lowered my head, seeing as my sister stopped sucking. "Get up, face the other way and show me what you want."

I pointed at her legs and feet and she shifted them over to me quickly. As if she knew exactly what to do, she moved her calves on my cock and moved them up and down, all the while her feet playing around on my stomach.

"Ohh," I moaned in delight.

"Mmm, do you like my legs on your dick? Why don't you cum for me big brother, show me how you do it? I want to fell your hot sticky cum all over me hot legs. That's right, fuck those legs, oh yea." she insisted.

In less than 2 minutes I exploded, "OH YES, CRYSTAL JERK ME NOW!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh"

We both fell over, exhausted.

"Mikey," Crystal whispered. "Mind if I stay here all summer?"

"Not at all sis, not at all."

Written by: LegsAndFeet

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